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Toben, I have been praying the majority of the day for Joanne & your family. She is so dear. I'll continue to pray.

Julie Hoagland

Oh dear Lord please heal Joanne. Praying, reading, seeking, appealing on her behalf.

Julie in Seattle


I have no words, just prayers. Cyber-hugs to you and your family.

Ginny Otsuka

My God!!! You are in control!!! Sending tons of hugs for a sister I do not know but, you do my Lord. Wrap your arms around her..thank you our Lord.

Marla Taviano

We love you guys so much, Toben! Recruiting as many prayer warriors as I can! Please, sweet Jesus, heal my beautiful friend!

Annie Luidhardt


Julie Porter

Toben--I went to Ps. 46, and verse 5 just jumped out at me:
"God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at the break of day."
Praying HARD!


My heart, my prayers & all my cyber- bloggy love to all of you.

Faithfully praying for Joanne. The doctors & nurses who will come into contact with yall. For Peace & for Healing.



No.17 CherryTreeLane

We have been praying all day and will continue to do so. We all love Joanne and your family and are here for you.
The Lord is sovereign.

My love,
Rachel from CA


Praying fervently for Joanne and family. Clinging to hope and the comfort of God in this!

Pam Lewko

Oh my, I am praying right now. Thanks for updating us. Much love to you all.


Just read Psalms 46 - AMEN & AMEN!!!

Toben, we have been praying for Joanne all day and a group of us Siesta's have prayed together via Skype in very specific ways for her Complete Healing & Complete Restoration! We also prayed for Strength & Peace for you and your daughters! WE are standing with you at the throne, brother! Thank you for the update!


Praying for Joanne and family.


PRAYING and have been. Psalm 46 all over her!

Michelle Drent

Joanne and your entire family have been on my mind, in my heart and in my constant prayers all day and that will continue. Praying for healing and for peace. Love and hugs to each of you.

Michelle Bentham

Praying for your precious Joanne. Thank you for the update, Toben. I memorized Psalm 46 a few years back to pray it over a group of people I cared deeply about. I'm honored to pray for Joanne.

Blessings to you and yours and God holds tight to you all tonight.


Praying with you and so many others! Jesus, be near!



Praying and loving your family.... Peace to all of you.


Praying. For all of you. Will go read Psalm 46 right now.


I've been praying all day, Toben, along with Hannah, Chris and my mom. Joanne is a strong woman--and God is even stronger. Your family is in the palm of His loving hands.

Piper Green

praying Joanne deeply- prayed Psalm 46. praying for you and the girls and Joanne parents for strength and peace.


hello! prayers being lifted for your family, especially joanne. may Christ be glorified as he works his will in this difficult time. Sending hugs!
Psalm 71:20-22
"You who have made me see many troubles and calamities will revive me again; from the depths of the earth you will bring me up again. You will increase my greatness and comfort me again.
I will also praise you with the harp for your faithfulness, O my God; I will sing praises to you with the lyre, O Holy One of Israel."

in His grip,
the singer family (in north dakota!)


Just want you to know that I am joining in lifting Joanne up in prayer and will continue every time the Lord brings her to mind. I don't know her but God made me aware of her today and I know that when He calls His people to pray in His Name, He is present and great & mighty things happen. I will read and pray Psalm 46 over her tonight before I go to sleep.
With the LOVE and PEACE of Christ,
Robyn (FL)

Leslie Wright

Praying in Montana.

jenny hope williams

Praying for all of you and will be esp praying over those requests.praying Lord for You to help her at the break of day. We thank you that You are her refuge and strength a very present help in this time of trouble. God we bless You for this family and for Joanne. We know that You work out all things in conformity with the purpose of Your will. Send forth Your very word and heal her Lord. Hover over her precious body...the sanctuary where she worships You Lord. Please God fellowship with her in the recesses of her heart and mind. God please keep her brain from bleeding, hemorraghing or swelling...Lord please deliver her from this hour of trial and we praise You in advance. In Jesus mighty and saving Name.


Praying for my "Siesta" Sister in Christ from the UK! May this morning there be a clear sign of great healing that has occurred overnight. You are loved and covered by thousands of prayers and the blood of Jesus!
In Christ,
Cindy Childers

Traci Collins




First of all I know where you are tonight...15 weeks ago my husband had a magor stroke while on a trip in Dallas. He was found in his hotel room in Dallas. I sent you a note giving you the details through Joann's friend ....Be encouraged....Jack is sitting across the room from me right now reading a book and is 97% totally back to normal and they thought he would not live through the night...He spent 6 weeks in a rehab hospital and he now walks totally normal, talks normal, drives everywhere...and is a miracle...He has some stiffness and swelling in his left hand and that is all. When he was life flighted to the hospital he could move his right toes...He had a blees also but it absorbed back into the brain and never bled more...but we had some scary days....Be encouraged...I sent the email to Janna....Praying constantly...I only met your beautiful wife once at the Beth Moore get together....hope to hear good news tomorrow.


I had not heard, but will be praying for Joanne as well as you and the family.

Gail @ Pandemonium in the Parsonage

Praying Psalm 46 now. Thanks for sharing this information with us so we can come alongside you, Joanne, and the girls in prayer.


Will be praying for you all.


Praying, praying, praying. Thank you so much for the update.


Will continue prayers today for Joanne, you, and the girls! Marked Psalm 46 and will read it everytime I pass by that table, which is alot. Love you guys!


I met Joanne in 2008 at the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio. Last night I remembered I had my picture taken with her while we were there. I dug around and found my photo album from that trip. She is such a beautiful person, inside & out. I prayed all day yesterday & this morning I'm humbled & thankful to be able to pray Psalm 46 over our sweet Joanne.
My prayers are with your family. I am putting Joanne on our church prayer list & passing it on to my Bible study Sisters.
Love & Hugs from Oklahoma!

Wendy Pottgen

Toben and Family:

Keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for specific prayer requests.

Be Well.

Wendy Arralde Pottgen (Whitworth, 94)

Brooke Smith

Fellow "siesta" praying here in Alabama......

Donna @ WayMoreHomemade

We are devoting ourselves to prayer and are watchful and thankful for how we believe he is answering them (Col 4:2). Will be praying Psalm 46 over her today in unison with many others.
Donna (fellow siesta)


I am praying without ceasing...this morning it was actually cold in Houston and immediately when I got out of bed my thoughts and prayer turn to Joanne...thinking of her dedication to running in the cold. Much love, Kimberly


I have been praying for you and your family since I first read the prayer requests from fellow Siesta's. I awoke in the night a couple of times always praying for Joanne. And I'm praying Numbers 6:24-26 for you today Toben.


I am praying for Joanne and your whole family. Total healing!!!!


Praying in Mississippi!

Melissa Thacker

Praying in Ohio. And will absolutely pray Psalm 46. Trusting our Father...knowing He hears!

Dedra Herod

Joanne, Toben, Audrey & Emma: My prayers have not ceased over you since yesterday morning. I venture to say that thousands upon thousands are interceding on your behalf even now. Thank you for the updates and news on Joanne. They are indeed precious to me. I praise Him with you with every breath she is taking, and am rejoicing with every movement!! You are all so loved and treasured.


PRAYING!!! i know joanne will be so happy that she's brought this many people to their knees at one time...or at all.


Toben, thanks so much for the updates. We are praying without ceasing for sweet, Joanne.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

Praying for Joanne right now. She is a dear bloggy friend, and I cherish her so much.

Praying for peace for you, Toben, Audrey & Emma.



Your precious wife has touched more people than you will ever know! But I trust that God is letting you get a little glimpse of how He loves her so by the prayers that are being lifted for her round the clock!!

How wonderful that you have asked us to pray Psalm 46 for our sweet friend -- I've been camped out there since I first heard!! BE STILL and KNOW that I am God, I WILL be exalted among the nations...

He is certainly getting so much glory as a result of Joanne's life and walk!!! I told someone last night that I know that Joanne will give Him glory no matter what happens, but I no for a FACT that no one will praise Him more for complete healing and tell of His mighty acts than she will. For that I am praying -- COMPLETE healing and FULL RESTORATION!!!

She is so loved and as a result you, Audrey and Emma and the entire family are, too!!!

Much love, prayers and blessings on this day -- the day the Lord has made!!! We will rejoice and we will fall facedown on behalf of your wife, our friend!!

Dori Cook
Spring Hill, TN

Gabe Taviano

Praying for you all non-stop today while at work here in Columbus. Thank you for sharing this, Toben.


Praying for y'all, and will be praying these specific requests and Psalm 46 for Joanne. Thanks for the update!

Adrienne - Jasper, TN


I am praying!

Erin Adams

Joanne is an inspiration to me and while I don't personally know her, her words have been so meaningful to me many times over the past few years. I am praying and praying for her restoration & recovery. I'm thinking of Lamentations 3:23 this morning... every morning is new, every moment we can be blessed with His compassion.

Melana Cummings

Went to bed praying for Joanne...woke up praying for her. Much love from this Wyoming Siesta!


Toben, I have been blessed to meet Joanne on several occassions. Her joyful spirit and contagious smile light up a room. I am praying for her complete healing.
Thank you for keeping us informed.


Just saw this... Toben, we're praying. We also live only 3 minutes away (as does Sandy Tate, Joanne's former Sunday School teacher)... if you need absolutely ANYTHING -- meals, sitting with the kids, etc. -- please don't hesitate to let me know. Please.


Been praying since I heard the news yesterday afternoon. Prayed Psalm 46 over her this morning and will continue to do so. Thank you for keeping us posted on Twitter. May God bless you and may His peace be with you and your family!

A Sister-in-Christ,


Toben, Joanne and you and your girls have been on my heart continuously since yesterday. I am and will be praying, expecting your miracle. Sending love, Annette

Mary Lou

Praying in Tennessee. Have been and will be. Praying Psalm 46 as you requested.

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife

You are all in my constant prayers, friend. We have a God who was, is, and is to come. Praying you are fully aware of His Presence at each stage of this experience.

Lee Ann Lee

Praying for you and your precious family. Just read Psalm 46 and prayed for her!


Praying as she is brought to mind - which is all the time. I have been following Janna's updates ... praying for her healing and for you and the girls during this scary time.

DeAnn Meythaler

I have followed JoAnne's blog since it's beginning, she has been an inspiration to me and kept me company through loneliness, betrayal, loss, and a cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. She blesses me through her writing and her willingness to share her family with all of us. I am so sorry and will pray for her and for all of you. Please know from someone who knows you only from her words that she loves, honors, and cherishes you beyond words, and that she is touched by God in a real and powerful way. This new chapter in her life will be held in God's powerful protective and saving love. Live and love one another in the comfort of his healing presence.
DeAnn from Grosse Pointe Michigan


Still praying for you and your family bro!

Misty Peterson



Fervently praying for Joanne!

Lisa McGriff

Be still, and know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world. Psalm 46:10.... This is my second Siesta Memory Verse.. Just posted it on my facebook page... I would say it was meant for me to be praying for your dear loved one! Dothan, Alabama will be praying...

Kim Reynolds

Toben, God is good and He can do amazing things. We went through a similar incident with my husband's uncle about 8 years ago. He had a massive stroke, he had clots in both sides of the brain, he did hemorrhage, and the doctors had called his wife and kids in to say good bye. They told the family that they did not think he would last an hour. In the waiting room were friends and family, and they started praying. Over the course of the next hour, the group in the waiting room prayed without ceasing. In the ICU room, things were happening, too. Our uncle was starting to respond, he was fighting the respirator to breathe on his own, the swelling was decreasing. As everyone was praying, God was starting the healing. Today, he still has problems. He is prone to seizures and his fine motor skills in both hands are very poor. But he is alive, and he is walking, and he lives a nearly complete life. Praying for Joanne and your entire family. Praying for miraculous healing and God's arms around all of you in your time of need.


We are praying for Joanne and the family. With thoughts and prayers.
Love Klaine & Ann Doucette Mission community church CR

Michelle Lavin

I went to LPM blog this morning and saw the request to pray for Joanne. I also had a stroke 39. Never found a reason for it. I want to encourage you because, although we had our wonderful Christian family surround us in prayer, we felt somewhat isolated because of the unknown stroke stuff...I am praying for complete recovery for Joanne. If you ever want to contact me just for information in the next few months(I was also an RN at the time) took a while before I wanted to..., I would be more than happy to speak with you. May God surround you and your family with peace...

Suzy Louk

I learned about your wife's situation on Marla Taviano's blog. You and your family and of course your wife are in my prayers. I too am claiming Psalm 46 for all of you.

Suzy Louk from Lakewood Ranch Fl ( formerly of Colorado Springs!)

Leslie Paladino

The Kregel Publications family is lifting you all up in prayer, and praying that God's grace covers Joanne today. Praying for miracles and speedy recovery!


Praying for y'all. God is in control.

kimberly mason

my name is kimberly and i am one of the siestas. i am praying for joanne and for your family. i don't know her, but she sounds like an amazing woman of God and she has work to do on this side of eternity! praying for total healing! may God be with you and your children and grant you all strength and total peace!


Praying and Crying to the Lord to heal Joanne and restore her completely! Love to your family!

Wired Whimsy

My mother had a serious stroke in her brain stem almost 1 year ago, and today you'd never know it. Praying God protects Joanne the way He did my mom. Praying for complete healing and strength. Prayers ascending for her sweet family as well.


I'm praying!!


Praying for you and your sweet family! I survived a pulmonary embolism in the fall of 2008...God has her in the palm of His healing hand, just like He did me!

karla porter

praying for y'all


Praying for Joanne's healing and for the Heim family.

Linda McMorris

Praying for a fellow Siesta.
Linda from Holts Summit, MO

Kristin Janisch

Tears are in my eyes as I read your post Toben. I am in disbelief that such a vibrant, energetic person is currently silenced by a stroke. I am praying, praying very hard for her recovery and sent a prayer request on Facebook to rally the troups. I am a nameless, faceless reader of your wife's blog and have incorporated so many of her tips into my life. She has touched so many lives through this simple blog. May God surround your family with strength. Hugs to you and the girls.


"Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change, though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea.."

Lord, I don't know what to say or ask for Joanne, but you do. I pray that you would meet this sweet family in all their needs, now. Today. Thank you for Joanne's voice and presence. Though we have never met, I feel great sadness with this news. Be with them now as you never have before. We trust You, always. Amen.

Please keep us updated Toben as you are able.

Hugs to you all!

marriage license

The doctors & nurses who will come into contact with you. For Peace & for Healing. I want to encourage you because, although we had our wonderful Christian family surround us in prayer, we felt somewhat isolated because of the unknown stroke stuff.

Melodee from Monument, CO

Toben, you don't know me but I wanted you to know that I'm praying for your amazing wife. Back when our young son had cancer, she sent some incredibly thoughtful gifts (homemade hide-and-seek bags) for our sons even though she didn't know us. I emailed back and forth with her a couple of times and was touched by her incredible spirit. I am very saddened to hear about what happened and will be praying fervently for her and your family.

Kristi Walker

I'm Kristi...a siesta (sister) in Christ with Joanne. We're praying for her and lifting the entire family before our Mighty God!!!


Praying for your family! God is good!

Lisa Ramsey

Lord you are willing healer. Jehovah Rapha. Jesus Christ, son of the living God, source of all healing in the universe. You are holy holy holy. Righteous one. Holy is your Name. The power to heal.

Lifting up this woman. In the Name of Jesus. Sending the Healing Word. Blood of the Lamb. Died for our sins and to heal our broken bodies. In Jesus Name. By His stripes we are healed.

Precious Lord hear our prayer for this woman. No blood clots, no swelling, no brain hemorrhaging . Awakening. Speaking health and wellness, all operating as it should be. Blood flowing normally. The life is in the blood.

Joanne….meet with the Lord in your slumber…listen to well. Fight the enemy. Awakening. No swelling…no debilitation…just wellness and health in the Name of Jesus. Miracle healing. Trusting Him.

Praise you Father. Speaking to the sources, telling them to function normally. Jehovah Rapha God who heals us. Hallelujia and Praise His holy name. He is healer.



Praying for complete healing!

Lisa Ramsey

Toben I heard about your wife's situation through a lady who knows her from the Beth Moore Living Proof Ministries blog. I live in Denver. I would love to come and lay healing hands on Joanne in person. If you are willing, please contact my email.

Jery Lee

Your in our prayers, even though we have never met you or your family.

My wife is also named Joanne, and she suffered a severe stroke back in Dec 2005, so I know what your going through. We are the same age, and she recovered very fast. The good Lord takes care of his people all the time. Just have faith, all will be renewed in his plan.



Said a prayer.

Julie Barnhill

Praying for you and Joanne as well as your immediate family and friends. Wisdom and supernatural guidance as the Doctors diagnose and perform procedures. Praying His Peace as you wait.

Julie Barnhill



14 Heal me, O LORD, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise. - Jeremiah 17:14

Lichelle Nanninga

Praying for some Godly intervention for you, your family and the doctors who are taking care of your sweet wife.



Praying for your precious wife... our God is a God of miracles and I have no doubt that she will be completely restored from this.




praying for healing. you are all on my heart




Praying! PRaying...oh dear Lord!

Abigail Stewart

My husband, Tim and I are friends of Joanne's parents from church and we are continuing to pray for healing for her body, wisdom for the doctors, strength for you & the girls, Kristen and her family and your dear in-laws, Chuck and Kay.

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