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Barb from CNY

What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this with us.
Barb from CNY

Holly Smith

Mr. F, you are such a testimony of a godly Father. Thank you so much for sharing your heart for Jesus and for your family. (I wrote a longer comment, but guess I lost it). Even so, thank you. We love you all!
Holly and Chris


Amen! Sending you hugs from New Hampshire. My father passed from this world two years ago, and I do so miss his hugs. So I'm sending you and your wife a heap load to hold you over until Joanne can do it herself.

Julie (Johnson) Powell

:-) Thanks be to our Father!

Marcella Bialek

I too have a Dad that leans on the Father for truth in tough situations and who also happens to give some of the best hugs around! I am sure Joanne appreciates what she has!
Marcella from Syracuse, NY


You have to be a very special man to have such a loving and caring family. You have taught your children to love God and each other and it shows in every post they write. Thank you.


Beautiful! Thank you.

Teri Butcher

And we see now that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! Thank you for this post, I can see how blessed Joanne has been having you as a father. What a beautiful portrait of Godly generations. And, like any good daughter, I'm following your instructions, and holding my loved ones tonight.


Hi Mr.Friedenstein
Thank you so much for your posts we are praying daily here in Albuquerque NM for our sweet Joanne and her family. You are one role model of what a family is and a family that loves Jesus. Thru this Journey you all are on it has made my walk stronger and my faith better and my prayer life a whole lot better and my queit time better as well thank you for showing us what a dad is.You have such a loving family and it shows in every post and update about Joanne.
Thank you
Albuquerque Nm

Carla Sorensen

What a beautiful post. It truly touched my heart in many ways. I continue to pray daily for Joanne and your whole family.

In His love,
Carla in Maryland

Kim - connorcolesmom

That gives me chills!
Thank you and AMEN!
Praying for all of you
Kim - connorcolesmom in GA :)

Lisa Schubert

I love my Dad and I know Joanne loves hers!! Thanks for sharing, I can not emagine what you all have been going through!! Love Lisa

to know him

One of the most beautiful posts I have read... Thanks for sharing the message of Christ too, as many will read these words. I can't wait for you to be able to hold your daughter close again...

Blessings and prayers...

Melissa Thacker

What a blessing! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart. Your family has been in my prayers much over these days and praising God for the work HE is doing. Joanne has been such a blessing to me through this blog. What a gift!

Kathy Rivera

Thank you for these words Chuck. We need to be reminded as we rise up, sit down and walk along the way, an ongoing conversation about the ways of God and His great love.
Joanne's life had a sudden spotlight shined on her and many truths are being told through her experience and her familiy. "Be ready to answer for the hope within you".
Continuing to pray in snowy Idaho.


A father's love. So glad she has you, and all her family, who care and love her so much. Prayers continue.

Wendy Berenson

Your post was amazing. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Mechanicsville, Va

mary beth

God Bless you sir, as you walk through this with your family! Hugs from Kansas and continued prayers for every one of you!


No words...only chills. What a beautiful post.

Doug and Jenny H.

Thanks Chuck. We're missing you at Redeemer. Hope to see you and Kay on a Sunday soon.

Pam Houston

And we are all so blessed by your devoted Father's love, and the love exampled by both you and especially Toben. What a testimony to us all...believers joined together in the great family of God believing for what God does best~ "restoration". Thank you for being "living proof."

Farm Fresh Jessica

I second all of the above.


A Father's Love!

Tracy Stoffell

What a beautiful post.


Ah, if only I had a godly earthly father like you...

Sharon in Frederick

Chuck, You love for your daughter is expressed so beautifully. Thank you for showing us your heart, and the heart of our Heavenly Father.
Blessings, Sharon


AMEN!! What a beautiful message! I will be seeing my Dad tomorrow and I will give him an extra big hug just for you!! I thank God I have had my Dad as long as I have!
I pray for all of you and I am pressing in deeper and seeking God more and more and pray that you will get your hugs very, very soon!!!
And I also Thank God for being my Father in heaven!! Without Him where would we be?? We would not have any Hope!! Sooo thankful that through Jesus there is so much Hope!!
May God continue to bless all of you with His Holy Spirit and be with you while you wait for your hugs!!
Romans 12:12
"Be joyful in Hope, patient in affliction, and Faithful in prayer."
Believing and trusting God in His promise of Love!

Katie DeVries

Chuck, it's so good to hear from you. All my love to you and Kay and of course the rest of the family as well. We miss the two of you and wish we lived closer so we could help more. Hugs from the entire DeVries clan here in St. Louis!


I started following Joann's site because of a link from another blog that I follow. I have been praying for your family and can see the love and that brings a smile to my face everyday! Don't think for a minute that I have not shed some tears over your story too. I love the fact that you love the Lord and are praising Him in the storm. You, dear Dad, are the arms and legs of Lord Jesus....What an awesome example you are to all of us! Much love and prayers are coming your way!

Julie in Australia

Tears yet again here in Australia. Thanks so much for your words. I know there is so much research about the importance of a father especially when a girl is an adolescent. I am sure that your role in Joanne's recovery is just as important. She is so blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful family.

Julie in Australia


Hebrews 3:13.
Thank you for the drink of Faith, my friend.
He is Living Water.
And Daily Bread.
Sharing a hug with you and praying that you will soon share one with Joanne.
God's Grace is happening.


A to the MEN!
what an awesome daddy… thank you for pointing to the Cross. Joanne is alive… forevermore. thanks be to God!


Beautiful post! Joanne is so blessed to have you for her dad! God knew you'd be perfect for each other! You blessed us readers with your words, thank you for sharing!

Wendy in MN

Julie Hoagland

So sweet and tender. Still praying and believing!

Julie, Isaiah and Noah Hoagland - Seattle, WA

Michelle Drent

Simply awesome!


Chuck,the Lord is using your family's experience in so many awesome ways. Within your own family, and in the lives of the countless people who are following your family's journey through this blog. All praise and glory to Him!

Keeping your family constantly in thoughts and prayers!

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

God Bless you! All of my earthly fathers, least my daddy, and my grandpas...are in heaven. I certainly hope to find out that many many more of them found the Lord in their time, and I am certainly praying for all of the people who still need to find Him!

Praying for your dear daughter and all of your beloved family,

In Christ,
Julie M.


ABSOLULTELY beautiful post!! So true!!

Julie Reese

Dear Chuck and Kay, Your faithfulness and love are a blessing to our Heavenly father and such a blessing to the thousands who are still praying. We see miracles in Joanne and the Father's love expressed in His answered prayers. I miss you both.
Julie R.

Suzanne G

Beautifully said:) Praying for Joanne and ALL of her family and loved ones!

Mary Lou

Thank you for pointing us all to the Father, who loves us like no other. Your family has been blessed to have you in their lives. Praying that the day is not too far off, where you can give Joanne a great big hug. This post was so well written and I saw love all over it..brought tears to my eyes.
Still praying Big prayers here in TN.

Janet Cline ("JayCee")

This is beautiful....brought tears to my eyes. I'm struggling right now with a twenty something year old daughter who is rebellious. I wish she would allow me to hug her again like when she was little. I'm praying and believing that some day it will happen!

destiny perkins

I just listened to this very touching story and incredible testimony on AFR. My heart goes out to your sweet family. I'm praying Habakkuk 3:2 today for Joanne.
Destiny in Mississippi :)

Amy T

All I can think to say is Amen! Thank you for those words, and praying for you to get your hugs from Joanne soon.

Ruthy :o)

How precious is the Love of a Father...

Today I felt so strongly (before I checked the blog) to commend you Toben for being a GREAT FATHER to your Children.... and a GREAT HUSBAND to your wife.


Love n Blessings


what a beautiful and strong father you are. I can't imagine my dad being able to summon the words to express what you just did. God bless you! what a wonderful family you all have.
beautiful people, all of you!


To One Blessed Papa....I love your post!! I continue to pray for Joanne.

Brad & Kim Oaster

Thank you for sharing your heart, Chuck. Our hearts and prayers are with you as you go through this journey.

We reposted your writings to some faithful prayer warriors on facebook. Here are some of their responses:

Robin Tona: Nothing more touching than a fathers love!

Gina Snoeyenbos-Fitzgerald: ‎"Both" Fathers love...:)) the storms in my life become a slight breeze..God does give the Best huggs on this planet!!! Prayin BIGG Papa...

Robin Tona: Both fathers indeed :)

Janine Harley Linn: Thank you, Kim for sharing this precious note with me. As a little girl, I remember sitting on my our dads lap, resting my head against his chest and being facinated as I quietly listened to every heartbeat. Countless times as a youth when my our dad wasn't around I spiritually climb upon our Fathers knee, rest my head on His chest and listened for that heartbeat. Bless you Chuck, for being the servant and the leader as Christ is the Head of your home. We are on this faithwalk together. ♥

Grace & Peace to you as you continue to lead your family.


Beautiful Dad, beautiful. Wonderful to think that your family in your example is blessing so many others to remember a higher power and feel the blessings of faith, hope and comfort.

Tara (Bowers) Bain

Such a beautiful post, thank you.

Elaine from Koinonians at V7PC

Thanks, Chuck, for posting your beautiful testimony to the love of our heavenly Father! It is amazing how God is working through your family to glorify His Holy Name. I have been praying that everywhere you go with Joanne, that God would go glorify His Name through the work He does in Joanne, that those who work there will have to admit it IS the work of God and give Him the glory!! As with the man who was blind from birth, "this is not that he sinned or his parents, but so that the name of God might be glorified."

May God the Father draw each of you closer and closer to Him so that you will someday thank Him for this very event for the work He did in each of your lives, showing Himself to be faithful!

Blessings and Prayers,


Your entire family has been ministering to me throughout Joanne's recovery: Toben, Audrey & Emma through their words, Kristen through her pictures & Kay in those pictures ministering to Joanne. To read such encouraging, heartfelt words from you continues to bless my soul. Thank you.

Dean Skaret

Thanks Chuck- great words of wisdom and encouragement!!!

Dean Skaret

Sue Rasmussen

You have an amazing family. It is so encouraging to hear from all of you how God is blessing you through this difficult trial.
By the way, I bet Emma's hugs fit her Grandpa perfectly in her own, very special way too. ;-)

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