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Holding my breath with you while I pray......

Sandy Chapin

Praying those specific requests right now.


It is hard to be Anxious for nothing today!! God understands and is holding you no matter the results. What a bunch of blessings that you have seen movement on both sides and coughing!!


New mercies each morning, Toben. Prayers for Joanne and your family continue from this believer in Texas. God is bigger.

Janine Longoria

Praying alongside you now for favor. Thank you Lord that You are a cari g Father. We are in your Hands Father.


Continuing to pray for your family!


Praying and waiting with you!!


Keep going Joanne! She is a fighter! Thank you Jesus....

lisa walker

Thank you for the update Toben. Praying with you and for your family.

"Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!" Psalm 27:14

Praying hard in Alpharetta/Atlanta, GA
Blessings to you and yours this Sunday...Lisa Walker

Kim - connorcolesmom

This is such good news! Praying that the MRI and EEG results will leave the Drs speechless and in AWE of our wonderful God!
May it show great results!


Just soaking in the good news! Trusting Jesus and knowing that His plan is better than anything man could imagine. Praying my head off for you Toben and your sweet family! Hold on-- morning is coming.


I am so glad that Joanne opened her eyes! Praying and praying that the MRI result goes well! Thanks for sharing!
Barb in CNY

Tami Snowden

Hi Toben,
You don't know how often I check this and twitter.
I am WITH you all in this. Praying continually!
Thank you for your diligence in keeping the updates we are all waiting, praying, even though not at the bedside.

Tami Snowden


I'm not one to comment much on other's blogs, and have only done so once here before since Joanne's stroke.I have been praying and thinking of all of you so often throughout my day. I am so glad to hear the good news and the progress that is happening.

This weekend while reading a book (One Thousand Gifts), Ann Voskamp writes "thanksgiving always preceeds the miracle." I couldn't help but think of Joanne and the situation your family is currently facing. Through your words, it's been so clear that your foundation of believing, hoping, and trusting is rooted so very deep in Jesus. When we have been given the privilege of carrying a burden so heavy and hard, even then we can give thanks. I pray that you continue to see the miracles that all around you and that He makes His presence known to each of you in tender and significant ways.

Thank you again for all your updates and for giving all of us out here the opportunity to pray.

Christy in Ohio

Nikki Andrews

Praying for y'all now. Looking forward to a great update!

melissa irwin

praying and rejoicing. even the small things can be claimed as mighty!


Prayers are being said here in NM.


Sending prayers and wonderful thoughts to all of you!
Laurie in Massachusetts


Praising God for the encouraging signs and continuing to pray for a miracle for Joanne. Thank you so much for keeping us informed and giving us guidance in praying for specific needs.


We have been praying for your sweet wife and for your family. Every night I have fallen asleep praying for her. Was listening to great is thy faithfulness this morning. His mercies are new every morning. May today be laced in His grace.

Sara G

Continuing prayers for you all! Joanne is always on my mind as I deal with my own stroke issues. The Lord is faithful and He is with us! Love to you all!
Sara in Oklahoma

Beth E

Many, many prayers are being said for Joanne and your family. Thanking God for the prayers He's already answered, trusting Him in the days ahead with Joanne's complete and total recovery. He is faithful!


Praise God for open eyes!!

Jennifer Medeiros

Praising God for the positive encouragements about Joanne. Will continue to lift up Joanne and your family!


Emily W.

I only know you through this blog but I can't keep you from my thoughts. I find myself anxiously checking for updates and eagerly praying for you. I feel like you are family.
Thank you for blessing me by allowing me to share in this experience through your writing.

Melana Cummings

I feel like I've been reading a mystery novel with every update and I just want to turn to the last page and make sure everything is ok. SO encouraged by this latest news and continuing to pray for all you have mentioned.

In Wyoming.


God is faithful :) Praying for positive results and strength to keep on in the moment.


Praying and waiting for good results. God is good.

Beth Thomas

Continuing to pray for Joanne and knowing that God is able....


Theresa Roach

I am praying that the pneumonia isn't there when they look and that the other tests show progress! I am thankful for the eyes opening and the cough is another thankful moment!

Big hugs and continued prayers! Theresa in Georgia!


Thanks for taking the time to update. We are praying for you.


Praying for only GOOD things today!
I was thanking God and praising Him and worshiping to Him this morning!!
Singing songs like "How great is our God! Sing with me, How great is our God! And ALL will see, How great! How great is our God!!"
Also sang " I have seen the healing hand of God!"

Thanking Him for the beautiful Miracle that is happening in Joanne!!
Thank You Jesus!!!
He is the everlasting God!!!

Wife of Rob

Praying with you and for you brother. God is able....and all I can think about regarding her tests is that He is LORD over her brain waves and activity. He is Master over her motor skills and body functions. He is the God of both of her lungs. I believe that like the song says "all will sing, how GREAT is our God"!!

You are loved brother,
Jen Bartlett (and Rob)

Stephanie Riley

Praying for miracles...

Wilma Hatcher

We prayed for you this morning in Sunday School. Tammy Snowden let us know about Joanne and I'm keeping up with your updates. We will continue to pray for her in West Virginia.


Teri Butcher

I continue to pray for your beloved. And your whole family. Praising HIM for steps forward. God be glorified.



I can't seem to get anything done around home today for checking on Joann. Thank God for a little step forward. Thank you so much for keeping this huge family of (prayers)updated.
Annie in IL.


Praying for Joanne, from Missouri!


Hoping and praying for good test results!


Praying like crazy for you all.

Kelli in Colorado


Praying here in New Zealand....May you continue to be encouraged with God's Presence as you see little improvements (((hugs))) to you and your girls!

Child of God

I am hoping and praying all goes well. The waiting is so hard and I think you are doing amazing. Hange in there.

Praying and praying,


What encouraging news Toben. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I will continue to pray for Joanne, as well as for positive MRI and EEG results. Continued prayers for You and your family.(((Hugs)) and many prayers from my family to yours! Erin in BC, Canada

Wendy Franz

Have been praying fervently for your family/Joanne every day. While I don't know y'all, I don't want any precious young woman/wife/mother to go through this. Am praying for God's healing hands to work his miracles! So excited and encouraged by these baby steps of good news - keep 'em coming!



Thank you, Jesus, for the recent MRI findings! Thank you, Jesus!

Lisa from Louisville, KY


Thankful to the Lord for the encouraging news!

Sue, Oregon


Praising God! And still praying for all of you.


Psalm 91:14-16: "The Lord says, 'I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name. When they call on me, I will answer; I will be with them in trouble. I will rescue and honor them. I will reward them with a long life...

Continued prayers~


I have been memorizing Exodus 15:11 the last week or so, and have been praying it over your family. "Who among the gods is like you, O Lord? Who is like you - majestic in holiness, awesome in glory, working wonders?" Praising Him for the wonders He is doing in Joanne!! Praying without ceasing in Houston, TX.

Pam Houston

Bless the LORD and continuing in prayer. So encouraged today by your wonderful news on Joanne's progress.


Here's to eyes being opened!
As ever, sending love and prayers.


Praying for each of you and keeping your family close in heart.


I know God is going to miraclously heal Joanne and give her body complete restoration. What the devil meant for harm God will turn around for his good. I have my church praying for her.


Praying for great news today! So thankful for the hope that God gives to us!


Praying for good results from the MRI and EEG. Becca


Prayers for excellent reports from her doctors. Prayers for strength for all of you.


Praise the Lord!! My husband and I stalk the blog and your tweets daily for an update... we are praying like crazy and won't ever stop. :)


Lessons Learned in the fire of trials, Part 2

Toben, I remember a sermon my pastor years ago gave on prayer. I was undergoing a trial myself at the time. Afterward, I went up and asked him this question: "What if you are too numb, shut down, weak, or whatever to be able to pray, or you just can't find the words?" He answered warmly, "That is when God will have others praying for you."
Can't we see exactly that happening here? You are being upheld in prayer by many, so that you can be free to get on with the practicalities of life such as hospital visits, updates, care of your girls, etc. That isn't to say you shouldn't pray yourself, even if it is nothing more than a "Help, Lord!"
I think of Psalm 61, a beautiful & comforting psalm of David.
"Hear my cry, O God;
listen to my prayer.
From the ends of the earth
I call to You,
And when my heart is overwhelmed,
Lead me to the Rock
That is higher than I."
This has also been made into a Hosanna Music song from the "My Refuge" album by Kent Henry. Listen on youtube at:
I sure hope I typed the youtube address in correctly. This song is very peaceful & comforting. I gave that song as a birthday gift to a sister in the Lord.
Praising God along with you for every little millimeter of progress. Remember, even if at any given moment things don't look good, prayers can turn them around. Prayer changes things!


PRAISE YOU GOD! THANK YOU FATHER for everything You are doing in Joanne's life. WE PRAISE YOU!


When I clicked on the youtube link from here, it didn't work!
But the song title is "Lead me to the Rock", and it is put out by Integrity's Hosanna music.
It was uploaded to youtube by user Marfavas.

Rachel Pate

God has awaken me at night...reminded me during the day to pray for your sweet Joanne..and to pray for you and the girls. We can't wait to hear about God's mercy and grace...
Suwanee, GA
(Psalm 62:8)

Tara (Bowers) Bain

I look for posts about every 20 minutes...I can not sit silently anymore. I pray for you constantly. From a medical standpoint, these are all such significant steps. I pray it continues. You must be so thankful for the signs that she is giving to you. Thank you for the updates... I can't wait to hear more.


Great news, Praying in San Diego, Ca

Lori Proffett

How precious this is...Jesus, you know when we need encouragement...thank you for showing this today...praying for healing and continued movement and healing....

lisa @ the preachers wife

Praying for Sleeping Beauty! Can't wait until she opens her eyes and KNOWS you and comprehend the extent of her family's love for her.

lisa @ the preachers wife

Praying for Sleeping Beauty! Can't wait until she opens her eyes and KNOWS you and comprehend the extent of her family's love for her.

Melissa Thacker

PTL! And still praying in Ohio.

Wired Whimsy

Jumping for joy happy over these steps forward. Loving & praying here in California!

Sandy in Texas

Praying...trusting...believing in a miracle performing God. He has His powerful arms of mercy & love wrapped securely around your beloved Joanne.


Praying for your family. What good news you shared about Joanne today.


Been praying for you all so much! Praising the Lord with you for the MRI results and all these little signs of improvements...What a warrior she is!

One day at a time to a complete recovery!

Esther in Queen Creek, Az

I am praying and so excited about what God is going to do here. I just read on the twitter that Joanne's left brain is good. I am so excited and will keep praying that God's healing is just starting and things will continue to get better as we praise Him. Thank you, Toben for keeping us up to date. I come to this blog page several times a day looking for news. You have done an amazing job! I'm afraid that I would be so wrapped up in myself and my hurt that I would forget about everyone else. You and your precious children have really been an example of when God is first in our lives. May God bless you all and keep Joanne in His healing hand.


You all are still running the race and we are your support team!!!! Still praying tons!!!


I have been following Joanne's blog for a while and was heartbroken when I found out that she had suffered a stroke. I have been praying for her faithfully since this happened. I work as a Physical Therapist directly across from Littleton Adventist Hospital, and before I went to work this past Saturday morning, I sat outside in the parking lot and spent some extra time in prayer, praying that God would work a miracle and would begin his complete healing for Joanne. I prayed specifically that she would begin to wake up and would open her eyes and would begin to demonstrate signs of healing. When I look out my office window, I see the hospital and think about and pray for Joanne continuously.
Keep running the ultra race and keep fighting for Joanne. You are an amazing husband and father, Toben.

Julie Hoagland

Tears of relief to hear this great news. Praying still for all needs to be exceeded for Joanne, you and the girls. Praying for protection, complete healing and recovery.

Praising for this miraculous news!

Julie Hoagland - Seattle, WA

Jacques S

I will definitely pray for Joanne. The MRI scanner can be a bit scary at first (just ask my son) but it goes quickly. It gave me the best results too. Along with the EEG, you will get a very accurate report.

Prayers to you,

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