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Praying the Lord will be with Joanne and her family, for comfort and healing. And reading and praying over Psalm 46

Joanne Kraft

Praying for your beautiful wife and family.


Praying for complete and total restoration in Joanne's body. Sending our love.
Erik & Wendy Selvig


Praying for Joanne and for the family!

Bonnie Usrey

Praying for you and your lovely wife and your entire family in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Bonnie U.

Bobbie Jo

Just read this on Beth Moore's blog-wasn't able to read yesterday so I am just now finding out about this. I am now praying like crazy for all of you!


Dearest Joanne, praying for you and your sweet family. Through God Miracles are possible and I will pray for a complete recovery for you. Prayers for peace, comfort and wisdom for your family too. Many prayers and Hugs from Canada!


Another Siesta praying for you and your family. Will continue to read and pray Psalm 46-Gods Word is so calming. Stay strong!!


praying in Columbus, Ohio...


God bless you,you deserve all His blessings right now,I have prayed for you all,I hope all goes well from now on!

Bonnie Croteau

My prayers for Joanne and for the whole family that Gods Love embrace you all. May her healing be a visible sign to many of the wonderful majesty of our Lord. Glory to God.


Praying for you sweet friend!


Another "unknown" reader here who has become quite fond of your amazing wife.

Here is a healing testimony video I just recently viewed (specifically regarding a massive stroke) that might give you some encouragement.

God is good to Joanne....ALL the time.

Dianne Walters

Praying for Joanne and for all of you.


just found out today--am praying and crying. Praying for Joanne and her recovery, and for you and Audrey and Emma. We love you all.

Lisa Craddock


Praying for a complete healing for Joanne. Also wisdom and knowledge for the Doctors that are treating her. She is a beautiful sister in Christ!


Joanne helped me with a paper I had to write for my college world religion class a while back.

She has such a compassionate heart and an inspirational desire for pleasing the Lord.

I am so thankful she is one of HIS, but I pray He chooses to allow her to be healed and continue using her life as a witness to others!!!!!


I don't know your family but have a friend who is 38 and experienced a massive stroke this summer. Brain swelling, removal of part of his skull, lots of therapy. It has been a long road but he is home, walking and talking and getting better each day. My prayer is that your wife is just as fortunate and blessed as he was. May God be with her and the doctors who are caring for her.


I am praying for you and your family. Joanne is an incredible woman and I have never even met her!


Omigosh!! I will definitely add her to my prayers! I'm just a reader of her blog, but I live just down the street from that hospital...if you need anything, please let me know!!!


Psalm 46:5 NLT, "God dwells in that city; it cannot be destroyed.From the very break of day, God will protect it." Just as we are the temple she is the city because God dwells in her! She is fully protected.
Sister Siesta - Praying for you all!
Chel (Fort Worth, TX)


I have never been to this blog but a mutual friend sent me. I am so sorry for the reason I found it, I wish I had been here much sooner for much better circumstances. Know that Jehovah Jireh has her in His hands and no weapon formed against her shall prosper. She shall return to speak the word of the Lord on this blog and across the interwebs.


We are holding a prayer vigil at the feet of Jesus for your family. Please Lord, your will is best. Amen




oh no this is awful .... two people in my family went thru this already.. i'm going ot pray for healing, my heart and thoughts are with you. all the way from France. big hugs to Joanne, you're a figther Joanne get-well soon.

Michele in Wisconsin

I have only known Joanne through her blog, but she has pushed me to be a better Christian, better mother and better wife. I am honestly a better person having read her words of wisdom. Prayers to your family for strength and saying prayers for her to heal.

Lindsay Dianne

Our thoughts are with you through this difficult time.

Eveline! :)

Toben,praying for your family and Joanne.


Heidi Jolliff

Praying, dear ones...praying earnestly for you.
Much love in OH

Wendy Crouch

Praying for Joann, for complete healing and that God's will would be done. Praying that she hasn't had a bleed nor will she, praying that her brain has not started to swell, praying for wisdom and guidance for all of the medical professionals who come in contact with Joann or you, praying for total peace for Joann, for you Toben, for your girls, and for the rest of the family, Father God please give Joann the strength to heal and to fight so that she may give you the glory for her healing! Lord, you are the Great Physician please touch her body, lay your hand on her and make her whole. Claiming Psalm 46 for her. Thank you for letting us know how to pray. We will continue to lift you all up. {{{Hugs}}} to you and the girls.

Susan Moher

Continually praying since I received word Thursday of Joanne's stroke...prayers for Joanne's healing, and strength, comfort and encouragement to Toben and the girls, Kristen and family, and Kay and Charlie. We became neighbors and friends some 30 years ago! Joanne was the favorite babysitter for my children and Charlie and Kay dear friends! My heart goes out to all of you---Love and prayers, Susan Moher

Jamie Patano

Still praying and will continue to do so.

Linda Hughes

You express yourself so well, keep writing! May He give you His peace, the peace that surpasses understanding, the peace only He can give. Be still and know that I am God. When you pass through the waters I will be with you I will go before you and be your rear guard.
Isaiah 30:15
In quietness and trust is your strength.

Psalm 148:6
The LORD lifts the burdens of those bent beneath their loads.

Mommie LIfe

Praying for all of you!

Sally-Anne Russell

I am praying for healing and recovery for Joanne, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Erica Johnson


sherry french

Lord please lift up Joanne and her family Lord!!!! I pray that the clot is removed and all forms of illness are released out of her Lord.. and I pray for the you to move the hands of the Doctors Lord, by your stipes she is healed!!!!! I pray these things in Jesus name AMEN!!!!


Toben, Today I read a blog you posted 8/7/10 about your move back to CO and how you hade money saved and that allowed you to spend more time setting up your home with your family. You had family all around and you had been pondering why God wanted you back...Now you know. Joanne has had a grat time being back with her Mom and Dad. You have had wonderful memories to hold on to while Joanne is going through this. Thank God you and your girls have this family so close. My thoughts are of Joanne,Audry,Emma and you at night before I go to bed, the minute I wake up and through the day. I am a survivor of a stroke. God is amazing. Prayers for Joanne.

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