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Heather C

*sobbing* God is SO good! Praise You, Father!

Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting for this post!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Toben for keeping us updated.............

Theresa Roach

Praising God for this wonderful news! Thank you for keeping us updated! It is the first thing I do every morning, check in on my new friends! Joanne is really working at getting better for all of you!

Have a blessed day! Hugs and continued prayers! Theresa in Georgia


amazing awesome!!!

Thy Hand

"Praise the Lord! Sing alleluia, for His Name alone is High. And, His Glory is exalted and His Glory is exalted and His Glory is exalted far above the earth and sky!"


Praise God! I have said many prayers for God to save her life, heal her, and restore her to her family. I now have specific prayers to lift up for Joanne and for you all. May God continue to give you all strength and peace!

Marla Taviano

Crying with a tiny bit of sadness and a whole lot of joy. Thank you, Toben, for giving us so much detail. We love you guys, and we won't stop praying!

Sharon - Ontario Canada

Praising God! Rejoicing with you over this good news! Continuing to hold you all before the Lord in prayer.

Beverly Wooley

Praying fervently for Joann and all of you and will continue to do so but when I read this post (and your twitter) all I could say was THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD! THANK YOU, LORD!


Praising God for his healing powers!!! Wahoo!! :) :) :)

Ashley Honea

YES, God, YES!!! Hallelujah!!! Oh Toben, I am thrilled and I know you are too.

Mary Lou

Praising God and praying your prayer God be the glory, honor and praise.

Paige Szajnuk

Praise God from whom ALL blessing flow! Still praying (and now praising!) in KS.


Praise the Lord!!! This is a wonderful post to read this morning!!


That's great news! I am so glad for you. So encouraging. Prayers are working! I'll continue to pray for you all.

valerie (in TX)

Oh Jesus, how we thank You! Thank You for hearing our cries and answering with love and compassion. Thank You for Your grace, Your strength, Your peace, and for Your healing hand upon Joanne! We praise You, Lord!

Wired Whimsy

Crying tears of complete joy with y'all today. So grateful for all these steps toward the direction of Joanne's recovery. Will continue praying over all the things you mentioned. Praying that today is full of many more encouraging steps forward too!

Gabby Pop

Praise the Lord! I continue to pray for Joanne and her healing! God is great! Heard this song recently and i wanted to share it with you!

Kristen McWilliams

My heart lept for joy this morning upon reading your update. Glory to God!!! I know you all still have a lot of decisions ahead for her...LTAC being one of them. My Dad and I researched and visited most all of them from Denver to Colorado Springs last year...looking at everything from medical expertise to the spiritual climate...which is so important!!! I gave the Vidano's my Dad's cell number (Vince D'Acchioli, On Target Ministries)...and he would love to share some info. on what we discovered. SelectCare has one of the highest success rates in getting patients off of the respirator and a low rate of secondary infection. Our Mom was in the Colorado Springs SelectCare...but there is also a branch in Denver. If possible we would highly recommend you stray away from Colorado Long Term Care in Downtown Denver...for reasons that we can explain in detail. We feel like we have learned alot regarding the whole LTAC climate and dealing with insurance, etc. Would love to offer some advice and encouragment to you and your family if you are interested! Blessings to you all and continued prayers!!! (:

Karen Booker Schelhaas

Have been following this religiously, and praying for Joanne each time I pass by the hospital (which is often). I will be shouting praises today WITH you!!!!!


Continuing to keep Joanne bathed in prayer. Praising God with thanksgiving for tiny miracles coming true daily! Tobin, please know I am also lifting you in special prayer. Had the privilege of reading your and Joanne’s story this weekend. I pray you will continue to feel washed in grace, your mind closely guarded, and reminded, “Through Christ, you can do all things!!!” Much love from a fellow Siesta in NY!


Praise God for his wonderful work in healing of Joanne! Am literally in tears reading about her progress. Please take care and thank you for the updates. Even though we've never met and I hadn't heard of Joanne until last week, I am praying hard!

Amy J.

Praise God! I am so happy to read this post. I have been praying and will continue daily for all of you! As a mom of 2 young girls, I have been touched deeply by you and Joanne. You are an inspiration Toben.

Amy in North Idaho

Donna J

Amen, Praise the Lord! I am so excited about your news and I know that as her family, y'all are beyond excited. I pray this week will bring more alertness, more answered moving commands, and positive test results.

Leah C

Wonderful news:) Praising and praying...


God is good. So happy for y'all.

Kim - connorcolesmom

Ok I am just bawling!!! So excited for all the progress Joanne is making! Praise God for His faithfulness!!
Asking for continued miracles for Joanne and your family!
Kim - connorcolesmom


I couldn't wait to check in this morning and hear of Joanne's progress and just want to add my Hallelujah! Even though I've only learned of your family in the last ten days, since Melissa Moore Fitzpatrick's post on the Living Proof Life Blog, I'm sharing your struggle and victory through this trial and am praising our God with you! Elaine - a Sister from St. Louis


Toben, that is such wonderful news. I will continue to pray!


I am new to this blog but have been following it and praying for your wife's recovery for the past few weeks. This post literally brought tears to my eyes! I will continue to pray for her and your family. I wish I would've found this blog sooner, but I'm thankful to have found it none-the-less. Sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way...RC

Pam Houston

Awesome God! I am so happy for you and all the body of Christ, who has come together "for such a time as this!" God is showing up and showing off on your behalf. God heard all our cries and His answer was "Yes!" Singing the high praises of God. Will continue to lift you all up on Joanne's "Ultra." So very thankful...for the life she has lived and the life yet to live for His glory.

Jean M

Such incredible news. Thank you for sharing the praises. I am also one who came here through the LPM blog and some tweets I saw. I love to see a community of believers come together in prayer, and to see God's glory shine through. Continuing to pray!


So happy for the GREAT news! THANK YOU, LORD! Keeping all of you in prayer!



Sarah Graham


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