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So thankful for the updates and still praying. Of course he was! Toby Mac is often awesome:)


Thank you for sharing what your days are like and the specific prayer requests. Still praying in Southern California.


She always did like to go to bed early! :)


You tell that sweet Jo that I'm just grinning from ear to ear over her!!!! He is going to show us step by step just how amazing it is to see her restored!!!

((((hugs))) from TN!

lisa walker

Praying for all of you, this Friday night, Toben. So happy to read of Joanne's OT and the toothbrush....what a great sign of things to come. I hope that you have a little down time this weekend. This past week has been a lot of adjustments for all of you with Joanne being in her new place. Her entire family has shown their love and commitment in huge ways. Be sure you take care of yourselves a long the way. Joanne needs all of y'all in top form in her marathon, too. Prayers and blessings sent from Atlanta...Lisa Walker

Leigh gray

My dad had the same kind of stroke and he had his nights and days mixed up for a while. It will all work out and yes it does take time. Sounds like she is doing so well. We are praying for her so often in our house. Much love to y'all, leigh


A friend of mine had a stroke 30 years ago. She is still my friend. Took her some time to get there, lots of love, and a wonderful husband that still stands beside her. Thank you for updating everyday. I have read her blog for a couple of years now, feels like I know all of you through her.


Continuing in prayer in Mississippi.


my 5 year old daughter was saying her prayers tonight and on her own prayed for Joanne's healing. Peace be with you all!

Marla Taviano

I wish Ohio and Colorado weren't so far apart. :( I'd love to come sit and chat with my friend. I love you, girl!


Praying on, Toben. Thanks for the updates. You're doing such an amazing job caring for her. I hope you're able to tak just a little time for yourself, too. Probably a near-impossible task. Praying for your rest and respite, Joanne's rest, and total healing, and for rest and joy within your family.


Still praying here in Mesa!!
What a great update!! I just got done watching Beth Moore on Life Today, from Wednesday!! She was talking about Faith, Focus, Fire and Finish!!! It goes along with Joannes recovery!! We all have the Faith that Joanne will have a complete recovery! Joanne has the Faith and Focus and along with the Holy Spirit, she is on her way to a miraculous Finish!!!
Thank You Jesus!!
My Faith is growing with every awesome update I read!!! Thank You!!

Sharon - Ontario Canada

Thank you so much Toben for continuing to update on Joanne's progress and specific prayer requests. Praising and praying!


I am always thankful for your updates! I remember when a loved one of mine was in the hospital for quite sometime....and how we, as a family, took turns to be by his side. Joanne is truly surrounded by love at all times and this will help in her recovery process. I, too hope you are able to have rest this weekend.
Blessings to you and your family
Praying in Redlands, Ca.

Rayleine Chagoya

I'm so glad Audrey & you had a nice time.My heart & prayers are still ongoing & will be until Joanne has had a full recovery.The Lord Bless you(Joanne) & keep you(Joanne) The Lord make His face shine upon you(Joanne) & be gracious to you(Joanne)the Lord turn His face toward you(Joanne) & give you(Toben & family) peace.Numbers6:24-26
Prayerfully, Rayleine, West Covina,CA

Katie Zimmerman

We continue to pray for your beloved, for you and your whole family, check for updates every day. Thank you for sharing your life with us ~ it has been a powerful testimony to us and countless others! Know that we love you, as God's family does, and are committed to praying for your family!

Megan, Calgary

Good early morning. The Lord prompted me awake bright and early to pray. The prayer that he prompted is that you and your girls be so wrapped up in the arms of our Lord that you know with absolute certainty that your needs are fulfilled and that you are being completely provided for through Him. May God shine mightily through you, His people, and may you know how much you are loved by your brothers and sisters near and far.

lots of love n hugs Ruthy :o)

This morning in thinking of you's I re wrote surrounded....

Surrounded by a Gr8 cloud of witnesses wow!Surrounded by His love,Knowing He is caring and watching from above.

Surrounded by family, surrounded by friends, surrounded by staff,
surrounded by mercy surrounded by kindness.

The decoration of the room is rfeshing & lovely driving away all gloom.

Surrounded by the goodnessOf our all loving God,So full of tenderness so full of grace.
Knowing He is so interested
in us the Human-race.

As I Pray for you'd today I THANK God for You's Your testomany is shining and gloryfying Him.


How wonderful to hear how well Joanne is doing! I'm smiling! It's a long road, Toben, and I know that you all will make it with the help and love of the Lord and all those praying!
Please tell Joanne that we all send out love to her!~


I'm so excited about the progress Joanne's making and am continuing to pray for God's strength and healing. May He sustain you all!

Christine H.

Such great news to read of Joanne's progress. I remembered her saying that she does the reverse sleeping in.....going to bed early. I laughed when she said that because I'm the same way. Toben, I appreciate how you share your specific requests for your family's needs. It makes her progress more real for the rest of us. Continued prayers from Arizona. Be Blessed!

Heather Clement

Praying for maybe a little more wakefulness today, and a deep sleep tonight. Y'all are loved. :)


California prayer partner checking in! Thrilled with all the good news and encouraged to keep praying. My goodness, what a story she will tell when this is over. Thank you for your updates!


Toben, thank you for your updates and a glimpse into J's recovery progress. She is still moving forward and will do so until the marathon is completed!!

Still praying in Hurst, TX.


Praising God for Joanne's progress and still praying for a miracle. Thank you for keeping us updated.


Our homeschool group has been praying for Joanne, and we'll continue to pray. I wanted to recommend a book that I read recently about the brain. "The Brain that Changes itself" by Norman Doidge, M.D. This book shares new studies on how "plastic" and "changeable" the brain is, and I think you'd find it encouraging as well as helpful as Joanne re-learns things. You can read reviews on Amazon-- there is a chapter specific to stroke victims--You just need to get this book!


Will be praying her early to bed early to rise will soon resurface. I understand the long drive to visit a spouse in the hospital. I had 45 min w/o traffic in Houston. I will pray for endurance for you and the family...also a rehab hospital that is closer to home.

yanna westmoreland

Lifting you up in prayer today Joanne, so thankful to hear you are progessing toward Complete Healing. Prayer warrior in Bryan, Tx


I too have had a stroke. I don't remember a lot of things ,only what God needs me to know. Joanne keep using that Wii, it really helped me. God Bless You All

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