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Continuing to pray! Can't wait to see what God is going to do next!!

Bev Brandon @ A String of Pearls

I read today in Mark 2 about four friends lowering their paralyzed friend on a cot down through Simon Peter's roof (they even enlarged the roof a tad) and NO ONE minded at all except the pharisaical lettered Scribes. The crowd was in AWE. And I think of all of us as a crowd around you and Joanne and your girls and we have our hands over our mouths, stunned and silenced, at the Most High! He's There! And HE is not finished with you all yet. Daniel 12:3.


Made me come to a huge realization: even if Joanne was to progress no further then she is today she is capable of having a good quality of life.

When I read this sentence it was so profound and so very true! Thank you


God IS good.


God and I have had our struggles. I have doubted, I have questioned, I have walked away. Joanne has always made me want to draw closer to God. Her faith and love has always been an inspiration to me. This situation, as awful as it has been, has also shown me that God is good and powerful. He answers our prayers and loves us. So although in the depth of my heart I have believed for some time I have always resisted drawing near. Joanne makes me want to draw near, to trust and to love.


Thank you for allowing us to journey with you as you walk by faith. We are believing the Lord to continue to work miraculously!

Wife of Rob

I dearly love to hear about the servant ministry that is taking place. That is so precious. Just listened to Johnny Hunt on podcast (1st Bap Woodstock) talking about the same thing...."there is NO menial task in the church"!!

Praying for you tonight and will continue daily brother. You, Joanne and the girls are loved and covered in prayer!

Him alone,
Jen Bartlett

lisa walker

God bless you all Toben. It takes a very special person to think of others and their salvation at the point in time that you are in. There is no doubt that someone will be moved to believe for the first time through your writing of Joanne's story. It's an even greater number of us that write, like me with tears in our eyes, of now having a greater faith and belief because of you. Not that we had doubts, but you have reminded us of the certainty of our Loving God. Thank you for sharing your personal miracle...and give that miracle named Joanne our very best. Blessings to your entire family from Atlanta. Lisa Walker


Praying, as always, for Joanne...that her pain goes away. For your girls, that they feel better. For you, that your family and friends continue to hold you up through this. I love that you give us specific things to pray for, and today when I read request #3 I thought 'I am sure that has already happened'! This situation, and God's answer to our 'big prayers' has brought so many people to God, and continues to do so. I have no doubt that as this marathon continues, the stories will start to come from everywhere about the people who have been brought to God from this! Thank you for the updates!

Sherry DeRose

Hi Toben, Joanne & Girls,
I just wanted to let you know that I've followed your family from the beginning. I first saw your post on Angie's page,(Bring the Rain). I have been so moved & touched to see the progress that you are making Joanne, You are so very blessed to have all of the support that you do. You are an awesome Christian mother & wife.
Something that has stood out to me is how you Toben gave Joanne that ipad to write on.
My girlfriend Liz is taking care of (Wendy)a close family friend that is in almost same situation that Joanne is in with the head trauma, I was telling her about Joanne using the ipad and she is going to have Wendy try the same thing, she never thought of having her try to write. Wendy can now communicate with thumbs up or down. Liz thought that that was such a profound idea. Sometimes such a simple idea/task is right at our finger tips & we just don't see it.

So thank you very much for posting the details & progress that Joanne is going through during her journey.

Please know that I keep your family in my prayers daily.



He is so good, I am thrilled that Joanne had real coffee today and popsicles. We are continually praying for all of you out here in AZ.


It truly is a miracle and a blessing that your friends and family rallied around you and took on some of your burden.

This is not the case for everyone, and you are indeed so incredibly blessed.

I got Lyme Disease 6 years ago ( went misdiagnosed 5 years...bedbound and completely debilitated ) and 98% of the people in my life disappeared. Could not be bothered. Even several who still go sit in church every Sunday dropped me like a hot potato. They all made me feel like I have the plague. It has been the absolute most hurtful thing in my life. But for reasons only God knows, it's the way it was meant to be. It has taught me how to have compassion for others so deep that it hurts.

So, it has warmed my heart so much to see, through your story, that there are people in this human race who still know how to step up to the plate and care for others even if it's not exactly convenient for them. They do it because they want to and not because they expect any recognition in return. I wish the rest of the world who don't know this concept could see this Godly example of love and compassion being set as Joanne's story continues to unfold.

You and your family are indeed very blessed to have this particular circle of friends and family. That alone makes a world of difference in the long healing process, but you already know that :)

Gina Roberts

Still praying BIG in Alabama! Your your words each day are a blessing and encouragement to read! It has been a blessing to pray for Joanne daily. I have told so many of your story and ask them to pray. I know that Joanne blessed many before her stroke, but I can't even comprehend how many she has touched since. God is going to use this in a mighty way.

Mary Lou

What has been meant as a curse is being turned into a blessing. Countless lives have been touched by Joanne's story. Faith has grown and belief in prayer has been expanded and stretched and grown.....all because of what has happened to Joanne and your family and your response to the trial. God is using it for good in so many lives and I truly believe that there will be at least one person who will come to accept the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour....praying for all of you...

Julie (Johnson) Powell

So glad to hear every day how you are all doing. It is a GREAT blessing to me to be able to pray with you, and to see the great things God has done for and through each of you. It's like meeting old friends again, and it HAS been a very long time! Thank you for sharing your hearts, and may God's great goodness be abundant for each of you tonight, according to your needs.

FWIW, Source Naturals 'Wellness Herbal Resistance' has been great for our family when life gets to be too much and our bodies need an extra bit of help. The kids say it tastes great in the liquid form, so they actually take it, and it works for us to ward off the nasties. :-)

Tara in Tennessee

Beautiful post. I know how much Joanne's story has touched my life. I know it will reach many others, as well. Your family is a living testament to the love of Christ. That light will shine and reach those who need it.


It's not often that we can know anything beyond a shadow of a doubt...but there is NO doubt that God is getting TONS of A-MA-ZING ;) attention through this twist in your life story joanne.
Believing God is going to keep us all in awe of Him as we watch you fully recover!


...and in awe of YOU are a strong fightin woman!!!


What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing. I am praying that Jesus will be lifted up through all of this and I'm sure there will be those who will be drawn to Him!

Sara G

Amen! I've come to a point that everything else I gain back is a bonus. I want to live for Jesus and to have just one person to know our heavenly Father and begin their own personal journey with Him, Lord and Savior. If more, super, awesome! Trusting God to give Joanne and I, and any others, the abilities He wants us to use for His glory!! We keep working at the skills we do have and improving all He gives us. To God's glory!!


I just love coming here at the end of the day and getting another awesome update! I also can't wait to print this one out and show the prayer warriors at my church!!! It is so encouraging to KNOW that God is hearing and answering our prayers!! We stand in Awe of Him!!! He never ceases to amaze us!!! He is our Awesome God!!!
We believed and trusted and He is Faithful!!
Continuing to keep you all in prayer for sickness and pain to go away and for full movement of that left side to return!!!
Thank You Jesus!!
We love you so much!!
I am one of those lives that has been touched and changed from Joanne's suffering!! It has made me reflect on my life and to really live and pursue God more each day, because we don't know what tomorrow will bring! To live life with no regrets and to Thank God everyday for all that He does for me! I already knew Jesus but I have grown to know him and Love Him even more!!
Thank you so much for your encouraging updates!!

Auntie Mip

It was a gloriously beautiful day here in Seattle. The sun was out, not a cloud for miles. Crocus are sprouting through the cold, dark earth, the trees have little buds promising blossoms and leaves and in ten distant the hum odnlawn mowers. I couldn't help but smile...all day long I smiled. Because spring is coming, it is promised in the chattee of birds and the changes I see in the grass and trees.

All the promises of spring are exactly what you dear Toben describe for your Joanne. She is in the spring of her recovery having awoken from the long, dark winter of coma. She is blossoming lime the crocus and tulips tat peak through the dirt and promises a beautiful summer of warmth and laughter and beauty. Your Joannenis awake and she is a glorious as this beautiful spring day. Tonight I thank God for the promise of spring and the promise of Joanne.

Auntie Mip

Please forgive all the typos...sometimes my iPad isn't as smart as it thinks it is...darn auto word recognition :-)


So moving to read about the LOVE of Jesus in action...n your NOT been "Churchy" your just been we all want situations to draw people to Him...Your Lives ARE speaking louder than you think and God IS getting the Glory.

With Much Love and Continued Prayer

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Amen! I'm praying! : )

Amelia in NC

Big Prayers continue for you all!

Carla Sorensen

I am praying many times a day This has truly been one of the most difficult things I have "shared" with people I have never met. The family of God is being drawn together in an amazing way. I am being ministered to so much. When Joanne wrote yesterday that it is going to be an excellent day, WOW! What a positive attitude, which can only come from Jesus! I'm not sure of all the ways your story is being use in my life, but it is. Thanks for sharing .
With love in Him,
Carla in Maryland


I might be the the one you asked for in prayer request 3.
I have been reading your blog for weeks. I don't know you or anyone you know, I happend upon this blog by accident. I think of your family often. I don't pray but I pray for you guys.


This post was the most meaningful to me if that is such a word like I said before your updates are awesome and love coming here in the morning to get the updates, when i read this post about a servants heart it just minister to me in so many ways and brought tears to my eyes and joy as well I have been praying for Joanne since this happen and I have only known her thru the LPM blog but I feel this has drawn alot of people together to pray for her and to rally around the cross for her. I have prayed with a few women on the conf calls that are twice a week for Joanne and I cannot tell what that has done to my life and to change my heart to grow closer to Jesus. The prayer request that you put on here each update thank you so we know what to pray for.
I pray for Audrey and Emma as well Lord touch those girls and heal there bodies and protect those little ones Lord.
Toben I really like #3 If one person comes to know the Lord thru this that my friend is awesome .
Thank you for your updates you truly have a servants heart.
Thanks for loving your family the way you do.
Praying in Albuquerque NM


I am praying very hard, Toben, for you and your girls. Joanne is blessed every day by the Lord, and by all of us who hold her in prayer.
I start each day with prayers for the Heim Family, At lunch time when my husband and I sit down, we pray again and my last thoughts at night as I pray to God is for your family.
Sending Blessings to you all.


Good Sunday Morning Toben, what a sweet post about your Angel's day and the Angels swirling around her! I am so thankful that I can rejoice in all of Joanne's progress with you! Thank God for this DAY and for what it will bring! Hugs and Prayers from Georgia!


And now we must pray for Christina..see her post...she is Toben's #3 request.. brave to come forward..needing to be taken under the wings of those who love our Father. Bless you Christina..I will add you to my prayers.


Back when Joanne was in her coma, you spoke of wondering what great conversations were taking place between her & our Father. Beyond any doubt (to me), I think He has said to her "Well done, good and faithful servant".

Joanne has, and is continuing to be, a vessel that takes in AND pours out...all for the glory of God. I liken her vessel to a rain barrel...taking back out among many!

I have been witness to God's works all my life long (not always realizing them at the exact moments!), but I have NEVER been witness to the work that is happening thru Joanne. HUGE!... God's people around the WORLD!!, making connections (like a dot-to-dot picture), inter-twining together (like a braid),...
This is where I get stuck, because I cannot begin to find the right word to describe how phenominal this must look to God, watching from above...and all because Joanne chose to be His servant.

Continuing to pray.


Continuing in praise and prayer!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

What an awesome God we have!

sung wook chung


We are so glad that Joanne is making a marvelous progress. We sincerely praise the Lord for His answers to our numerous prayers!
We are in continuous prayer for you guys and we are convinced that the Lord will make the best use of your experiences of suffering, pain, despair, depression, love, care, and recovery for His glory and Kingdom. As a cancer survivor, I have realized that everything is for our being conformed to the holy and glorious image of Jesus Christ! Praise the Lord!

In-Kyung and Sung Wook

Pam Houston

Beautiful and heartfelt post. Rejoicing with you, Joanne and so many around the world who have been blessed to watch God's "show up and show off" on your account. Thanks for allowing "us" the priviledge of sharing in her on-going awesome miracle. So happy for her to be able to savor coffee and popscicles too! Each day new milestones and new blessings...

Ron Farrell

Hey man, for what it's worth, you guys' experience has pulled the fog off of God for me. It's been almost 20 years since I gave a hoot about Him, and you and Joanne have changed that in me.

Thank you for that.

-Ron Farrell


Amen, Amen! I've walked with Jesus for a while now, but experiencing this (although from a distance!) with you all has brought me closer to our precious Lord.

Continued blessings, for each of you ~

Love from Oregon!

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