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Cindy Beall

Praying right now, Toben.

And is it a good sign that her left shoulder hurts where she is paralyzed? Just came to me and thought I'd ask.


Praying for emotional, spiritual, and physical rest and healing for your entire family... He will walk this tough journey with each of you, one step at a time.


Susan Smith

Praying for Joanne right now, Toben. But also praying for each of you. Y'all need to get some rest or all of you will be going down like poor Emma girl. Now with you back to work...extra stress and exhaustion. Please remember to take some down time for you, too. Hugs and blessings and tons of prayers.


Amanda Taylor

I'm sending my prayers. Being someone that suffers from physical issues my heart really has been touched by your posts and I've been eagerly awaiting each post from you and the family updating everyone on J's status and how she is doing. I even read some posts outloud to my husband. He's also witnessed some shouting from me when we get good updates like she was able to eat a popsicle and especially when she was able to word the color black.

I had never met Joanne on her blog until after her stroke and I'm so touched in learning about who she is and the amazing family and friends she has surrounding her. What this shows me is how much of a truly amazing person she is and the impact she has made on the world pre stroke.

I pray your hearts are encouraged with God's strength everyday and that God will supply you with every need. Thanks for keeping us updated through the blog.

And Joanne your strength and fighting spirit are amazing. I wish there was something more that I could do for you than just pray but I know God will bless you and heal you. I'm believing for your total and complete recovery.

Ashley Honea

We just finished corporate prayer online Toben with several other Siestas and I am lifting you all up to the Father and begging for rest. And begging for fast healing over Emma. Rest well tonight.

Lee Ann Lee

I know the "look". Praying for you all. PRaying God renews your strength tonight and gives you rest....true rest!

Patti in Craig

I hear the "tired" in your post tonight. Reminds me how much more I need to be earnest in my prayers for each of you. I second the motion that you each need some "time out". Praying for healing and health for all of you.

Stephanie Riley

Praying for all of you....I keep up with this blog as often as I check my own. I've been so encouraged by the news of her personality re-emerging - based on my own narrowed experiences with a stroke that my grandpa had, that blessed my heart immensely to recognize how Joanne had achieved such a victory in demonstrating that. My prayers will continue for all the victories yet to come...and for peace and rest for all of you.

Sharon - Ontario Canada

Thanking God for Joanne's amazing progress. Praying for her complete healing and immediate release from the shoulder pain and headache. Praying for strength, encouragement and well-being for you and your family.


Thank you for sharing where you are struggling. I am glad to know how I can pray for each of you.

Mary Lou

Praying relief for Joanne's shoulder and head pain. Praying for sweet sleep and restful, relaxing sleep for all of you.

Kathy Rivera

Rest=Trust! So good of God to let the child lead you all into the acknowledgement of rest, ceasing from your labors, trusting, waiting, resting; a sabbath for your weary souls. You posts are full of truth for all of us. Thank you for your updates. Sleep!


I hear that tired in your post and I know it well....after my husbands stroke I had it and there is no way to smile through it....It is a weary feeling like none I have ever had....Prayers for you tonight...

Cindy in TX

Praying for great relief for Joanne and each of you. It is a very unique exhaustion that requires a unique kind of rest. Praying for that provision.


here and now, am thanking the Lord for that! Joanne, painfree, and the children, the wee ones, rested and carefree. Amen

Child of God

Toben this is so hard for you all and really you all have braved this one. I can just imagine how weary you are!
Saying many, many prayer for you all. Rest in slumber but most importantly rest in Jesus. He and only He can give you what you need. Feast on His word and know there are many prayer warriors out here praying cover you all in the blood of Christ.

In Him,

Erin Koss

Praying for comfort and healing during this time of weariness. Be kind to yourselves. A little extra grace and time.


Erin Koss

Annie from Oregon

@ Cindy Beall - I just read the post and thought of the same thing. Could the pain be left side re-awakening? Praying for rest and recovery for each memember of the family..each one has been overwhelmed with emotions. Rest in Him family. Love and prayers, Annie

Sheryl Dean


I know you all must be so exhausted. Your daughter is showing it. Take care of yourself so you can continue to be there for your sweet wife.

I pray for you and Joanne every day.


Im not sure how you feel about energy work with your faith (my belief is that all energy work comes from God and through the work of those of His helpers), but you may want to look into Ortho-bionomy. When my daughter was hit by a snowboarder and hurt badly, this work (along with the doctors and nurses) did some amazing things. Maybe her body would like the help during this time.

Many prayers and much love being sent to her and all your families for strength and courage.


Praying for healing rest for ALL of you. Praises to God for all that He has accomplished in Joanne. Rest in Him.
From Vancouver, WA.


Still praying BIG and BOLD prayers for all of you! I feel the sadness in your post and also the exhaustion! Having gone through some traumatic situations a few weeks back, I felt like I suffered with some post traumatic stress! I can only imagine, you all, are most likely feeling that, only 10 times more, after all you've been through! I pray that God gives you His Peace and Strength to continue your way through this valley! I pray He fills you all up with His Holy Spirit and you feel his Love and know that He is with you every step of the way! Just take a deep breath and know that we continue to lift you all up in prayer and that God is listening! He loves us so much and wants us to keep trusting Him even when we are weary!
May God continue to pour out His Miracle blessings on all of you!
In Jesus name I pray! Amen
Thank You Lord!

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

This daddy's girl whose father went through at least 2 craniotomies is continually praying for your sweet family.


More Grace, LORD. Please give more Grace. Reveal to the doctors ANYTHING that is wrong and causing this pain. You have authority over life and death, Jesus. By Your authority, take this pain and replace it with healing. Heal Emma. Restore Toben. In the Name of Jesus I ask. Amen.


Our strength will rise as we wait upon the LORD...


Beth Moore's blog has thousands of verses being posted right now as Siesta's memorize scripture this year. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17. Scroll through these thousands of verses and speak them.
It is amazing how it builds our faith just reading these verses. So simple...but so powerful. An infusion. Steep yourself in Him and His Word.



Praying for Joanne, and praying for your whole family. May the Lord refresh your bodies, minds and spirits and enfold you in His strong and loving arms!

Kristi Walker

Praying victorious healing and rest for the whole family and that Joanne's left side is completely restored! Believing BIG!

In Him,

marta ramos

Dear Toben, do not try to be superman, just rest in the arms of God. I know the feeling, but this too shall pass. My son almost die so many times and I can say I stare at the face of death and disease so many times, but here I am, my faith, trust and relationship with The Lord grew in a supernatural way. I used to recite verses and then the Word became real, after that moment I knew that no matter what, I was never going to feel alone or weary. So, I wasn't superwoman but He surely got me thru it like one. I pray that God will vest in you all everything you need right now, both spiritual and physical. I pray for Emma too. "BE STILL AND KNOW I AM GOD" .


I am praying for Joanne, for you and for the girls! I hope Emma feels better today! My Granddaughters have had the fever too and the doctors say there is a virus going around!

Hugs and prayers from Georgia!

Amy Morgan

Prayers continueously for you and your family.

From the Morgan clan.

melissa irwin

still praying

Carrie Hester

As this winter turns into spring, I am praying more VICTORIES for your family. He is our miracle Healer!!


Was burdened all day yesterday for you all Toben. Grateful for the specifics and how we can pray and plead on your behalf. He is Faithful and True and will do all this and exceedingly, abundantly more. I'll just ask Him for some Supernatural hurry. :) Love you.

Karen Booker Schelhaas

I'd think the word tired doesn't even touch it. Weary and spent, maybe. I love the end of Isaiah 40 -- it's where God promises to give power to the weak and strength to the weary. I've clung to that so much in my life as I wait for rescue -- sometimes the rescue comes, and sometimes it doesn't. But the comfort and strength He promises ALWAYS shows up. Always. Praying that for you and your sweet family today.


Toben, sending hugs and prayers for all of you! I so understand what you mean. I can feel it so clearly in your post.

I am praying for all of you and for Joanne to be free from her pain so she can focus on all of her progress and therapy!



Praying for you, Joanne, Emma, Audrey and the rest of your family today and every day. I pray for Him to give you rest and not just restful sleep at night, but a rest that you know has to come from Him because there is no way you could feel so rested otherwise. Other than that, I really don't even have words to say - just know we are praying faithfully and that we love you all even though we may not know you personally.

Kathryn Champion


Praying for you all Toben that God will give you all supernatural rest thatyou knwwill only come from Him. Psalm 91:4 He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge his faithfulness will be your sheild and rampart.
P.S. lifting Emma up to the Lord for complete healing
Carol seista


Dear Toben,
Sending love, hugs and most of all prayers to you and your girls! The lords is with you and with them as well.
Rest in the arms of the Lord!

Ruthy :o)

Just a Hey ...Let us your Blogging friends and many more... CARRY you's in Prayer..and like the Footsteps poem... just KNOW HE is carrying you.

With MUCH Love and Prayers


Praying for all of you....We are holding your arms up.


Dear Toben:

Continuing daily prayer for not only Joanne but for each of you! You're absolutely right - when a loved one is suffering, it causes mental/physical stress on the family members. How can it not?
Praising Him for answered prayers, praying for continued healing and a full recovery!

God bless!!


FolloWing you on tWitter, and NoW liStening to you on grounded!!

praying for you NOW!

Angie Thieszen

In Jesus' Name, be the Healer. Amen.

Tara (Bowers) Bain

I understand what you are talking about. For me, the great weariness set in after the crisis and it felt like the wind was out of my sails with no gust in was confusing for me. I pray that you have rejuvenation that exceeds your expectation.

I also understand what it is like to watch someone you love be sick and suffer and not be able to take it away. It is frustrating and exhausting. I wish I could take that away from you and your family. I will pray for each of your pain to ease.

Leah C

I know the look and the weariness you speak of...praying for all of you. Wishing you peace & comfort, too.


Coming out of my lurker status =) I want to tell you that it's ok to have that face on. Though it's so painful, it's also healthy to really feel those haunted feelings. And it's the healthiest to feel those feelings only ON TOP of the hope and peace that passes all understanding, and only comes from our loving Father. I pray for your family all the time, and share Joanne's story with other prayer warriors often.


Praying for you all Toben, that you will have the energy and strength to deal with your long journey ahead.

Bob and Wendi Davis

Toben I am from Shelby, N.C. and have been following your story daily. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers. You are an inspiration to all of us and what an excellant example of a husband. Joanne is a very lucky lady. I have told alot of people I know to look at your website and pray, pray, pray. Prayer works. My husband was diagnosed with an inherited liver disease and because of prayer got a transplant 27 days after entering the list. Almost unheard of. Miracles happen. Praying in N.Carolina.

Bob and Wendi Davis


Praying for rest and refreshment for you all, for wisdom for Joanne's rehab location, and continued healing for her.


Your comment on suffering reminded me of conversation I had several months after I lost my sister. I was talking with a man who had lost his wife and daughter. I hadn't said anything about my loss, but he mentioned that he could tell I had been thru suffering as well. When I asked how he knew, he said, "When you've been through fire, you can smell the smoke on others." Praying often for you and your family as you go through this very intense fire. May you be protected on all sides.


I will definitely pray for you and your family. I know it's very hard for you to go on with this sad process, but with God's grace, I'm sure that Joanne's gonna be okay anytime soon. This scenario reminded me of my sister when she was just taken to the hospital a few months ago. With prayers and great faith, she recovered easily. Just always keep your faith and your hopes high! We are always with you.

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