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Yes u will my friend You are a warrior and you continue to amaze me everyday with your progress praying over here in Albuquerque Nm


How privileged you are that God had entrusted you with this!!


blessings to you. YES you will go home and walk and run!! The words you speak, read and believe!!

Susan Smith

You bet you are, baby. You bet you are!


Yes you will Joanne. Keep on with that positive attitude and hard work and you will! ♥



Becky Jo

Yes, yes you are. You have not yet finished the race set before you. You are glorifying God in amazing ways and creating a beautiful testimony with every step you take. SO proud of you and SOOOOO Blessed to call you friend.


There is no doubt in my mind! Prayers,love and hugs.

Sara Sparks

You better believe it! Look how far the Lord has brought you already, truly a miracle and what a testimony to so many on lookers. Keep up the good work J.


You are a miracle with a cherry on top--and soon running shoes taking you places! Yes, you will! Continued prayers and blessings.

Stephanie Riley

I have no doubt you will! It's been a privilege to get to know you and the impact you've made on so many people's lives!



Yes, you will go home and walk and run! You keep being the warrior you are! I don't know you personally but I am so proud of you.

Thank you for being a testimony to me! :-)


Holly Smith

YES!!! YES Joanne Heim, you are!!

FAITH not fear....God has you and is setting each day up for the miracle.

I love you dearly.

Sue Tell

Yes, yes, yes ... walking and running! And ministering to so many around the globe.

Joanne what a gift to call you and your family "friend"! And what a priviledge to pray for you with your mom in these days and see God's amazing goodness already.

Margie Smallman

I want to let you know that my mom went from being nearly completely paralyzed by her massive stroke to getting her driver's license back almost 4 years later.

Hang in there. Work hard at everything you need to do. Keep "thinking" your left side to do things. Only God knows what He'll return to you but work like you can get it all back!!

We continue to pray for you!

Tami Snowden

totally KNOW it@!

Debbie Edwards

Yes, you will Joanne!

"But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint." ~ Isaiah 40:31


Of course you will and we can't wait to see it.

renee altson

*tears* (happy) yes, indeed, my friend.

Real Housewife of Naperville

Yes you will!!! Your progress thus far is amazing! What a story for God's glory you are!


I love your attitude. You are an inspiration and a blessing. Keep working hard and keeping positive thoughts about your day, one step at a time. You are beautiful!


I am absolutely positive you will!!! And you will do it sooner than the doctor's say too.


I asked my husband when should I stop checking in on Joanne and praying for her, and he said Not till she is running again!!! So I am in agreement with you!!! Someday SOON you will go home and walk and run again!! In Jesus' name I pray with you!! Amen!!
You just keep the Faith and God will continue to strengthen you!!
My Pastor always says "Speak it!". There is Power in our tongue!!! Keep believing that and you will be home before you know it!!!
So Thankful to God for the Miracle happening in you!!!


Yes. Yes you will!!! And we will have a blog/twitter party with you!!!

Hugs and prayers!

Sharon in Frederick

and mount up with wings of Eagles!!!

Blessings, Sharon

Tina Smith

I was at Joanne fabric in Oceanside today. I was thinking about you because that is where I would run into you when you lived here:)

miss chris

Yes you will, Joanne! How your spirit shines. xoxo


Absolutely !!!! Know that you will be back to your Active self -
Praising God for your Progress ! You are an inspiration !!!


Yes! Praying for full restoration!!

Kathy Rivera

Hallelujah for a declaration of Faith that we can all AMEN! You are living boldly and publically as you walk this walk. And we are learing so much, walking with you in prayer. One Body in Christ.
Praying in snowy, blowy, Idaho where the late winter snow is teaching us to be patient.


Yes you will!! Praying for you until that day...

melissa irwin

yes you will!

Wife of Rob

Yes YOU WILL sweet girl....God has done a miracle and He is NOT done yet! You have always been an inspiration to me, but Joanne, you truly have brought new meaning for me to the verse "be still and know that I am God".....God has truly shown His glory to the world...through you....

Love you so much...praying daily for you. I hope you have a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!



Dear Joanne,
With all of your prayer warriors, I just know that the good Lord has big things planned for you!
Blessings to you!


Blessings to you, you are a miracle! Keep working hard, I continue to pray for you.

Lisa J

Yes! And we can't wait to rejoice with you every "step" of the way!

Lisa in Oklahoma

Kimberly S.

You bet you will girl!! Heck, I'll even run with you and that is not something I like to do. For you, anything!!

Amy Pamperin

YES YOU ARE! YES YOU ARE, JOANNE!!! You go, girl! Your story is so inspiring and has touched my heart. I look forward to the daily posts on your progress and how the Lord is healing you and sustaining you and your family. His grace is sufficient.


I believe it!!


Joanne, you are already winning this race! You have stroked it through the mountains. They have literally moved out of your way. Keep hurdling every hurdle, girl! You have an adventure with Jesus around every bend.
Praying for you...


Oh yes you are, lady bug! We are praying and praying for you, and loving you, and knowing you will soon be home, walking, running, with your hubby and girls, and blogging us up each day! We are so thrilled with your progress and we check this blog every. single. day. to hear from you, to pray for you, to thank God for you. We all love you!


Yes, yes you will!


Yes you are Joanne and we will all be here cheering you on!!!!! Keep it up girlfriend! :D xoxo


Continuing to pray for exactly that!


Heck yes, girl! Praying for you every day that you will do just that! :)

Emily F

Yes you are!!!!


Joanne, your story has inspired so many people all around the nation who all believe in you! And, we know without a doubt, that you will be walking, running, skipping and dancing here on earth once again. Great faith can move mountains, and you, my dear sister in Christ, have perfected this for the entire world to see! I cannot wait to discover just how far God takes you on this journey. Your story has already taken you to so many places and touched so many lives, far more than you will probably ever imagine!


You are truly amazing. Hang in there and you will move closer to your goals. You are an inspiration!


I have no doubt that you will do whatever you set your mind to do! Looking forward to the day that you write to tell us that you went on that run. :)


Amen sister! And God will get all the glory!!!
Praying for you and your beautiful family ... every single day!! blessings...

Linda - Behind My Red Door

Yes you will and I will be among the many who will be cheering and crying with joy! You are such an incredible inspiration!!

Helen at A Work of Heart


Yes you will! It does my heart good to see you posting!
With your determination, all the prayers and our amazing God that makes all things will be!


Absolutely!!!! You are amazing!!! God is grinning ear to ear to watch your trust and faithfulness you have in Him! WE LOVE YOU!


No doubt! Love you!!! Have you named the rooster yet? :) Don't tell him I've been busy butchering real ones.
BTW-Bottle-feeding lambs is really sweet. You'll like this: I have someone coming over Monday to teach me to knit and crochet. She has nineteen grandchildren.
I love the ladies here!


Amen and amen......


Yes you will and we'll all be cheering you along! : )!

Isaiah 40:31:

...."But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

Claiming this for you! : )
Go get 'em tiger! : )


Can hardly wait!

Kristi Morgan

Sweet girl God amazes me everyday through your healing, faithfulness, and love.

Can I join you for your run?

Love you sweet Heim family!

Marla Taviano

No doubt in my mind. CANNOT wait!! I love you!!

Jennifer Bennett

YES Joanne you will run and walk! Here is a verse in the Message Bible I am claiming for you:
Promise of Restoration
"I know their pain and will make them as good as new. They'll get a fresh start, as if nothing had ever happened. And why? Because I am their very own God. I'll do what needs to be done." Zech 10:6 The Message Bible
Keep believing!
Praying daily for you...Jennifer (a Siesta)

Martha Vaughan

I have no doubt and I can't wait. I will rejoice with you.

Cindy Simmons


Susie Tiemeyer

Yes, Joanne...I agree! You will be walking and running again. Of that, I have no doubt. So good to know that you will be working hard to regain your strength.

Much love,
Susie Tiemeyer


Oh, yes you are!!!!

Mary Lou

Yes, you will go home and yes you will run. He is concerned with the things that concern you. He will give you the desires of your heart, for I feel they are the desires of His heart. Keep up the good work in therapy. All in God's perfect timing. Still praying Big prayers for you, here in TN...

Andrea S.

Yes indeed you are! I continue to pray for God to completely and totally restore you! All to His glory- I know His miracle is coming to fruition in you! Keep posting sweet girl!

Love you,
Andrea S.


I know you will! God is good.


Amen to that!
I don't know you Joanne, but you are such a Inspiration and a Blessing too so many!
God Bless you,
Praying in Nebraska

Diane Orr

Yep! I believe you will!! Wish I knew u personally! Your faith and determination have been such an encouragement to me!!
Continuing to pray for you and yours!!!

Judy Gunnink

Toben , Joann and girls,
I don't know if you remember me, because I was teaching in the middle school when the girls were at HR. I'm now in Ecuador for a year, and will be back next year and can't wait to have Audrey for Science.
Anyway, I just want you know what an inspiration you are to me--i've had a tough couple of years since my husband died from cancer and now being away from home has been harder than I ever imagined. But reading your posts, helps put things in perspective for me. Your faith and ability to see the good in every day is amazing. Toben, I know what it's like to see your spouse in pain, there's is nothing worse--so my prayers are with you. Thank you for being faithful in writing, even when you don't feel like it . I know when I see you guys next fall at HR; Joann will be walking and running.
Grace, peace and hope,
Judy Gunnink

Susan Moher

Daily walking with you in prayer, Joanne, and so encouraged by how far you have come in the past few weeks! 2 Sam. 7:18 - "Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family that you have brought me 'this far'?" ---and thinking that you'll soon be 'sitting back on your heels' with awe and thanksgiving praising Him for your 'this far' experience!
You still have that Joanne 'spunk' and your faith and the race is on! C=


Continue to pray for your recovery and for your entire family. It is such a blessing reading what you have written. So many answered prayers! Be encouraged and know how much you are loved. HE is with you step by step.
Blessings today and always,
Psalm 46:10
Isaiah 41:10
Matthew 21:22

Teri Butcher

I have absolute faith that you will indeed run again. You are a miracle, and God is magnificently showing His glory through you. You will run. Amen.


Don't think for one minute we do not know that! You are a miracle and God wanted us to see it! Keep up the great work and know you are loved and being prayed for.

Child of God

Oh yes you will!! We are all praying for this and more.

Keep working on getting better and focus on Jesus.


Julie Reynolds

Yes mam you will!!! you are surrounded by prayers and we know that God is able to restore all that you have lost and bless you with even more!can't wait to see you cross that finish line. Still praying in Alabama,we love you Joanne!


Praise the Lord, yes you will!!!!

Dina kiser

YES YOU ARE!!!! So proud of you and how far you've come!!! God is so good!!!


We can't wait for that day!! What color will your tennis shoes be? I vote pink.


Amen Sister! To God be the glory! ...and we will pray you there -every step of the way! (Hugs) :D


It's so good to hear from you again, Joanne. You don't know me but I pray for you every day, and check in on you here too. Someday you WILL be walking and running! You have made so much progress!
Love from California


You are such an inspiration!!! Will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers. God bless!


Amen, sister! Just like in "The Last Battle" when they reach Aslan's land and they are all running farther and farther in, finding there is no limit to their strength, their endurance, their speed, or to the Land itself.

Someday you and I will be running together, Joanne, when we are Home. Until then, you'll just have to run without me! ; )




You go girl!


Every morning, during my quiet time, I continue to pray Psalm 46 over you. I have little note cards in which I have written out prayers and praises about your situation. I marvel over the progress you have made in such a short time. Thank you for teaching me about how important it is to have quiet time each morning and how when God meets with us....he hears our prayers.

YOU will be walking and running soon...oh yes YOU will.

Much love


No doubt at all!


I check in on your status everyday...cant wait for the day to hear that you are up and running!!!!! Still thinking of you daily, from Michigan!!!

Julane Dover

No doubt about it! I love following your progress-yYour story is an awesome testimony of God's power.

Bev Brandon

Absolutely, Joanne. You will walk. You will run.

Isaiah 40:27-41 Your way is not hidden from your LORD.

Do you know today? Have you heard?? Your LORD from the ends of the earth will not grow tired or weary even though you might be. HE has you covered.

HE gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
Those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.

YOU will soar on wings like eagles;
YOU will run and not grow weary,
YOU will walk and not be faint.
Some days we soar,
some days we run,
some days we walk.
All days we wait.

Love you so much sweet girl.
Praying for you, Bev

Auntie Mip

Of this I have no doubt.

Tonight at mass, 17 of our young adults were confirmed. Among them my precious nephew Peter. He chose Luke as his confirmed name as he told me that the Gospel According to Luke is his favorite. Tonights Gospel came from Matthew. I couldn't help but think of you Joanne. It is the passage that tells us to not concern ourselves with worldly things. Not the clothes we wear, or our possessions. Not our physical attributes, our home, or jobs, or anything material as these are the worries of pagans. Exactly four times we are told, "Do not worry" because when we have faith we will be taken care of. Do not fear Joanne, do not worry for God promises that if we only believe, with Him all things are possible. Even things so seemingly simply as walking and running and yes, going home.

Do not worry Joanne, do not worry!


Yes you will indeed!! Praying daily for the realisation of that dream, and for strength and courage along the way. Way to go, Joanne! Keep on holding on to Jesus!

Eveline from the Netherlands!

yes you will god bless you and It's so nice to see you back again.


Yes, you are. You have already taken great steps towards that goal. Continued prayers for your recovery.


YES, you are! :)

Sarah R.

and watch tv with your family, and eat take out food, and take a bath, and read a favorite book, and cook new recipes, and go to church, and play board games, and carpool, and sit around in pjs on a rainy day, and go to the mall, and clean your floors, and pray alone, and eat girl scout cookies, and watch old Christmas movies, and eat pizza, and splurge on desserts, and sing Happy Birthday, and go to Walmart, go for coffee, and eat breakfast for dinner, and do 50 situps, and hold hands with your husband, and braid your girls' hair, and............

Michelle from Australia


I have no doubt you'll walk, run and do SO much more.

With prayers for your continued healing from our little family on the other side of the planet.

Angie Thieszen

Awesome goals, Joanne!!! Keep up the hard fight towards the freedom you want! Blessings of love and encouragement and all that is wonderful to you, siesta!


No doubt in my mind! I am praying for you here in Georgia! Have a blessed day, HUGS!


For sure you will!! Keep focused on your goals!! Praying for continued healing.

Sharon Telfer

Praising God! And thanking Him that He will provide the strength for your every step!

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