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Julie Maddox

Hi, my name is Julie and I have been following Joannne's blog since I read a prayer request for her from another site. I also participated in the corporate prayer time for her a couple of weeks ago - Mary was in charge of that, I believe. The Lord has placed Joanne and her family on my heart daily since 1-11. I lift you all up daily and often!! I was reading Joanne's blog and what she wrote on October 13th 2007 under "Freudian Slip" is such a powerful sentiment. How amazing that her own words call forth such comfort and wisdom. I will continue to pray for Joanne and all of her family.

Andrea S.

I love love love this one! How much truth lies in this! Healthy boundaries are something we are working to secure at our house in specific relationships...and sometimes that's hard to seperate...having boundaries doesn't mean not loving...and that has been hard for my kids to grasp! Thank you true!

Andrea S.


Wow, this could not have been more perfect for my prayers this morning and the struggle I have been feeling today about where I am to be and what I am to be doing -- this spoke to me so much. Like Julie, I have been following Joanne's story since I saw a prayer request on another blog (Bring the Rain) and have been praying for her and her family. I kept following to see how she was doing and am now learning from her via these "favorites" posts. How incredible! I will keep praying and am so happy that she is hanging in there and that her family is doing okay.

Nita Jo

Joanne's words on boundaries are so beautiful. I know what it is to live within imposed boundaries, and what it is to rejoice in them. Joanne, and each member of the family, is in my prayers. May God continue to restore her to health. May He continue to grant the family strength and courage and unwavering faith during this difficult journey. Praying with you...

Jamie Patano

Glad to hear so many baby steps are happening. Yes therapy is a TON of work so it will be exhausting to Joanne (and those watching). I just wanted to say, I hope along with all the others things you are saving for Joanne (cards, gits, blog, twitter etc), I hope someone is documenting the days. By that I mean, snowfall, Joanne's room decorated for various holidays etc. They will mean a lot to her on her road to recovery, especially on the days she does not feel she is progressing. It will help to have pictures along the way so she can see just how far she has come.

Still praying for all of you.


Kristi Walker

While we've been praying for Joanne and all of you, I have never really had time to read through Joanne's blog. However, today I had some free time and can I just say, "WOW!". What a wonderful blog! I've printed more recipes cards from this site than probably any other I've read. Just wonderful tips and helps. Your family is on our family's heart!

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