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woah. did I just highjack your blog and write this post myself? ;) Sounds like me. Go, go go... until you can't anymore. I resolved to work on it this year.

I also had a friend {who lived across the street from us in KS}. Last year she left her tree up all year and did a different monthly theme. It was hysterical. A bit weird. But her whole family loved it. She just took it down... & discovered she has a permanent imprint in the carpet... from the tree stand. ;)


I was inspired by your Thanksgiving tree so when I put away all my Christmas decorations last week I kept up our mini 3 ft. tree with just lights (no ornaments or Christmas-y garland) and replaced my red tree skirt with dark brown felt. I love the cozy glow of a white-lighted tree so it is now my "winter tree"!


When we lived in Germany our neighbor kept her tree up all year as well, changing the decorations to go with the seasons. We loved it! I also have a disaster area in my house from taking down decorations!


I always find a Christmas decoration hiding every year. This year it was a little Christmas mouse hiding out in the bathroom on a shelf. I had all the boxes packed and put away, I went to use the bathroom and what was staring at me from the shelf, but the Christmas mouse. He is now sitting on my desk until I figure out where to put him so I will remember where he is next year at decorating time. At least he is in plain sight now.


I too don't like leaving things half-done. It just doesn't feel right. Which is why there are times when I force myself to complete those tasks. And, at times, end up with a back ache. But when I look at the completed tasks, my back doesn't ache as much anymore (:


You were wise to stop. I can certainly relate. . . so I'm inspired. Our tree did come down last night, and I'm shocked to miss it. There's now a big gap. However, I don't think we'll be putting it back up until next November.:)


I worked for 6 hours today "taking down the tree". I kept thinking that I should quit for the day...but I wanted to get it finished no matter what. Now my feet and my back are killing me. Wish I would have read your post earlier!


That is so funny - about the tree still being up - and your ideas for it, because ours is still up, and I was considering the same thing. I was thinking, living here in New Orleans, well, we could do a Mardi Gras theme.. but not that into Mardi Gras... could do Valentines, but then what after that? Flowers? Couldn't think of much to carry us over until next Fall. We will see... - we just love having it up - the cozy feel of the lights on :)

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