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That is awesome!! Go Joanne!


What AMAZING news! God is so AWESOME! WE will continue to pray! Thank you for the continued updates!!


Watching Twitter often and so excited for Joanne and all of you witnessing her recovery! Still praying for continued improvement!!

Praying in Hurst, TX


Cannot express the joy this brings me! Crying tears of joy, relief and praise for you all! Joanne, you rock!!!!!


Just wonderful! Continuing to pray for all of you :0)


Thank you for all of the Twitter updates and on here. It is a testament to what God can do. Praying for many more positive updates today for J and your family. Can't wait until she can look at you and smile :)


What a fantastic update! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. I'm continuing to pray and I'm praising God for what's already been accomplished!

Helen at A Work of Heart

There needs to be new words for amazing...because I sound redundant but it bears repeating Amazing! Amazing God! Still praying regarding all things that concern her.

Holly Smith

Jumping for JOY!!!! Then FACE DOWN in PRAISE!!!! Oh Jesus, there is NO ONE like YOU!


This wonderful news literally takes my breath away! (grin) Loving the forward progress! Still praying! Thanks to our glorious Lord!
Beth, Roswell, GA


Praising God with you this morning!! So happy for all these new, wonderful developments!! God is good and We are so happy for you and the family and Joanne!! Praise be to God!!! YAY!!!!!!


thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to keep us all updated on her progress! we love y'all and are praising God for every little thing!

Andrea S.

Praising God over and over and over for Joanne's progress this weekend and today. I have spent some time this morning reading older posts and am coming to love and adore your wife more and more. Praying God keeps bringing for the good news...and that you, the girls, family and friends will be able to rejoice in the complete and total healing of your (our) sweet Joanne soon....all to HIS glory!

Loving on all of you today,
Andrea S.


Wonderful news! God is so good! Rooting for you, Joanne.

Kimberly Merrill

So amazing! The first that I came to know about Joanne was through her last tweet on twitter, about the fire; I have been following every tweet and update since then, and am excited for you at what God is doing. Amazing that He continues to draw others to Himself through the testimony of your wife. Looking forward to following her blog in the future, when she's back on!

Thy Hand

Joanne has just made my day! Keep it up, sweet woman!

Tami Snowden

Wonderul that she is breathing on her own!!!! Praying it will stay that way! Joanne,loved seeing your video of you and the girls doing Bible Memory....soooo impressed, since Emma is the same age as Tabi!


SO grateful for your gift of updates Toben!! You are a treasure!! Praising with you and will continue to pray hard over specifics!!! Corporate prayer time tonight will include all those you have shared and more!! :) OH, HOW HE LOVES US!!!!

Big Fat Mama

Praise God!

Kelly S.

PRAISE GOD. Rejoicing with you!!!




Tears of Joy. Thankful for such encouraging steps on this path. Continued Blessings and Miracles!


between fb and here....tears of joy keep coming to my eyes....God is so good!

Katie Zimmerman

Rejoicing with you! And, continuing to pray for Joanne and your entire family!

With love from a brother and sister in Christ in Sheboygan, Wisconsin


Lord God,
Keep talking to Joanne in her spirit. Show her how to walk out of this situation. Give her specific instructions. Your name is great! Your love is amazing! Your guidance reigns with wisdom!


I'm so glad to read about all of the positive changes that have been happening! Continuing to keep you all in my prayers.


YAY!! GO JOANNE!! Praise the Lord <3

Still Praying,

Susan in COS

Am overjoyed with this AWESOME news!!! Thank you for letting us share in these praises!!! I cannot imagine the joy you are experiencing, as I cry tears of joy & thanksgiving with this news!! Thank you GOD!!!Savor EVERY moment!!! Every time I tried to ask God "why?" His response was "that it might bring Glory to God!" Oh, Thank you God, Thank you!!! Continuing to pray!

Theresa Roach

WOW, God is GOOD! Happy to hear any news you have AND this is excellent news! It is nice to know that the prayers are working:) Slow and steady wins the race!

Hugs and continued prayers! Theresa in Georgia


Praising with you this morning--incredible news! Yeah Joanne!! Thank you, Jesus!! Continuing to pray.

Tena Tell

What beautiful, joyous news!!! We're rooting for you Joanne.

Still praying in the Big Easy for y'all.

Carrie Rogers

You don't know me...and I don't really know you - but I am jumping up and down in my chair right now!! I have been praying and will continue to pray! Thank you for updating us so that we can join in and stand in the gap for a fellow momma in Christ!
Carrie Rogers - McKinney, Tx


This is just the coolest news!!!

Leah C

Oh joy! The best news today...still praying:)

Lisa Chandler

Praise God! I keep checking in and am amazed and in awe at the wonder of our Lord and hearing and answering these many prayers for your brown-eyed beauty!

Keep 'em coming, God!

Toben and girls and extended family - take care of yourselves, too!

Great news!!! :)


Praise You Jesus. I'm in tears... He is so faithful.


Praise God! Yay!

Child of God

This is such amazing news!!!
Go God, all the way!! Father, thank you for Your grace ovewhelms me. Please Lord, heal her all the way! Thank you and praise Your Holy Name!!

In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, amen and amen!



Darlene Rush

The news you have heard and seen is awesome! My sister suffered a traumatic brain injury 20 years ago, and her recovery was a miracle. I pray, and see, that God is hearing petitions and praises for Joanne, as her recent developments are so encouraging. I pray God will give Joanne a full recovery and bring her back to her family that loves her!


Praise God!

Praying in Orange, Texas


Praising God from whom all blessings flow. So very thankful for so many answered prayers and thanks for keeping everyone posted.
Blessings to your entire family, today and every day,
Matthew 21:22
1 John 5:14-15

Kristen McWilliams

More incredible news! Praying she can go without the trach too. If docs do want her to have it...don't is possible to talk over the trach when the time comes...which I know will be soon!!!! Lots of cheers going up in Monument!!!(:



Thanks be to God!


What fantastic news! My heart is singing for you all! Our God is an awesome God!! We will continue to pray for you and your family. My girls have been praying for your girls every day. Thank you for the updates both on the blog and on twitter.


I am in tears of joy. I remember sitting by my Grandmother's side (she had a stroke) two days after my wedding reading the Bible to her. She then verbalized in a broken way..."this is all that matters"...the Bible God's Word. We are praising HIM today.


Praise the Lord! \0/ WTG Joanne!!


Thank you Jesus! Continuing to pray for you all. Waiting for each moment and love getting to watch God do His thing!

Jery Lee

Our God is an awesome God!


Wonderful news! Thank you for updating all us prayer warriors!


REJOICING with you and will continue to pray!

Sharon Brumfield

What beautiful news!
I am so thankful for the signs of is beautiful to see God at work through our continued prayers.
Still praying here in the Smokey mountains of North Carolina. :)


Words cannot express what an amazing God we serve!! Thank You Jesus :)

Prayers continuing here in Utah,


That is wonderful news!


Seriously brough tears to my eyes when I read this and on twitter. Shes doing AMAZING! Prayer works!!

Kristy Hunt

Praising God for such great news! Continuing to pray for miracles beyond our wildest imagination!


Our God is an AWESOME God!! Praying for you in El Paso, Texas

Patty Mullins

Praise the Lord!!!


I've been keeping up on Twitter and here and just wanted to say how very, very grateful I am for God's goodness! Thanks again for the updates for all these strangers-who-feel-like-friends!


"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord"
Ps 150:6

God is good all the time. All the time, God is good! Praise Him!

Sugar Mommy

Absolutely in AWE of God! Reading this update gave me chills and tears of joy for Joanne and all of you waiting with her. Praying for God's continued blessings over you from Houston, Texas!

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Such incredible news, Toben! Been following the news, hoping and praying along with so many others. I now have tears of joy for you and J.

Ruthy :o)



Tears of joy, and praising God for the encouraging Twitter updates as well. Praying for no trach. May you all continue to sense God's presence!

Karene in California

Tiffany @ Tea with Tiffany

SOOOOO thankful! Praise You, Lord God! Keep the good news coming. We are waiting in faith with expectation!

Evan Luton

Hello there, great news! we have been praying. i just read your tweets about joanne sitting up with the therapists, etc and just wanted to give you some daughter had a stroke and her whole left side was paralyzed. i can still remember the time the PT sat her up and she could not keep herself up either, etc. she had no left side movement...but now she is running and playing and doing EVERYTHING!!! Each day she would gain something back and get more strength. Each day we saw a little hope and now she is a flourishing 5 year old with no paralysis. I had her speak the promise of "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me." throughout her recovery. they told us she would be leaving the hospital best case scenario with a walker, and by the grace and mercy of GOD SHE WALKED OUT of the hospital with only my hand as help! She never had to have a walker or anything! He is so faithful and i am believing with you all for a creative and restorative miracle for Joanne. Jesus Heals, Hallie is living proof of that :) Take care!


Hip, hip, hooray...I am over the moon with you all today!
Praying specifically for no trach today...

Kristi Walker

How awesome is are God!!!!!! Still praying for Joanne and your entire family, Toben.


Great news!!! Still praying in Louisiana.


Soooo, so happy for you, Joanne, and your family! Lovely when such simple things mean so very much. Praise God!

Sydne Ebel

Just heard about the stroke yesterday from Meg Carter (NavPress days!) and found this blog & updates today. PRAYING with & for you all! Hugs!!!


Wow! Most days I check in late in the afternoon because you post later in the day. I could not wait another minute and found your early morning post and all the comments before mine!!!!!!

I agree, amazing seems so ordinary! Breathing! Something we take so for granted and yet, she's able to handle it!!! Keep up the good work Joanne!!!! One day we'll meet and exchange some post-coma stuff. In the meantime, keep surprising them...I know that you will be smiling and talking soon!!!!

I think I will check in more often for positive updates! There isn't an hour that goes by that I don't think "I wonder how Joanne is" and pray. You have impacted my life in a very special way. I imagine my friends and family as they waited for me to wake up.

Dear God, restore Joanne as you did me.

yanna westmoreland

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Thank You Father for this good news today from Toben. Thank You Father for the caregivers, the family, friends, and prayer warriors who love Joanne so much. Thank You Father for Joannes' progress toward Complete Healing. We are so thankful and humbled by Your love for us. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen. Warrior lovingly and without ceasing, praying from Bryan, Tx


My first thought? Our God is an Awesome God! And I needed to hear the song so I could worship Him!

Shannon Primicerio

This is such wonderful news! Praise God--He really is the Healer. And I pray He continues to touch Joanne and she walks the long road of recovery.


Every small step is so awesome. God is so amazing and truly answers our prayers. My MIL had a stroke back in December and we rejoice at each little accomplishment.

No.17 CherryTreeLane

Praise Him!!!!!


"Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" We thank and Praise You Father! Show Yourself through all Joanne is able to do!

Joel and Emily Nyquist



Watching twitter!! So encouraged by Joannes progress just today alone!! It won't be long now before she is up and walking!!

Still Praying in Hurst, TX.


Praising the Lord today with a thankful heart! The best news I have had:)

Our family continues to pray for you all through this journey.


Sue, Oregon

Lisa Shaw

Giving GOD all the praise, honor and glory for all that He's doing and will continue to do in, for and through Joanne! AMAZING GRACE! He's Faithful!

Continuing to pray for you and your family...
Love in Christ,


Oh, how wonderful!! So excited to hear that she is breathing on her all...and moving her legs! Truly...To God Be the Glory!!!



Miracles abound! God bless you all. *hugs*

Susan Holloran

Know God has been speaking to her spirit all this time, directing her out and into the light! Oh how I look forward to your updates, Toben, and praise God for his tender mercies!
You all continue to be in my daily great is our God!!


That is awesome. She is so dedicated in what ever she decided to do...I am confide her "personhood" shine through in her recovery!!!

The Coffins


My Jesus, My Savior
Lord there is none like you.............Let every BREATH all that I am never CEASE to WORSHIP YOU...............
I sing for joy at the work of Your Hands!......Forever I'll LOVE YOU!!
Forever I'll STAND!!!

We are worshiping The Almighty with you and all of those that are following you guys every step of your Journey! The Lord Had Gave You the Victory already!

We just watched this video about five times!!! Nothing comperes to the promise I have in YOU LORD!

Enjoy This Video!Click on the Link....

Thank You Again Mr. Heim for letting us be part of this super, ULTRA and awesome testimony! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!


That is so great! Sending prayers from Sydney, Australia.

Rachel B

Betcha never had people this flipped out happy over the fact that you inhale and exhale, have you Joanne?
Well count me in. If I could do backflips, I'd be halfway to Tokyo by now. But heart-jumps will have to suffice. :-)
Hallelu Yah! His Name be praised forevermore!

Beth Deese

I have not yet commented but learned about Joanne--and her illness--on day 1 from Beth Moore's blog. Her name has been posted (large!) on our frig. ever since...I've felt very burdened to pray for her. Thanks for keeping this update for us believers who care deeply but don't actually know you guys. Now I can't wait to go buy her books! She sounds awesome. PRAISE BE TO GOD for today's encouraging signs there for you all.

Becky Johnson

Our family, like so many others, check up on your updates daily so that we know what and how to pray for you..I found myself reading thru old posts just to get to know you guys better! ( learned of your fam because we are members at Mission CC ) - anyways came across one Joanne posted on your Marraige blog back in July called Knocking on Wood. She talked about how she is "TRUSTING" - as I read her words, I cried big alligator tears because of how perfect her words are for "this" season too. I am trusting in HIM for you Toben, Emma & Audrey. It's gonna be o.k.! He is WITH YOU! Praising Him for the small victories every single day!!!

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