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I have goosebumps!
God is so good!


Praising God with you!!! He made the Sun stand still for Joshua so pray BIG!! Holding up your request especially your girls.




Tears in my eyes after reading that Joanne spoke today!



Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!!! We never know who's life is going to be touched by the trials we go through.
Praise the Lord for the progress!!!!

Holly Smith

Just flat out thankful!!! We will be lifting each request up tonight, Toben. Tell Joanne how proud we are of her fight...she is a beloved sister to my heart. Cheering and praising wildly for her progress this day.


How exciting! God never ceases to amaze me. I will keep the hospital staff in prayer as well as Joanne! So thankful to know her room is speaking to those around her.


Yay Joanne! So many good things are ahead. She's showing you Toben what a tough nut she is! Awesome! God is good! Keep it up Joanne.

Wilma Hatcher

One of our sons has been hospitalized recently in Orlando and Boston. Each time, there were many comments made as to the fact that he and his wife were "different" than most other couples. As believers, we have a great witness in all circumstances and am so glad that the staff recognizes that you are very special.

I am so happy that Joanne spoke today. We continue to pray for her in West Virginia.


Ok, you got it Toben...Will pray for all on your list including Joanne, you, the girls and the whole family and staff surrounding your precious wife!!

Still Praying in Hurst TX.


I have tears. I feel reading this blog is like hearing directly from God. He is saying I am still here and I am proving it through Joanne! Thanks Toben for taking this blog on. I pray the miracle of Joanne continue!

Leah C

Oh how wonderful that one little word must have sounded! Praising & praying...


Praise God! He is able! This is such wonderful news. Praying for the workers by name. . . Blessings.


Toben! Tears of JOY! Yay Joanne! I love it. "Black". Her momma needs to save that sweater. What a sweet cherished moment. God is SO good.


Doing the happy dance in KS! What exciting news! God is so goood. Will keep praying.

Sara s

Praying "big" for Joanne!!!


Still praying with you in California! Praise the Lord for how He is moving in Joanne's life, yours, and even the nurses and those who are helping in Joanne's recovery. Glory to the God Most High!


What a gift from God! Prayers of thankfulness and more good things to come.

Kim Feth

Tears and praise all at once. So excited that Joanne may be using that app before we could humanly anticipate! Still praying for a healing that is so amazing that it could only be orchestrated by God and witnessed by 1000's; and by the way you're counting up staff - it may very well be that many people.
Kim Feth
Apex NC

Wife of Rob

HUGE HUGE HUGE prayers coming from Mobile AL! This is incredible news! We serve an awesome God!

Praising with you,
Jen Bartlett

Heather Clement

Praying BIG in NH, too! :)

Gail @ Pandemonium in the Parsonage

Praying BIG with you. God, I can't understand the why, but I understand the who. It's You. Be glorified through every minute of this journey.


HALLELUJAH!!! Thanks for taking the time to share so beautifully from your heart. Keeping all your family (and adding Joanne's attendants) in prayer.

Karene in California


Wow tears and God bumps abounding! To GOd be the glory, He alone is worthy!

Ann Monken

I have followed your story since seeing a prayer request on beth moore's blog. I am so thrilled for your awesome news today. I will continue to pray and pray BIG.

Carrie Hester

Sweet Jesus...this is ALL YOU! Thank you!

Melissa Thacker

Praise the Lord!


Yahoo! What an amazing day.


Absolutely fabulous news! Praying big, praising big!



Amazing... powerful... loving... in so many ways!


Praises to the Lord!!! This is the best news ever! I am so thrilled for you all to see real progress toward healing. Continuing to pray here in Oregon for Joanne, the Heim family, and the special staff that is caring for her. As a former RT, being able to begin capping off the trach is HUGE!

Have a restful night to you all:)



Sitting here in tears of joy over Joanne's continued progress! Thank you so much for sharing this god news with us! Will continue to 'pray big!' for Joanne, her health care team, and all of you.
Barb from CNY

Patti in Craig

Yes! And AMEN!!! I was so blessed I had to get up to praise HIM!!! I prayed this morning that God would do something BIG today for you!!! What a thrill to check in tonight and see what HE did. I believe He is encouraging us all to PRAY BIG!!! Praise the LORD!!!

Rachel B



God is soooo good!!! Praising Him and Thanking Him!!!!
And Still praying BIG!!!
Thank You Jesus!!!
Believing for Joannes full recovery in record time!!!
You are the God who performs Miracles;
You display your power among the peoples!!
Thank You Lord!!!


Praise God! Your family is definitely salt and light to more people than you will ever know. Our God is SO BIG!

Betty G

Praise the Lord for BIG progress.
Keep up the good work, Joanne & Toben.

Betty G. in Tennessee

Kate @ Songs Kate Sang

Tears of Joy! Praise God! Thank you, Jesus, thank you!

Karen Booker Schelhaas

Big tears, Toben. This is the post I've been praying for... one that drips, drips, drips with hope. So thankful for all of you that you had this shining glimmer today!!!!!

Kathryn Carpenter

Awesome news! Isn't God good? will keep praying for Joanne and everyone involved with her.

Glendale AZ


And my one, incredibly audible word is JOY!!!! WHat a wonderful post, such good news for you all. Tonight there are nothing but prayers of gratitude!


If I could sing (which I don't, outside of my minivan) I would sing:

Sing your praise to the lord,
Come on everybody,
Stand up and more
Give your praise to the lord,
I can never tell you,
Just how much good...that it’s
Gonna do ya

Just to let the name of the lord...
Be praise, both for now, and evermore,
Praise him all ye servants...

Give your praise to the lord,
I can never tell you,
Just how much good...that it’s
Gonna do ya

Just to sing, sing, sing...
(Amy Grant)

Giving Him all the praise and thankful, so grateful...


This gave me goosebumps as I read! Amazing progress thanks to an amazing God. I can't wait to see what He does next!

Child of God

This is amazing news! We need to press in even more. Praying and praying and praising and praising!!



Awesome Wonderful Beautiful Blessing!!! Love it. I remember seeing my husband come back bit by bit from his sickness and those little things are SOOOO big emotionally. In our Prayers. She is fighting...taking it on like she did running!


Oh Toben, praise God!!! He loves to hear and answer our prayers! Praying daily for you and Joanne and your girls!

Sara G

Praise the Lord!!!

Dedra Herod

Praising GOD for today and all the wonders... and for the word BLACK!!! :) PRAYING specifically and BIG over you all tonight, tomorrow and all the moments going forward. Love you all... never gonna stop..


Helen at A Work of Heart

super duper happy for you and for the day you all experienced!



Wow. Ugly cry. I just read Ann Voskamp's post on her blog, aholyexperience, and I'm honking my horn! I'm so happy! Honk! Honk! Honk!!!

Father, You make me so happy! I know this isn't normal for the type of stroke our Joanne had. So, this has got to be Your Work! I am just so thankful. Spread the miracles around that hospital, please. Let them IGNITE as others are touched by Your Power. I pray for Gale, Terry, Doreen, Dr. Yaeger and Dr. Dryling, Bob and Pierre by name that You would work through their lives as they minister to Joanne. May every staff member, every patient, every family and visitor...experience YOU as we open wide the door and let You come in. Sup with us, LORD! Commune and bless. For Your Glory, Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Diane Orr

Praising our Heavenly Father with you! You dont know me but I feel as though I know you and wish I could know Joanne!! She must be one special lady cuz it's obvious God isn't done with her yet!!! I eagerly await each day's post to see bews of her improvement!! What a testimony she is writing!!! Continuing to pray!! In Christ's love, Diane in Ohio


PRAISE JESUS! So excited for all God is working through and in Joanne, but also through your family! This news is such an encouragement to the Body of Christ. Persevering in prayer for Joanne's complete recovery and for God to be glorified!

Shelley Swindler

WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! We will be praying BIG for her Toben...really really BIG!!!!

In HIS Mighty Grip~
Shelley in Florida

Julie Hoagland

AWESOME! That is wonderful news.....prayer's going up!

Julie Hoagland - Seattle, WA


This softens my heart, thank you for sharing the progress (and the pain).
Praying for steady progres, courage, patience and more miracles.


Praying BIG here in Illinois! Praise!!


Praise God Indeed we will be praying Big for your family. Our pastor preached on salt and light yesterday and you and J and her story are shining so bright I think I can see it all the way here in Wisconsin. God's Blessings

Melana Cummings

Praising Him! Praying for even more blessings tomorrow! Our God is able and He is worthy of our praise!!

Joanne...still loving you and praying for you here in Wyoming!

Carole (Imperial, California)

I have been silently watching the journey, praying for you all, but can no longer hold back the joy as our Father brings Joanne back to her family. Prayers lifted. Love sent. Hope turned into reality. HE IS OUR AWESOME GOD!!!

Pam Houston

"Worthy is the Lamb...Holy! Holy! Holy!" As I read this incredible praise report about Joanne's first word, in the background was the awesome praise "Agnus Dei" playing on our CD....tears of gratitude running down my face! Mind you, I've never met any of you personally, but so many around the world are shedding tears of gratitude for God is showing up and showing off... every step forward is a praise to our God. Points of light all around the world are rejoicing with you and yours tonight. Also lifted each wonderful and caring professional to the LORD by name in thanksgiving for their awesome dedication and service, as you requested. Every day will be filled with new wonders. I am so happy for you all... "Name above all names, You are worthy of our praise...How great is our God! All will see how great is our GOD!"
A So. Cal "Siesta"


With tears in my eyes, I am praising God with you!!! What a wonderful day of blessing!!

Kim B. from Holland, Mi

Toben & Family
I have been following your blog since the first day of Joanne's stroke. There has not been a day that goes by that Joanne and your family are not in my thoughts and prayers... Your continued strength and commitment has been an amazing inspiration to me. I have found myself daily being reminded of what our real priorities need to be, in the mists of your incredible life, you are an amazing witness to God's strength and faithfulness. I am in totally awe as I hear daily of the miracles that are happening. Thank you for being so open and honest to all of the world as you walk this out. May God continue to be with you and Joanne,your girls and family. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.... God IS BIGGER than all of this, so we will "PRAY BIG PRAYERS" on the behalf of all of you. GOD BLESS you... and Thank You. Joanne is a very blessed women to have you surrounding her world.


I have never met Joanne...or any of her loved ones, but I continue to pray for her from afar (NW Indiana). Tonight we are praising God with you all. Glory to God on high!

My thoughts and prayers are with you all, Toben. God bless you and your family.

Hang in there, Joanne! We're cheering you on, sister!

In His Love,


If I may, I just want to say to you, Toben, what an amazingly faithful husband you have been to your sweet wife through all this. You are an awesome example of "for better or for worse". And your prayer requests for others during this hard time, as well as your praise constantly to the Father who cares is light and encouragement to all who read what you share. Thank you.

Julie From Inmates

Awesome! God is good :)


Praising God! I am so excited to hear such great news. I will have to tell my son when he wakes up tomorrow, that his prayers were answered...we prayed last night that Joanne would be more alert and able to participate in her therapies....Good thing we prayed for the same thing tonight too! God is so good!!!


So amazed and happy for a word! My father had a stroke when he was 48 and I was 16. His first words were 'we're back'- said after we came back from eating lunch. I will never forget that feeling of hearing him speak! So amazing!


Rejoicing with you! I've only been following a short time, actually since first seeing the Praying for Joanne buttons on friends blogs...and am in Awe of our God who is at work so miraculously in your wife's life.

Prayers for your family!

Lisa Ramsey

No deficit. Surplus.

Praise be to Him that holds out His Healing Hand and doesn't let go.

all shall be well

Yay God! wonderful news! :)

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

What a Blessed Miracle Monday! I'm praying for an Ephesians 3:20 day for you tomorrow too! : )


Your already salt and light Brother!
God is SO GREAT.


What a wonderful report!! Celebrating with you!! God is Sooooooo Good!!!


Prayers and celebrating here in TN!!

Amelia in NC

Big Prayers continue!!!!!


WOW!! Praying big. Our God is so very awesome.


Continuing in prayer and praise in Mississippi!


I was talking with my husband about everything, and he was saying that he didn't understand why this had to happen to someone like Joanne.
Okay, I am with that too, but...
I see how even in her illness, she is ministering to so many around the world. I have heard from my readers that they are praying for Joanne, and many come from Australia, Germany, Belgium and various other parts of the world.Can you imagine how prayers being said literally 24 hours a day can work?
Blessings Toben!


Rejoicing with you and Praise be to the Great and Mighty King!


Praise the Lord! I've been praying for her everyday. Joanne (who doesn't even know who I am:) has been such a blessing to me and ministered to me the past few years through her blog and book. Selfishly, I'm anticipating the book she's going to write when she is made whole again. I'm hoping our prayers minister to her in the way that she has ministered to so many over the years.

Marla Taviano

Praise the Lord!! Oh, sweet mercy!! THANK YOU, Jesus!!!

Toben, I don't know what time Joanne said "black," but I took a nap yesterday (about 1pm your time maybe) and dreamed I went to visit her. She saw me from clear across the room (it was really big) and said, "Well, look, there's my friend Marla from Ohio." I was beside myself with joy--even after I woke up. :)


So thankful for so many answered prayers and will continue to pray for continued progress. I get chill bumps thinking what it must have been like, for you and her Mom, when she said 'black':)
Blessings and prayers for your family and all of the medical staff,
Matthew 21:22

Sharon - Ontario Canada

Praising God with tears of joy. Thank you Jesus! Continuing to 'pray big'.


Your post made me cry. That's how happy I am! Still praying for her and for your family.


Thank you again Toben for this wonderful post when I saw on twitter that she spoke I just smiled and thanked Our Lord He is awesome I cannot tell what a testimony thisis going to be in this world after she gets up and is fully restored she is a miracle. I will pray for the staff and all the other people there as well. I am glad thather room is speaking to these people will pray that it is salt and light and that the Lord would speak to these people hearts as well. God is amazing and thru your family has used you all in my walk with Him and has changed my out look on a daily basis.
Albuquerque NM


Praising God for his faithfulness and healing mercies!! Wahoo!!! :)


YAY!! How awesome is our GOD!! Praising and praying!

Sugar Mommy

I can't stop the tears. God is so good! Thank you for the list of name to pray for. I am printing them out to put in my prayer journal.


More happy tears... praising God! Continuing to pray for all of you and your intentions.

Angie Jones

Your post just brought me to tears. Thank you for keeping us updated on Joanne's condition. We serve an awesome God. I believe there are many people crossing your path every day that see Jesus in you and Joanne. To God be the glory.


WOW!! That is amazing! Praise God for answered prayers! I am doing a *happy dance* for Joanne!

Melissa H.

I don't know Joanne or your family but I have been following and praying from North Carolina.
Wonderful news!

Kristen McWilliams

Such amazing news! There is a meaningful difference between "believing" God to do something and "expecting" Him to do it! We will be EXPECTING His very best along with you and your family!!! Praying for more incredible moments to come!


Wonderful news!! One day at a time...
Still praying in Louisiana.


Praise the Lord. I love the ministry of the body of Christ. May your blessings be many today. I'm praying BIG for all of you here in Mississippi.


Praise God! May God be glorified through all of this! So glad to hear she is improving so much! You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Praise God!!!!!

Paige Szajnuk

To God be the Glory; Great things He has done!

As we pray to our Heavenly Father and ask His blessings on Joanne, your entire family and her care team, we are ever mindful of how this entire event is blessing so many others. He really does work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

I am Praising and Praying BIG in Kansas.


Yeah! How exciting. God is good and he is at work doing amazing things here!

Amy J.

I am overflowing with joy! Praise God! We continue to Pray BIG in Idaho!


What great news! We are praying for your dear family. We just heard the reading at mass about being light and salt this week:)


I read every day and pray your prayer requests at the moment. What a blessing you experienced from the Lord yesterday and shared with us! Thank you! God is great!!! Things that we see are huge are just His way of blessing us. Remember....Nothing is to difficult for God! Ask big!!!!

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