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This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for the update Audrey!

Wife of Rob

Audrey....God bless you sweetheart....and Emma too. I enjoyed reading about your sweet Momma's adventures today. God has His hand on her....and on you, and Emma and on your Daddy. We are praying continually for this sweet precious girl. Keep those updated coming!

Many prayers being offered for you from Mobile Alabama. Much love to you sweet girls!

Jen Bartlett


Audrey!! I love this update from you :) Thank you so much for letting us all know how your sweet mom is! I am so very proud of you and am praying for you and Emma and your dad tonight. Do you know just how much we all love your family? Big big hugs from TN. Tell your momma that I pray for her every single day and love her to pieces! She is one tough cookie isn't she?

Love you sweet girl,


Praise HIM
Precious Post:)
Matthew 21:22

Sara Sparks

Thanks for the AMAZING update Audrey!! God is so faithful and your Mom is working so very hard.

Sara Sparks


Amen, Amen, Amen! Praise be to the Lord God Almighty for such a wonderful list of today.

Thanks for sharing and hope Emma feels better soon and here's praying none of the rest of you get sick.

Kelli in Colorado


Thanks for the update, Audrey. You and your sister Emma are amazing young ladies.
Jeanette from Blue Bell, Pa.

Patti in Craig

Audrey, it's always special to hear from you. I hope the weekend is a great one for all of you. Give Emma a hug from the "bloggy" world and hugs to you too!


Hi Audrey- I don't know your family, but I check your mom's blog most nights! I am also a blogger and I was "hopping" around other blogs yesterday and there is your mom's photo at the top of her page asking for prayers ( I have your mom's photo on my homepage too). I also live in Colorado!

So many people from across the country are praying for you all! ms. laura

Auntie Mip

Dear Audrey,

For all these things and oh so much more, I will pray. For joy beyond imagining, I will pray. For popsicles and sprite and things delicious and satisfying, I will pray. For pain to ease, strength to come and sweet words from the lips of your mama, I will pray. For each day better than the one before, I will pray. For Joanne, and Toben, Audrey and Emma, Grandma's and Grandpa's, aunts, uncles and cousins, cherished friends and colleagues, for all who love Joanne, I will pray. For a thousand tomorrows, I will pray!

Good night sweet Audrey, because you asked...I will pray!

Holly Smith

Wonderful beautiful news! Wonder if she would like Orange sherbet? Praying faithfully. Love you Audrey!

Linda Hughes

Praying for your sweet mama. What huge praises today, & texting too! Wow! so many new things each day. I love your post Audrey :) Keep it up.
With love and much prayer,
Linda from Seattle

Child of God

Wonderful news! Thanks for the update!



Praying Audrey!!
And so thankful for all your A -MA-ZING news!
You are B-E-A-UTIFUL!!
Sleep tight knowing your tucked in every night with lots of prayers :)

Becky K.

A short post full of great news is a wonderful thing! So happy that you got to be there for this amazing day!

Becky K.


What a great update!! It is "Simply A-MA-ZING!"
I love it!!
I continue to pray for more and more Miracles each and everyday!!
Praising God for all the answered prayers and Miracles we have already seen! And anticipating the ones that are on their way!!!
Thank You so much Lord!!!
We are Simply Amazed by you!!

Pam Houston

Oh Audrey, this is just an amazing post from you and a happy report. Will pray hard on your requests and so happy you've had such an amazing day today with your Mom! Everyday you will see wonderful progress and God is blessing your faith and patience, and your Mom is a champion!

Love, A Siesta from So. Cal.

Kim & Brad Oaster

Way cool, Audrey! Such fun and good news :0 We are continuing to pray for your mom as well as you and the rest of the family (especially that Emma will get better quickly). Treasure up all the good things you witnessed today, and they will bring you courage and faith another time.

Love you all!

Kathy Rivera

One of my favorite posts of all! Yaaaay! Tis to sweet to trust in Jesus!


So good to hear from you Audrey. Praise the Lord for all the GOOD things happening for your mama!
Praying for the pain to ease and some sleep for you all (((hugs))) from Julia, In New Zealand


Dear Audrey,
WOW! What blessings!!!! Thanks for writing to us and sharing!!! I'm praying really hard! How is Emma?
Have a great day.


Thanks Audrey for posting this AMAZING list of "Guess Whats"! Love it that your Mama is showing her stuff, she is a real trouper! Enjoy your day and give your Mama a hug from Ganky:) HUGS from Georgia!

Diane Orr

God is so good and powerful! Your mom's amazing improvement is an excellent example of our God loves us! Thank you for taking the time to share the joys and struggles! I pray that you, your mom, dad and Emma will know His deep love and comfort and that your mom's recovery will continue at this speed so you can all be together again soon! I check every night and every morning for updates! Praise be to The One True God whose love and power is matchless!!!!


Wow that is sha weet Audrey store those memories up and they will continue to give you strength for the journey and I am praying here in Albuquerque Nm for Emma , your dad, and grandparents and Kristen and family. So how do you like the nintendo Wii? Its alot of fun I have one and I have the dance on broadway and dance 2 lots of fun. Well sweet one thanks for the update on your mom and will continue to pray for the pain to go away.
Always good to hear from you

melissa irwin

OH my HEAVENS!!!! Such a beautiful glorious list. Praising God!


Our GOD is good! This is AMAZING news. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you all another AMAZING DAY!


Audrey, that's wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to share this with everyone who is praying.

Sending hugs,
Karene in California


Wonderful, amazing things! Thank you for sharing them with us. Continuing to pray for all of you.



Julie Reynolds

Oh Audrey - my feet are doing the HAPPY DANCE over all that God did today!!!Thanks for sharing with us. Have an awesome weekend and we will continue to pray for your Mom and You, Em & your Dad.

Jamie Muramoto

To God be the glory. Thanks Audrey for sharing the good news about your Mom. She and your whole family are in my prayers each and every day. Take care, hope you feel the love of God each and every moment.


hi this is aubrey again i hope your mom gets better i'll keep praying for you and your mom keep having hope

and yet these three remain faith,hope and love ,but the greatest of these is love
1 corinthians 13:13


What absolutely wonderful news. Your Mum is doing so wonderfully well, I am sure the love and support she is getting from all of you is a huge part of this.

I will hold you all in my prayers for continued recovery for your Mother and strength and courage and rest for all of you as you continue this journey.


Sharon - Ontario Canada

Wow Audrey! That is an AMAZING list! Praising God!! Praying for your whole family. Thanks for your update.

Beth Petty

Just like good things come in small packages, so does awesome info in short posts! Thanks for a terrific update. You are cracking me up with the "my/her" phone. Somebody's gotta watch after it while she's not home, right?!

Praying for all of you from Georgia,

Tara (Bowers) Bain

Awesome post! You are a special kid. Thanks for the update.

Elaine from Koinonians at V7PC

Thanks so much, Audrey, for your amazing list of "Guess Whats"! God is amazingly good! Our prayers are being answered quickly now! BUT, we continue to speak to our wonderful heavenly Father (Jehovah Rapha) daily to ask for your Momma's complete restoration to health to bring Him glory!!!

Blessings and hugs to all, including Gran!

Mary Lou

Thanks for the update, Audrey. I agree. All of that is amazing and wonderful. Know that you didn't mind being beat by your mom at Wii...that will just inspire you to play harder and get better at it and that will in turn inspire her. So thankful for all of the answers to prayer. Still praying and will not stop...Mary Lou in TN

Meryl from Las Vegas, NV

You sound so happy and I'm happy for you, too! That is such great news. What a great way to start off the weekend. :)


Praise GOD!!!!

Jennifer medeiros

Hi Audrey,
Thanks for your happy post! I love that you were able to spend time with your mom.....and what fun! I continue to lift all of you in my prayers. Your mom has inspired me so much through her blog.... And you do, as well.
Much love

Christine J

Audrey that's sooo awesome!!! Hearing that makes me smile big time ;) I'm so excited for all of you!!! I can't believe she got to go down to the gym and play wii bowling! That's really really ammaazzinng =) Praise God =D

-Christine <3

Cindy Beall

Praise God!

Betty G

Audrey, Thank you for the A-MA-ZING update. Those are quite the accomplishments! Your Mom is coming back to her usual fun, loving Mom. Praise the Lord! Amen!!! God bless you and your sister, Mom and Dad, Aunt, Grandma and others who are assisting your Mom. Write again soon!

Betty G. in Tennessee (just moved here from Oklahoma!)



Brooke (13) and Hope (10) are both praying for you up in Massachusetts! Thank you for your updates and letting us know just how to pray for you! We love to hear from you! I will write down these prayers requests so we know just how to pray!

Amy (Mom)
Brooke & Hope

Leah C

Amazing guess-whats...I love hearing about those!!

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