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I can really identify with this. We just left the church we attended for over 13 years. Some don't understand but along every step we have had so much confirmation. It can't be denied.

Susan Smith

I have to admit that going into 2011 I was convinced that my God-led theme/word for the year was "redeemed". Now...I'm not so sure. I'm beginning to think it is more like "radical". No coincidence that we are reading the book, "Radical". But I get the distinct feeling that I need to embrace the meaning of the word in every area of my life and thinking. More to follow, I'm sure.

Love ya.

Dedra Herod

As with 2010, 2011 is going to bring lots of lasts and lots of firsts for this heart. I'm choosing to remain grateful. To be grateful in every second, not worry about tomorrow but be intentional about every moment with my old 'uns. To be grateful that after 12 years, my sweet man and I will have time to bask in our lives as a couple for the very first time (I came w/a package deal). To be grateful for this new and exciting season as well as being grateful for the experience our kiddos are having and will have this year!

So grateful for our friendship!


I am so very much walking right there at this moment. Lots of decisions have been made (some still need to be made), but it has been the craziest thing. As I've (very, in some cases) timidly commited myself to big and small the amazing peace that flows from those steps has taken my breath away.
And sorta freaked me out a little.
I'm so grateful to God for rewarding my (right now) timid little spirit with comfort and grace. Though I've given him plenty of reasons to take me to the woodshed over the last few years, He has been merciful beyond measure... and I have the rather spectacular chance to go, "Oh!... This. This right here is what you've been trying to tell me all along. Here's the path you've been waiting for me to follow."

(sorry for the long windedness!)
(( ps- I rarely comment. I suppose I could be called one of the "invisible friends"))

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