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I underline in every book as well! My hubby got me something I love, a Sony Reader - on which I have read several books, but must say it drives me crazy that I can't underline what I am reading! Instead, I bookmark the things I wish most to underline, then when I am done reading the book, I go through those pages, and write all those passages in my journal.
A dear friend just gave me Francis Frangipane's book - "And I Will Be Found By You". I got to page 2 before I had to grab my pen!

Kevin Faulkner

Sorry but your quotation is most certainly NOT by sir Thomas Browne, it looks like the verse of some minor Victorian poet. Browne hardly wrote any verse and in my 15 years study of him can confidently state that style of writing is not Browne, unless of course you can provide evidence to prove me wrong! Where exactly did you read it was?

Joanne Heim

Re: [The Simple Wife] Kevin Faulkner submitted a comment to Underlining in books

Kevin: I found this quote in Madeleine LEngles novel A Ring of Endless Light. She attributed it to Thomas Browne.

Joanne Heim

Kristy: Ill have to put that one on my list too. Merry Christmas!

Kim Feth

When we were packing my Mom's stored items after her death, we found some of my Dad's old Bibles from when he was in Divinity School at Duke, here in Durham. And the underlinings and notes on the side continue to fascinate me the same way they do you. Only, I thought I was the only person on the planet who has those thoughts! I guess I'll get to ask my Dad when I see him on the other side. Until, I'm left to ponder.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


It was English teacher my senior year in high school that caused me to annotate from that point on forever. I always have on my night table, in my reading bag, and in my purse pens, pencils, and highlighters. I also want to get some post it flags. I think I will add it to my shopping list now.

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