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Dear Lord on this day of your Sabbath I pray that you bring healing about my sister in Christ, Joanne. Restore upon her the movement upon her left side of her body. God we praise you for all the healing you have done already in her body. Up lift her spirits...may your face shine upon her and her family.


What a truly blessed post you have written. Each day I start with a prayer for Joanne and all of her family. And the last at night, I remember you all as well.
We will likely never meet, but in my prayers you are all now part of my family. My big, loving, family in Christ!


Thank you, Mr. Friedenstein. First, as a siesta fan of Jan Karon's, I'm going to have to search for George MacDonald's works. Sounds like my kind of reading. I so agree with your thoughts on our experience of the Spirit's presence in our daily lives, even when we're reading. That happened continually last year when I was reading the devotional "Streams in the Desert." And now this year when I read Kristen's posts from "Jesus Calling." They seem written just for me, even though I'm going through things so different from your family.

Though we don't know each other, Joanne and your family are in my heart and prayers daily. Someday I hope to meet you all (may have to wait till heaven). You are a testimony of Jesus' love in your lives. May you continually sense His presence.

Amy J.

I was so moved by Kristen's initial post about Jesus Calling that I purchased a copy for my 82 year old mom and gave it to her for Valentine's Day. I also bought a copy for myself. It has been a blessing to me ever since. I continue to lift all of you up in prayer.

Amy in Idaho

Holly Smith

So thankful for Christ's Presence with you, dear Mr. F. Thankful for G.Macdonald's words speaking to your now. Praying for Jo every moment...even in my dreams. Thankful for your family. Love you all so much.


This post is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Continuing in prayer for Joanne and all of you!

Melana Cummings

Thank-you sir for this.

Joanne is on my heart and mind so often. In the last 14 days, we have spent 10 of them in the hospital with my husband who has had a heart attack and heart failure. Today in church we heard a sermon on Seek ye first HIS kingdom...then in Sunday School a lesson to the children about taking our eyes off of Jesus and sinking into the water that is the storm around us, as Peter did. God is talking to ME today!

I can worry about so many things..but the truth of God and his presence in my life IS REAL.

God Bless you and your family.

Kendra @

Praying for you all. Joanne and family are in my prayers throughout the day.


A fellow Siesta

Great post. Can't wait to download the books onto my Kindle. Thanks!
(Praying for Joanne's left side.)


I love george macdonald! Such rich writing! I got chills reading that quote from the book....oh how He loves you mr. F! To put this author in your hands "for such a time as this!" You might like to try some elizabeth gouge books..."the pilgrims inn" is wonderful :) blessings, papa of joanne!


Thank you sir for this post. In tears. Been following this God adventure from the beginning. He is good.


...another quick comment...just noticed that the sole publisher for george macdonald books is named JOhANNEesen...;)


beautifully written I am reading Jesus Is Calling again after I heard alot on Kristen website. I have had the book Jesus Is calling for about 3yrs now and I had not read it everyday until this yr. so thanks Kristen for pointing me to theis devotional book. Thank you to your whole family for all the updates and the posts praying for Joanne that God will restore her completely and praying for the BIG to happen. Praying for you all to.
Carol Albuquerque NM


The Spirit is such an active part of the Trinity of God. I'm doing Beth Moore's study on Revelation...Here and Now, There and Then, and she describes The Spirit as being sent from God...His Eyes...To and Fro.
I am so glad you know His Presence.
Exodus 33, especially verses 17-23 were given to me this morning in my quiet time.
God's Glory would kill us if we saw Him face-to-face. But He allows us to see His Back after He covers us in the cleft of the rock with His Hand. I believe He is passing by all of you right now. And I believe His Glory is overwhelming...blinding...this world can't take it. Beautiful message in Exodus 33:19 and 21. To me, Jesus is the Rock we are hidden in.
God bless you. He is there with all of you. You are feeling the weight of His Glory. He is definitely showing you all His Glory.

Paige Szajnuk

Thank you, Mr. F., for this beautiful post. If you like Lewis and MacDonald, maybe you like Charles Spurgeon, too. Plagued with depression, he wrote: "I write this with all reverence: God Himself cannot deliver a person who is not in trouble. Therefore, it is to some advantage to be in distress, because God can then deliver you. Even Jesus Christ, the Healer of me, cannot heal a person who is not sick. Therefore, sickness is not an adversity for us, but rather an advantageous opportunity for Christ to heal us. The point is, my reader, your adversity may prove your advantage by offering occasion for the display of divine grace." Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare.
I ran across this the other day and thought of Joanne and your family. I pray God will use this season for Joanne's benefit and His glory. Blessings to all of you.

Cheryl Veenstra

Mr. Friedenstein,

THANK YOU for sharing with us...that touched my heart deeply. On several different levels....

First, my family has been going through some really tough stuff the last couple years and it's been an unexpected 'wilderness' experience for me. I long to feel God's presence, but it seems He has me in a desert for some reason, someday to be revealed. Hearing about others feeling His presence ministers to me, to no end.

Reading the posts and verses on Joanne's FB and blog have ministered to me also, since Jan. 11th. Please know that God has used your suffering to bless/minister to others, including myself.

Lastly, I am inspired by your presence as your families ROCK of strength and wisdom. I remember Joanne RAVING about her parents, several years ago when I got the privilege of getting to know her at DC. Now, I clearly see why.

I got to meet you for a few minutes in the prayer chapel at Littleton Hospital back in January. I was so touched to meet an older man w/ godly wisdom who was there for his family in a time of suffering. My dad passed away last summer after 13 years of severe mental and physical decline. It was truly an awful journey. His 5 kids, their spouses and 18 grandkids missed out on his wisdom, advice, unconditional love and care during the years we needed his leading most.

I LOVE seeing fathers/grandfathers fulfilling the role God meant for them to....leading, loving and guiding their families...

Thank you for offering fatherly wisdom to those of us who are fatherless....

You're ALL always in my prayers...
Cheryl Veenstra

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