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Have Joanne's neck looked at too...I had terrible pain in my shoulder when I had bulging cervical discs--no pain in my neck, so it took awhile to figure out that the shoulder pain was actually radiating from the neck.

Praying for Joanne and all of you!

Shannon Primicerio

How special that Joanne was able to tell you she loved you on Valentine's Day! In addition to praying for Joanne's recovery and the girls' day at school, I also spent time asking God to energize you today Toben. I'm sure going back to work takes extra energy in the midst of all of this. Please know ALL of you are being prayed for.

Lisa J

I continue to be amazed and overjoyed at Joanne's progress.

I hate to have to ask, but how can we hear you on the radio? I had no idea you had a show. I just came here on a prayer link and have been following and praying since Joanne's first few days in the hospital. I've gathered that you've written some books, but had no idea you were on the radio. Is it national? (I live in Oklahoma.) What kind of show?

I know you have no time to answer questions, but maybe someone can post that info for all of us!! You have new fans! ;)


Sounds like your girl is doing great things! Congratulations on getting back to work. I know how tough it is for you to do this, but goes on and just as the girls needed to go back to school, I think you going to work is important to.
I cannot believe the blessings that Joanne is giving you all! What and inspiration she is to all of us.
Praise, Praise, Praise!!!!!


Your post made me smile from ear to ear.


Love it! I'm so excited to hear that she's doing so well. I've worked in TBI rehab and the next place you go is going to give her so much and you'll see tons of progress!


That was just wonderful hearing that she was able to say I Love You and Be My Valentine! Perfect. Glad you were able to go back to work today, it must have felt good to have a little normalcy in your life. I'll continue to pray for precious Joanne and your family.

Rachael D.

Wow! More miracles! Wonderful to hear! :)

Have you considered Craig Hospital near Denver for her rehabilitation? Excellent facility; state of the art. I have a close family member who did his rehab there after a spinal cord injury left him a quadrapalegic.

Thank you for the continued updates! We'll continue to pray for all of you here in Ohio.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Kim Feth

Continued praise for the miracles and continuing to pray. I'm thinking there needs to be a "Joanne's Prayer Warrior" t-shirts to help offset some of the cost of her medical care. And could you see us bumping into each other at the grocery store? Or the alter for communion? Or the beauty salon? Hmmm ...
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

northern girl

As an OT I started to write about subluxed hemi- shoulders but I'm certain those therapists have already checked things out. sometimes it's just prolonged position of the shoulder....but here I go again talking about therapy.
May your whole family feel particularly close today on Valentines day; and may you continue to feel and see God's love each and every day. Blessings to you all!

Shelley Davis

Hi Toben,

It is wonderful to hear you so upbeat and positive! Praise GOD!!! How about starting a card writing campaign. Have all of us who read your blog send cards. You could give her 5 new ones each day. They could be visually stimulating as well as uplifting. Ask those of us who are Christian and are following to send her a favorite Bible verse with a picture of our favorite flower. Flowers and a card? Very uplifting. That would bless her and us as well.
It's just a thought!

Toledo, Ohio

Mary Lou

What praises!!!What a wonderful Valentine's gift. God really was good to all of you today. Praying your prayer requests. Praising Him for going ahead of you and preparing the way....He is so all over all of this..What a Big God....still praying Big here in TN...

Leah C

What a sweet hear your love tell you she loves you!! Continued prayers:)

SandyM (Raleigh, NC)

What a precious Valentine gift to you from your precious one! Having followed (& prayed) since nearly the beginning, I feel that each step is a personal victory.

Elizabeth Reiter

Toben! I just look forward to reading everyday about Joanne's progress! Continue to pray for you, Joanne, Audrey & Emma everyday. I know everyone was excited to have you back at work :)
@Shannon Primicerio0 Toben's radio show is called "Grounded", you can listen on-line at 12pm EST.

Tara (Bowers) Bain

Toben, thank you for being Joanne's advocate. It is such an important position to be in and you are doing a great job.

I pray that the choice for the rehab facility will be completely clear and obvious with giant neon signs on top of the building with Joanne's name on it.

Auntie Mip

I cannot tell a lie. My heart leapt a little in my chest when you shared such a perfect and private moment, your Valentine telling you she loved you! You didn't have to do that. You were well with in your rights to keep that private, just between husband and wife. And yet you shared. And we rejoice. Each day is a day closer to home for Joanne. Each moment and victory a reminder that there is a miraculous power at play here. Each blog entry and Twitter update and opportunity to say thank you to the One in whom all things are possible. Rejoicing with you today!


Toben, I am so glad to hear that things went well for you at work today. You must be relieved. How absolutely wonderful for you to hear Joanne's voice today. So happy for you and Joanne. I will pray that Joanne's team figures out why her shoulder and head are causing her pain.


Toben.....I don't have a blog, but somehow got caught up reading other people's blogs and have been following this one almost immediately. I am a "seasoned" Registered Nurse for almost 23 years and all I can say is PRAISE GOD for Joanne's recovery thus far. I wanted to tell you that you could very possibly be right about her shoulder when she fell. I was cleaning a closet in our home one day and slid on the hardwood floors and fell. I thought I had jammed my shoulder and it just kept on hurting. I went to the dr. and it DID NOT show up on a x-ray. It took about three trips and ten months later before they found on an MRI that I had a torn rotater cuff. Also, my husband had some ruptured discs in his neck one time and his neck didn't hurt it was his shoulder and arm. Sounds crazy/strange I'm sure but this is a true story. Since she fell there could definitely be something torn/broke. We will continue to pray God pours His blessings on Joanne, you and your precious girls!!!

Kathy Stites

What awesome news, I got tears in my eyes reading that Joanne said she loved you!
I will be praying for you to keep up your strength to do all that you need to do to be everything your family needs!


I know things aren't easy for y'all, but it is so neat to hear of all the progress being made. She's writing! She's even making jokes! She has needs she can tell you about! Her mind is working and I am just so thrilled...God has been BIG and I thank Him.

What a difference Christ makes in our lives.

Praying for all the needs mentioned and for your time back at work. May God truly provide her with the care she needs.

Sharon - Ontario Canada

Thank you for sharing such special moments and keeping us updated. Praising God for answering BIG !!! I continue to hold your family before the Lord and praying for your specific requests.


Can sprite be mixed with the ice chips for some flavor if Joanne isn't ready for liquids yet?

Still praying. And praising.

Melana Cummings

Amen to a Sprite with a straw!

Kathy Rivera

Dip the popsicle in Sprite! :-) Thank you for taking the time to update the blog. You allow us all to walk with you through this. We would pray either way but your words put us there. Be strengthened brother. Yoke up! His yoke is easy.
You will find rest for your weary soul. You are loved with an everlasting love. The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is MIghty! (Zep. 3)

Love Ruthy :o)

I think Shelley should start the campaign what a lovely idea :o)

Your such an amazing person to be now going back to work.. n caring in every way...and its praise to our AMAZING God who is enabling you...and given you supportive n close knit Family.



Toben so sweet that she was able to tell you that she loves you, awesome! I am so glad you had a great day at work and will continue to pray for your prayer requests, thanks for sharing, Sue in NC

melissa irwin

My chest is seizing up right now and I have tears that cannot figure out what to do with themselves.....I am so happy that you got such sweet spoken words from Joanne. Answer to prayer. I'm so sorry about her pain but in complete awe that she is able to express it. I'm continuing my prayers.


How amazing! Joanne has made such amazing progress!! When I first starting reading your blog to now, it is just breathtaking!

Christine H.

What a wonderful post to read! I'm so encouraged to read about her amazing progress and look forward to the day when she is back writing on her blog. Thanks again for continuing to be specific in your prayer requests. I love being able to pray for your family. Continue to be blessed Heims!

Dianne Walters

Praise!!! Praise!!!! So glad she spoke that she loves you on Valentine's Day. What a gift!!!!

lisa @ the preachers wife

Oh Toben. I could sob over this one. My constant prayers remain with all of you. And and Ryan are a fabulous radio team.


Craig Hospital in Englewood is one of the best in the nation for both spinal cord and TBI rehab. Please don't make a decision until you've looked at that facility.


Wow what an awesome Valentines Day gift. Normally those three little words can mean a lot, but in Joanne's situation, it must mean the world for you to hear them now.... Will they let you use ice chips that are made from sprite??? So glad she got her coveted popsicle!!

Do the doctors know what brought on the stroke? I think about it every time I hop on the treadmill.

Glad to hear you back on Grounded!


I am praying for all of you. March will be a year that my Father in Law had a stroke.
Just a tip, my father in law complained of shoulder pain also, after many xrays etc... his shoulder had what they called frozen up, it was from him being in a bed for so long, we finally found a physical therapists who listened(they found the problem) and with some very much hands on therapy to the shoulder he is doing much better. Praying for complete healing!


Joanne is still moving FORWARD!! In each of your post she is doing something more or something better than last time! Praying for continued healing for Joanne and guidance for the next step in her recovery journey!!

Still Praying in Hurst, TX.

to know him

So exciting about all the little steps of progress...

It warmed my heart so much when you said Joanne asked you to be her Valentine...What a beautiful love that you both share...

Will be praying...


Just read a verse and thought about y'all as you begin looking at rehab hospitals, back to work, girls in school:
Deuteronomy 31:8 "The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

God is big enough for all of this.


The power of prayer leaves me speachless!! I am over the moon happy for all of Joanne's successes! What sweet words to "hear" from your Valentine! Praying for you continuously!

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