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The snow is in Indiana. Along with the cold. When the high for the day starts with a "1", I don't consider it a high. It's a low...and tonight it will be a "lower".

My son has a 2 week break from public school starting next week. Personally, I vote that we make it a national 2 week holiday and all businesses should close. It would be much easier to be in the Chrismas spirit that way.

Marla Taviano

I'm with Mary. The cold's over here in Ohio. It's 12 degrees (in the negative #s with the wind chill). Snow on the ground. Brrrrr..... I'm not a winter fan.


60 degrees in Denver and like 10 in Kentucky? Weird stuff. This is the most snow we have had in like 15 years!

Donna J

We've got your cold weather here in Miss. Its in the 20's. I loved reading that someone else did 4 days of school a week. We've done that for several years and we all look forward to our Fridays of cleaning the house (home ec) and running errands but not school books!

Kathleen Jaeger

And the snow is also here in Nashville with some cold temps to go with it! Our kids have been loving it.

Kim Feth

60 in Denver and not above freezing in NC is crazy! I hope you did well on the Greek final. We're holding on here for the end of the school semester. For the first time in my son's life he got to pick out a Christmas tree in the snow. And it makes for enjoying hot chocolate. We're memorizing Luke 2:8-14 KJV (we typically are NIV folks), but we are including the surrounding words from Linus in the Peanuts special. It's the only scripture memory that starts with, "Lights, please." and ends with, "That's what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown".
I was thinking earlier that we'll do Fruits of the Spirit in January.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Joanne Heim

Re: [The Simple Wife] Mary submitted a comment to One more week of school, Greek final, holding on till Christmas break

Amen, Mary! Im with you!

Joanne Heim

Re: [The Simple Wife] Donna J submitted a comment to One more week of school, Greek final, holding on till Christmas break


Thats exactly what we do on Fridays. Clean house, plan menus, grocery shop. I used to do all that on Mondays, but I love going into the weekend when were all home and relaxing with everything in its place!

Merry Christmas!


Joanne Heim

Re: [The Simple Wife] Kim Feth submitted a comment to One more week of school, Greek final, holding on till Christmas break

Dear Kim,

I love that youre memorizing this with the Linus beginning and end! Love it!


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