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Continuing in prayer in Mississippi.

Ashley Honea

Praying right now Brother.

Diana Clugstone

continuing prayers for my friend and all of you.

Holly B.

Praying with you and for you right this minute, Toben.


Just want you to know that I visit your blog everyday and pray for her. Isn't it great to be a part of the family of God?


It's all in God's time, Toben. None of this is easy, but then, the things in our lives that truly matter are not easy.
Feel His peace in your heart and soul.

Lee Ann Lee

You say that these comments encourage you. I want you to know that YOU encourage US. Reading the things you are writing is reminding me to remain faithful....especially when times are tough. I have quoted you to friends and others who needed encouragement. Thank you for taking time to include us in this journey. You remain in our prayers.

Jan B.

It's a huge honor to be part of this journey, Toben. God has provided so many miracles already and I firmly believe there are more to come. I was sent to Joanne's blog after my friend, who you know from a Bible Study class in the Springs back in the '90's, asked for prayer for Joanne. We also attended that church at that time. Your words are an encouragement to many thousands of people. We are the Body of Christ and He is moving!! Thank you for welcoming so many into this season of your lives.

jana m.

i can't imagine what your family is going thru. Just know that so many are praying. I hope your Emma has a nice birthday...

Julie Reynolds

Praying for you Toben and of course for Joanne. Praying that you will be comforted as you have to bear up and be strong during her rehab process. It is not easy brother, but seeing the end result will be so worth it all, this is coming from one whose husband was paralized over 4 years ago and who can now walk a little by God's grace and lots of therapy. We love you & Joanne even though we have never met - we are praying.


Praying for bits of encouragement each day for you and your beautiful girls. Praying that Joanne heal, gain strength, and continue to improve daily. I know that God will comfort you all in a way that only He can. His time is not always our time, but we know that God has the perfect plan in place. Your blog is an encouragement to everyone.

Jennifer Nevdahl

I have been following your updates since I saw a post on a mutual friend's Facebook page. While we are not a very religious family, my daughter has taken to praying for Joanne every night. When I read your update about Joanne trying to open her eyes, she told me that was because people were praying for her. While I have no doubt in my mind that prayer has indeed helped to bring about healing, it was a shock to this lapsed Lutheran to hear it coming from my daughter's mouth. After a head spinning meltdown at the age of four in Little Lambs class, we took a "break" from church and haven't made it back. While I wish the reason for her prayers were different, it was a blessing to hear the prayers of an 8 year old and to know that she still believes in the power of everyone praying.

It is with a renewed sense of awe in the power of prayer and how the Lord listens to His people that I send prayers for further healing to Joanne and your family. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey and for the unexpected blessing it has brought to me.

Jennifer Nevdahl
Whitworth class of 91


Oh mercy! I've said a bazillion times....the Lord is using Joanne in a mighty way and it's beautiful to see....even when we are at rock bottom. He will get us out of all manner of pits and draw us back closer to Him! Praise Him for that!

Love you Heim family.....not an hour goes by where I don't pray over you all!

((hugs)) from TN


i have been keeping up with joanne's story & have been praying for her ((& of course the entire family)) many times each day. thank you for keeping us updated on her progress. thank you for staying strong in the LORD & in your faith! what an amazing example of God's strength being made perfect in our weakness! blessings to you & your family.

Ron Farrell

We're here for you, man. I pray for you every morning. I woke up at 3:30a and prayed for you today.



Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Joanne's condition, Toben. I know this is one extra thing you probably don't have the time for, but it definitely helps us know how best to pray for Joanne! We are seeing the POWER OF PRAYER right before our eyes, and it is so exciting to see God's hand in all of this! Giving Him the glory!
Please give Emma my birthday wishes !!
Continued prayers for Joanne and the rest of the family!! May you be blessed beyond imagine!!! diane

Adrienne Valdez

I am praying for you and your family. I know that God is watching over her and protecting her. I understand what you all are going through. My father was 40 years old when he had a massive stroke. I was 16 years old. I know it is tough to see her like this but she is in Gods hands now. I pray that she will recover and be able to walk and talk again.

Diana Harder

We just heard about Joanne and we are lifting her up to The Throne of our Mighty God for His Mercy, Grace, Strength, Healing and FULL recovery!! HE IS ABLE. In Christ Alone......a "SISTA" in Littleton.
The Harder Family <><


Toben it is so hard to watch the ones we love suffer. May God give you the strength and courage to deal with Joanne's journey towards recovery. Many blessings and prayers. Erin

Zita - Mlle Magpie

Thanks so much for all of your updates on Joanne. She will be so much more comfortable with the PEG as compared with the NG tube. As for the trach, they can also decrease the size of the trach when she's better (i.e. put in a different one with smaller circumference) and the smaller they are, the more comfortable they are so you can keep that in mind as well. The PT and OT therapy can seem tough to watch, but she will need a lot of it for her recovery so you and J. will have to get used to it, knowing it's for a good cause. Courage and strength!

Ginny Otsuka

Praying for you ALL..I can't wait to some day meet my new friends (you four) that I have been praying for. I know that some day we will see, as we are seeing already miracle after miracle after miracle!!! I can't even imagaine what each one of you are going through. There is not a day that goes by that I don't pray or check to see the good news. (I just wish our Lord was faster..patience has never been my strength..hahaha)


we have never met but i found this blog on a friend's facebook page with a request for prayer for joanne. i have been closely following and praying for your family. i just wanted to say, as a physical therapist, that physical therapists can appear to be harsh and rough with a patient but don't let that obscure the fact that we care deeply about our patients and have only their health and well being in mind. i have had so many patients and their families think that i was so mean and cruel to them only to come back months later and thank me profusely for making them do all that i did:) and i am not saying that you feel the physical therapists are being mean and cruel but i know as a husband, or wife, or children or any other family member or friend, that it is very hard to watch physical therapy at times. i (as well as all physical therapists that i know) tend to appear harsh and push the patient too much but i promise you, it is for the best. we know the limits as well as the probable capabilities of the patients that we are entrusted to take care of. even while we are treating patients they are constantly saying "no, that hurts or i can't do this" and generally we just ignore them and continue on:) i am saying all this so that you will feel good about the care that the physical therapists are giving joanne. as a side note, i homeschooled all four of my children and i see that joanne was homeschooling hers. i pray specifically that she will be able to continue homeschooling one day if she so pleases. nothing is impossible with God!

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