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Teresa Lien

Thank you for the updates. Prayers continue for Joanne and the entire family. I cannot count the number of times Joanne comes to mind during my day. She is an incredibly special woman who has impacted my life through her blog and other sites where she shares her love, faith and thoughts.


Wilma Hatcher

Thank you for posting these sweet and beautiful words about Joanne. I will keep you in my prayers for good visits tomorrow and for progress in her recovery. I was in ICU several years ago and early on the morning of the 4th day, two nurses came in and said that they would like to wash my hair. One even went to her locker to get conditioner. I know that this was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. The real shampoo is wonderful.

I am also keeping your daughters in my prayers. God will continue to give you strength in this journey!

Wilma in WV

Michelle, Parker, CO

Toben ,

Absolutely praying that God will lead you to just the right place and that you will know what is right and best for Joanne. This is a huge decision, plays such a big part in the stages of her being restored! I work in healthcare/family care andwhile the focus is how they will care for Joanne and her stages of recovery also pay attention to how they will involve the family in her recovery!
Praying for you and family while these decisions are made. !!!

Wife of Rob


It is so greatvto hear this news and that Joanne is well on her way to recovery. I work in one of the largest healthcare systems in the southeast and have some insight on choosing hospitals. While the surroundings and the people are important, it is equally as important to look at their national scores. You can review these facilities on the Hospital Compare website that belongs to Health and Human Services at

If you have any questions that I can help you with, by all means, please email me at [email protected]

I would do anything for Joanne and if I can put my expertise to work for her, I would be honored to help.

My husband and I are still praying for you brother. To God be the glory, for great things He has done!

In Christ alone,
Jen Bartlett


I am celebrating with you! It is such a special thing now to read your updates that describe all of Joanne's accomplishments. I leave her blog smiling every time. I have such great respect for her and all of you!

Tiffany Morse

I can't thank you enough for being as transparent as you have been! You have allowed me and my family into your very sacred ground, and I truly thank you! It does help me to pray and to know how to pray and just simply to love deeper! My delight and Praise is more and more magnified to the LORD. He is and continues to be UP TO SOMETHING!! Just thought I would tell you that! I love you guys, the Morses love you guys!!

Lisa Schubert

Yea, to another good day. We continue to pray and think good thoughts! we hope the Birthday girl had a great day and knows how much she is loved!! That goes for Big Sis too!! Love Lisa


Toben Thank you for continuing to keep us updated. I eagerly await your reports and status updates regarding Joanne, checking several times a day. My kids are constantly asking "how is Joanne today"? So again, thank you for keeping us up to date. I hope it gives you comfort to know that there are 1000's of people all over the world who care so much about your wife and family! I am so thankful that God continiues to work miracles and that Joanne is getting better each day. Through God all things are possible. Blessings and Prayers. Erin


Toben...I have to tell 13 year old son is completely drawn to Joanne and now you and the girls...we all pray for you but I find where he has checked the blog and gets on twitter to see if you have said anything new. I just love that he is seeing HIM at work.

You better believe I'll have you and mom covered in prayer tomorrow. But, I'm with you....I think you'll just know when you are there and have had those conversations. The good Lord is sweet like that....He'll let you know where He wants Jo to heal.

Love y'all like crazy. Praying without ceasing. Tell my running girl that I hurt my back but the treadmill will be back on next week. ;)


Andrea S.

Heavenly Father,
I pray for you wisdom to be upon Toben and his mom tomorrow for decisions that need to be made concerning an LTAC for Joanne as she heals. Lord please make it very clear to Toben which facility is best equipped for Joanne.
Lord I praise you for the team that has been working with Joanne, what a blessing they have been! Lord help them to know how much we all appreciate the work they do!
Lord-please grant Joanne a miraculous healing...all to your glory Lord. Use the next 48 hours to drop us face-down in praise to you for the healing you show us!
Surround Toben, the girls, family and friends with your peace, your love, your joy, your comfort. Help them to continue to call out to you, to praise you, but above all Lord to trust you!

In Jesus Name, Amen.

**Loving you guys- been thinking of all of you all day today! Hang in there and know that I truly believe there is not a minute of any day that passes where you are not being continuously covered in prayer...I hope that brings you so much comfort!

In Him,
Andrea S.


Thanks for the updates on Joanne. Even without having met her, I feel the strength of God is upon her. Stay strong.
Continued prayers!


Toben, thanks so much for taking the time to do updates! It really means so much! Continuing in prayer and praise in Mississippi!

Marla Taviano

Thanks so much for the update, Toben! Praying for wisdom for you and Mom! We love you guys!


So thankful to read about so very many answered prayers. Will be praying for wisdom for both you and your Mom tomorrow and will continue to pray for your entire family.
Blessings today and always,
Matthew 21:22

Brad & Kim Oaster

Carry on Toben! It is obvious that God is going before you.

Knowing what a strong spirit Joanne has, Im sure she would approve the rigors of her PT and OT. It is precious to read of her constant care and progress. We continue to thank God for her healing, as well as for caring for you and the girls.

Rest easy tonight, and well into the early morning hours. God has made a place for Joanne at an LTAC.

Grace & Peace,

Kim & Brad


Just wanted to post here at the most recent spot where it may catch your attention, that I just now posted a Birthday greeting to Emma 's birthday entry that I hope she will read and God will use it to speak to her.

I have just 2 girls too, an 11 year old and 14 year old. Isn't it a total blast to parent 2 precious girls?! What a blessing! Enjoy those precious gifts to you! Soak em up!

I appreciate your specific prayer requests for all of us. Just THINK of all the prayers being said for your wife whom you adore -- it must boggle your mind to see how big God is! And He's big enough to handle Joanne's stroke. Praise Him.

We pray for all of you, from here in the winter-wonderland of Eden Prairie, MN.
May you feel the breath of God,


checking in from on the road somewhere in wyoming...praying while driving for you all...much love plz give kay a hug for me as well


We are still praying in Mesa, AZ, at Gateway Bible Church!! Everyone at work and church wanted to know how Joanne was doing! I told them to keep praying but that God was working his miracles on her!! We will pray you find the perfect "home away from home" for her! I am a hairstylist and would be interested in seeing that contraption that they used to shampoo her hair with!! I'm sure she feels better with clean hair and looks just beautiful!!
Praying God 's special blessings for all of you and the wonderful hospital staff! Thanking God for all he is doing in your family and also for me!
Thank you for the updates!

Teri Butcher

You're continually in my prayers Toben. May your visits tomorrow be productive, and filled with wisdom and discernment. God bless you brother. Prayers for all of your girls as well! :)



Toben and family
I don't remember how I found this blog, but I have been drawn in to Joanne and her journey (and yours). I posted her photo and link at the top of my blog. I'm a Colorado girl too. Blessings.

The Coffins

Dear Mr. Heim,

My family and I keep on believing on Joannes full recovery! We most tell you that you continue to amaze us with your positive attitude and your faith focus on the Lord! Praise to our Lord all mighty for anointing you with such peace and the conviction that He is in control! Thank you, thank you for being so diligent, in posting for the world! Like we said before you are an amazing example of obedience....we feel completely honored and blessed to be part of this testimony by at least praying without ceasing for your beautiful Joanne and all your family! I personally cant wait until Joanne is completely recovered and read that book she is going to write to the world to share, all that Jesus showed her in Heaven...I cant even explain the butterflies feeling in my stomach....! Every night at dinner time my four daughters and my husband asked me not to forget to check on the blog about Joannes recovery! Dinner time since we found out about it, Joanne and your family are our priority subject and prayer! May the Lord Bless you and You May the Lord shine His face upon you and be Gracious onto you; May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace! Numbers 6:24-26 We love you!

Marie Cauley

Praying for you and Mom that God leads you to choose the right LTAC for Joanne, and that she continues to make progress. I am so in awe of God and how far He has brought her already. Also blessings of gratitude for all of the angels a the hospital that do such a wonderful job with Joanne and all of the other patients. God is teaching all of us so much through this...and it's amazing how He brought so many of us together over the internet this way!


Continued prayers for your whole family, checking in off and on all day to get your updates.


Praying that your decision would come straight from God's Throne to your ear. He is already there preparing for her.


Just praying with you tonight and standing in agreement that Joanne will amaze all with her recovery. One note from someone who was there recently...Joanne will have a tough time at first due to the nearly two weeks she has been in the coma.

My fight to control bodily functions and merely sit up by myself was lengthy and I pray for an experienced and caring staff in the LTAC.

I know Joanne will be so grateful to hear how you, her family and her friends have cared for her and supported her while in the darkest hours.

I plan to visit her once you begin to let strangers into her world. I have been one of her warriors for about a week now and feel blessed to have been given the personal insight to help another in this situation and to KNOW our GOD!

Praising HIM and lifting up those caregivers! LTAC staffers are angels with
skin on!!!!!!

Can't wait for more great news tomorrow...been sneaking a peek at your Tweets too!



Celebrations indeed! Lots of baby steps is the way to go ... sure and steady wins the day! Love and prayers from Ireland!


You may have done this already, but I wanted to suggest that you hang pics of Joanne in her room (ICU & LTAC) & direct all of her caregivers (doctors, nurses, therapists, etc.) to look at them. We did that when Mama had her stroke this past summer & the hospital staff really appreciated it. Of course, they were shocked to see the "real" her! They're even more shocked to see her face-to-face these days! In our God, there is great HOPE!! WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU & BELIEVING WITH YOU, FRIEND!!!!


Thank you for the update! Praying, praying, and praying! I will pray that God leads Joanne exactly where he wants her during the next part of this marathon, and that He brings you peace with your decision.
Barb from CNY


Thank you for keeping us updated. I check twitter a couple times a day hoping for news. Glad the nurses are taking such good care of Joanne. My dad was in a LTAC facility two years ago...and those PTs are amazing! Joanne will continue to improve with their help!!

Still praying in Hurst, TX for Joanne, you and the girls!

Kelley Bassett

I check these updates first thing each morning...and pray! Thank you for keeping us posted so we can see our prayers in action - what a gift! I am SO excited about Joanne's progress and praying all of your hearts will be lightened as Joanne "returns" to her family and friends.
God's peace and comfort be with you. Lean into Him. He is near!!



Praying that you guys will know by the feel of the place, which is the one for Joanne.

Have to tell you, the first thing I do when I get up, is check in for an update on Joanne. And the last thing I do at night, is check in on Joanne. I never thought I'd be on Twitter, but I joined so that I could get the most up to date info on Joanne throughout the day.

Lastly, I had put Joanne on the prayer chain at my church (First eFree of COS) and lo and behold, the next week, there was a prayer request for Joanne by the Bromunds. Don't know how they know you all, but I intend to find out the next time I see them at church.

Then a few days ago Peter Mayberry (Executive Pastor of our church and he married my husband and I) asked how I know you guys. I had to confess that I know Kristen in "real" life but only know Joanne and the fam from following her blog for the past 1.5 years.

He, of course, knows you guys from NavPress. Don't know why I didn't figure that out sooner!

I know loads of strangers are praying for you guys, but isn't it cool that people that you know, but didn't necessarily know that they knew about the stroke, are praying for you all too?


Kim Feth

Thanks for the update! Our family will keep praying for each of those requests and more. Peace,
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Colleen Fulmer

Lifting up Joanne and all the decisions for today. May God continue to do a Mighty work in the healing process! Oh the joy in "baby steps"!


Toben, you will be amazed and elated at the next week's time in Joanne's coming back to the world. My daughter went from nearly nothing to walking and talking, albeit weakly and slowly, in the fourth week. This is when she was moved to a Gaylord Rehabilitation Hospital in Connecticut - They expected her to be there for about five weeks, learning to walk and talk and eat and just FUNCTION again... by the end of the third week she was able to come with continued outpatient therapy. You're headed in the right direction from all the signs you are seeing from Joanne now. Very encouraging news indeed.

Be warned - when you first check those facilities out, they can be a little disheartening because of the clinical look, and the patients you will see as you travel the halls. But there will be so much healing in those weeks you'll be there, that it will become a place of hope and promise of The Future.

Good luck to you and Joanne on her journey to wellness -


Thank you Lord for the wonderful things happening in Joanne's life. Thank You that so many people are able to come before Your throne and pray specifically for Joanne and her family. Thank You for the opportunities for so many in the body of Christ to be able to come together for one purpose. May You be glorified and Your love magnified. Let all who are neat Joanne SEE You. Lord, I ask for continued comfort and strength not only for Joanne, but also for her loved ones who hold her dear. Today, I ask for Your wisdom as to where You would have Joanne be next for her LTAC. Let peace be overflowing as doors are opened and one closed. Thank You for the care she has received and the blessing they have been. Thank You for the caregivers who have yet to meet our precious Joanne, but will love her and her beloved family. In Your mighty name be praised, Amen.
Love from this momma's heart in Maryland,
Your siesta, Kerry

Esther in Queen Creek, Az

Toben-thank you for the updates! I rush to the computer in the morning praying that something wonderful has happened with Joanne. We will continue to pray and praise our Lord.

yanna westmoreland

I feel so blessed as I read your post as well as those of other "loved ones". There is so much love flowing in this blog, sometimes it literally takes my breath away. Thank You Father for loving us, so that we might love others. Thank You for a husbands love, a child's love, a mother and a father who love. Most of all Father thank You for the ones who have given their lives and commitments to serving and caring for those in times of trials. For the CCU nurses, the doctors, staff, techs, therapist, the LTCAC caregivers. Thank You Father for Joanne and her road to Complete Healing. In Jesus Name I pray, Amen. Bryan, Tx

Theresa Roach

Oh how sweet to see your beautiful wife thru our eyes! I know that each day is precious to all of you! God is bringing her back to you and the girls, for that we are thankful! Have a blessed day and I am praying here in Georgia! Hugs, Theresa

Cindy Beall

Yay, yay, yay!!!

Still praying and believing.

lisa @ the preachers wife

Praying your discernment.skills will be in overdrive where the LTACs are concerned. God has already gone before you to the place where you will 'camp'. Thank you so much for the privilege of praying you through this journey.


Toben we are praying for you all today as you look for LTAC you will know which one will be right God has already gone before you and already has just the right place. Will continue to pray for the dr and staff where she is currently. Thank you so much for all the updates like one person said in the comments can't wait top read the book that Joanne will write one day.Thank for showing us your beautiful wife thru your eyes and what obedience is thank you for all your faithfulness.
Continuing to pray for the girls and the rest of the family.
Lord go before this family today as they make that decision Lord give them peace ,strength, wisdom, knowledge Lord open those doors wide that they would knowit is of You Lord.




Your post today brought tears to my eyes....a true testament to God's power and the power of prayer! I'm so encouraged by her progress and pray she will continue to improve. I'm also saying special prayers for your girls, that they are blessed right now during this difficult time.

Hope you get to have a 'good' visit to the will know which is best for Joanne. Hugs.

Donna J

I eagerly read your comments every day to see the miracles the Lord is performing. He is working through these caring nursing, doctor and therapists to care for your wife. We will continue to pray for her and the family.

Sarah R

Love the description of the PT ladies. . . . I think it's such a picture of how God is with us sometimes. He loves us too much to let us atrophy.


I have been praying for your family! My father, a 58 year old minister, had a stroke almost 3 months ago. While we still are unsure of how much movement dad will regain on his left side, we are amazed that he is walking (with the use of a brace and a cane) already. A blessing we are looking forward to - the baptism this Sunday (the 30th) or our new baby daughter. My father is going to be able to take part in the service and baptize his grandaughter! Be encouraged in the Lord today.


Thank you for all the updates, Toben. I've been following and praying since our friends at Midday Connection (WMBI Radio) let us know about the situation.

Thinking also of Audrey... is she doing any better with school?

Peggy - Ambassador

Waiting to send up the balloons with you all whenever you say "NOW"! Meantime, tho ... my, how your words minister to so many people -- some of us through those woods, some deep in the forest still ourselves, some only waiting with breath held for the day such strength will be theirs to invoke. You are uplifting every one of us, Toben. Praying!

Courtney Walsh


Some of my writer friends know Joanne and I am amazed by her story. Her older blog post you shared yesterday hit me so hard...I just really needed it. I can't wait to dive into more of her archives.

Over Christmas, my cousin's son suffered a brain injury and much of his recovery sounds similiar--they had to do brain surgery and remove part of the skull, he's been making progress breathing on his own and has even moved his legs a little bit. When I heard about Joanne, I instantly added her to my prayer list because I had just seen this little boy in a similiar condition. I am still praying (for both of them) and for your entire family...


Dear Toben,
You have all of our prayers for you, the girls and especially, Joanne.
The road back is a long and at times maddeningly slow, but with God's eternal love and prayers bombarding the walls of Heaven, Joanne will come back to you all!


Praying for your wife, her healthcare team and medical providers, and your family! May God surround you with His love and healing!


*Psalm 27:14*

Wired Whimsy

Praying God gives you peace about one LTAC or the other. I'm confident that He will make sure Joanne is where He wants her to be. You all are in my constant thoughts and prayers. My kids (ages 12 and 10) ask about Joanne every day, pray for her, and rejoice with each step forward.

Being Loved in Cali,

Lady Jennie

I love the updates. I only discovered this blog after the fact, but the whole family's attitude is very endearing. Go Joanne! Go God!


I am a fairly new reader of Joanne's Blog - and have been praying for Joanne and your family constantly (as is my church in Dalton, GA). I saw your "Crazy Marriage" blog today and was struck by the fact that so recently God moved you back to Colorado - to your family. Praise God for that small voice telling you to move - and for your obedience! He provides in so many ways - He knew you would need your family support system - what a blessing to be loved by a God like that!

JoAnn Janik

Dear Toben and family - I wanted to express how profoundly touched I am by what you, Joanne, family and friends are going through. I heard about it through Beth Moore's blogsite from her daughter Melissa and I check in to get updates and your prayer needs all through the week. I am praying over you 'all and want you to know (from a perfect stranger, but united by Christ) that God is doing a MIGHTY thing here. I pray for God to lift you all up and may He guide you with every decision according to His perfect will. He knows your every need and He loves you all so. I feel God's presence with you in a powerful way. He promises that He will never leave you or forsake you. I am sharing with you and praying over you my 1st scripture memory verse of 2011

Romans 15:13 - May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of The Holy Spirit. Amen.

JoAnn (kindred spirit to Joanne by name)
Houston, TX


That is just too cute about how excited you were to introduce your wife to her nurses without all the tubes! I'm glad that she's more comfortable and even moreso, I'm happy that she's making steps in the right direction. I check in everyday and pray for her, you, and your family.

Las Vegas, NV


Praising God with you and continuing to pray. Isn't it wonderful that we have a Heavenly Father who walks the long roads with us? May He continue to grant you His peace and a sense of His presence right by your side!

Susie Tiemeyer

This is such good news, Toben. Thank God for small steps forward...He is so loving, kind and patient with us. I am celebrating here in Houston!

Janel Breitenstein

Awesome news. So thankful--and praying for your decision. May He give you great courage.

Chris Ashley

Do you know how happy JoAnne will be when she reads all these entries in her blog? She'll have a journal, of sorts, of her recovery!

Will be praying for you to choose the right facility. Though not the same, we had to choose a nursing home for my MIL. We went in several different times of day and just watch all that was going on, how people interacted, etc. We stopped family members, patients and staff and asked questions (inside and outside the building). Staff turnover many times tells you a lot.

I follow everyday and you guys are always in my prayers!

Michelle from Australia

Our family continues to pray for you all.

Robb and Rebecca LeRoy

Toben: One of the things that I tell families is that they will know which place to pick once they walk in and stand in the entrance for a couple minutes. If people come up to you and are gracious and kind, you know you want her there. The difference, either place you pick, is that you will have a steady flow of people who love her in and out of the facility being advocates for her, just like in the hospital. God has led you this far and He won't stop now. Know that Rebecca and I are praying for your entire family all throughout the day. God Bless.

Robb LeRoy

Jennie from KY

EEEK I can't wait to see what happens!!! I am praying for your family! I wish we weren't two hours ahead of CO!!! I will have to go to bed soon and I don't want to miss what happened today! I pray it went well and continue to pray for your family and your beautiful wife!!!


Thank you for taking time to update us about your beautiful wife. I pray for her and your family on a daily basis and I know God is listening to all the prayers going up and answering them at the same time. God has given the miracle of life to JoAnne and everyday healing is taking place in her body and mind. Be encouraged and know that all will be well. May Gods' richest and best blessings be upon you as the head of your family and pour down from you to those who are entrusted in your care. May God increase your strength in the natural as well as the spiritual during this time. May your girls rest in peace and have abundant joy in their lives. May your family's every need be met on time by our on time God. May Abba Father embrace you with His love, peace, joy, strength and endurance for the days ahead. May His presence be felt in JoAnnes room and may the Holy Spirit hover over her 24hrs a day and bring rest, healing and complete restoration to her mind and body. God bless you Toben.

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