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Kristi Walker

I love it! I just LOVE it! He is SO good, isn't He?! Praising Him and so very thankful for your family!


TEARS....lots of them. Hurray Joanne and Hurray God!

Janet McBride

Two nights ago I was in tears as I was catching up on your posts and telling my husband about "black." I prayed again for God to just be HUGE and show His glory to all who were going to see any part of your family's journey. Today I am singing praises and asking for more, more, more! Praise God!!!


So VERY, VERY cool! Only God.

Mari Yorton

This is just awesome. Thank you for sharing all these huge steps so that we can praise God, too.


I have continually prayed Joanne and your family. God is good all the time!!! Miracles are alive and well:)

Angie Thieszen

Tears and tears of praise and thankfulness to our Lord! Amazing. Miraculous. Thank you for your love and dedication to your wife, Toben. She is a blessed woman!


What a thrill to check in this morning for an update and to read about Joanne's progress. Such giant steps is cause for rejoicing for sure! Will keep on praying for increased strength and healing daily. And for endurance for the whole family. God bless,
Susan in Zurich

Dianne Walters

Haven't been on here in a few days, but I continue to pray for Joanne and all of the family. When I read on this post that Joanne had written a note to Audrey about how much she loves her and then read the prior post from Audrey saying that she wanted her mom to be able to tell her she loves her, I almost shouted out loud here in my office. Isn't that just like God to pull off something like that! Praising along with you and continuing to pray!

Sue Rasmussen

There go those socks! Wow ... what more can I say!

"Father God, thank you SO much for your gift of healing to Joanne. Please take this infection away. Be with Toben, Audrey & Emma ... continue to give them your peace and comfort as they wait for the complete healing we know is coming."

Too awesome for words!


Amazing Toben...this post has filled my heart with joy! So wonderful that technology can help her communicate more effectively. I am still praying. I think of you all so often.

Rachael D.

Praise the LORD!!!!

Toben, you've been able to personally witness miracle upon miracle with this strong bride of yours! Thank you so much for sharing them with the world. It gives me so much joy ... and HOPE ... and inspiration and has ignited a fire of FAITH inside of me!

Just think ... I don't even know you or your Joanne. Just heard of her from the news of her stroke on Beth Moore's blog!

Praise the LORD. He is the God of miracles!!!!

Much love to you all!

Rachael in Ohio


what a tremendous joy to read about real life MIRACLE!! Praise the Lord☺ You need to write a book about this experience☺ what an encouragement!!


I have yet to comment, because there are already so many, but I wanted you to know that I am praying for each of you in your precious family.

What a breakthrough this is! Praise the Lord!


Simply amazing was my first thought after reading the update about the progress Joanne is making. Will continue to pray BIG for a full and fast recovery.

Thankful for the progress she is making and for orange otter pops:)

Sue and family, Oregon

ang almond

Hallelujah and Amen!

Denise M

That post gave me goosebumps. Praise God!

Continued prayers of healing, in Jesus' most precious name!

yanna westmoreland

I've had time to read the other comments praising God for such awesome news. I wanted to add another praise to the list...Thank You Father Joanne has her sense of taste. Taste is something I've heard stroke victims deal with and when it's off kilter it's difficult to get an appetitite going for food. Food will build up Joanne's strength. I'm also thankful she has a memory! She remembers NRA, Emma's love for Frosties, so much good and so much love from God to answer prayer in a mighty way all at one time. Thank You Father. Siesta in Bryan, Tx praying praise and for Complete Healing.

Lisa Landis

Tears of joy. So blessed by what God is doing in her mind.


We are so happy for Joanne, you & the girls!! We are so happy for this turn in a wonderfully happy direction. The girls need to see this for themselves.

Toben please make sure you are getting some assistance.
When my husband was ill they took such good care of him. Meanwhile I was trying to not be in the way & supportive. After awhile I was crumbling. My aunt was very helpful and took good care of me so that I could be there for and with my husband.

Wishing your family the best...K


How amazing is our God!!! He is good -- all the time. He is faithful. I know we all share in this joy with your family. Enjoy this amazing MIRACLE today and never forget it.

Keep fighting, Joanne!
God Bless,

Lisa Chandler

Simply amazing and so evident of a miracle-working God! :) So happy she wrote and thought of her sweet daughters, making herself more comfortable, laughing and being creative.

YAY, God!


Everyday I look forward to reading this blog. Your family's journey through this is such a humbling and heart warming story. It really reminds me on what is important in life.


With tears of thankfulness and joy in my heart, I write to say we are all rejoicing with you in Joanne's progress - and God's AMAZING touch. Praise Him!

Mary Lichlyter

I haven't posted a comment before, but I've been following this adventure since it happened. Reading this post, it hit me: "How often have I thanked God for technology?" The answer is, "Hardly at all!" - and that is for reasons of, shall we say, personal incompetence. But I'm so thankful that the Lord has given a lot of people the intelligence and ability to invent these gadgets which make it possible for Joanne to communicate much earlier than would have been thought possible just a few years ago! Joanne and Kristen probably don't remember the Lichlyters but we were all at the same church when they were girls. Like everyone else, I'm going lots of praying! Sincerely, Mary Lichlyter (P.S. Hi, Kay! Hi, Chuck!)


I've been lurking for weeks and this is my first comment! PRAISE THE LORD!

Kristen Love

PRAISE THE LORD! I am so happy that Joanne is improving so quickly. God Bless You and your family :-)

Amy Medeiros

Oh wow ... this has me in tears, too.
THANK GOD! And way to go, Joanne!!

Melinda Nelson

I've never met your wife or family, but not only did tears come to my eyes, they are now running down my face. That surprised me. Not that I don't cry...I'm a missionary to the poor and work with orphans and children that live in literal dumps, so I do know tears. But the depth of emotion and call of God for so many of us to join in praying with your family- that truly is amazing. Since many have been praying many are rejoicing. You go girl, you go- God likes hearing all this praise!


Praise the Lord!!!
God is so good!

Dana From Michigan

What an amazing story. I do not know you all and I don't even remember how I found your blog but I am addicted and look forward to checking in everyday. You are such an inspiration to us all and I am so happy for such a great day today. We continue to pray for many more fantastic days. Thanks for the faith!


Oh yey! Yey!


My name is Katie and I have been following Joanne's story from Lincoln, NE. This post made my day . . . gave me goosebumps, in fact. God is so good!!!


I have no words other than what everyone else has written, but I am so blessed to read of your progress and share in the joy and wonder of God's awesome healing power. And Joanne, if you ever felt alone in your life, this trial must certainly have put those doubts aside. What a wonderful totally dedicated family and friends you have! Praise God!

Aliene Sanchez

Praising God for answered prayer. God still performs miracles. So glad for Joanne and the family. Prayer and thanksgiving send your way.

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