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It's amazing to me that I was learning from Joanne before her stroke, and now she continues her teachings to us all.
Joanne, you are such a blessing to so many. Yes, Shalom!

Kelly Wingo

Perfect. I so needed this today. Joanne would be so tickled to know...and I hope someone is telling her, that she's teaching and ministering still.

Mary Beaubier

Pure blessings! Just the Rx I needed today. Thanks!


Someone is telling her!!!

Kerry Stacks

I love how God is continuing to use Joanne for His glory. Thank you Joanne for a fresh word on my spirit today. I too long to be a wife that not only strives to be a Godly woman, but also that my darling husand will find contentment in me and that I will meet his needs spoken and unspoken.

Lord Jesus, thank you for Joanne, for her family, and yes even for the position she is in now. Thank you for allowing her to continue to minister to others while she in turn is being ministered to. Be with her family and allow them to know Your contentment and peace. Please allow Joanne to feel strength today and encouragement. Help her to find rest and to be comfortable. Allow workers who come, be those that You have ordained to be specifically with Joanne and her family. That they will love Joanne and show her tenderness and love her family as well. That the workers and others who are there will come to SEE You Jesus. Father, I ask that You be with Emma and Audrey today. My heart aches to think of them without their precious momma at home. I know that Joanne's arms are probably aching to hold them tight to her side. Please let the moments that they have together now in the hospital be precious and filled with Your tender mercies, Your love abounding. Thank you for meeting our needs beyond our comprehension. Thank You for shining brightly. In Your precious name I pray, Amen.
You and your family are loved. I continue to bring you all to Jesus feet daily.
Love~ from this momma's heart, Kerry

Brynn in CO

Here's a post that's been on my mind lately:

This post is sort of amazing to me in light of the events of the past month. I've thought about it many times. God spoke to Toben, and he obeyed. He brought his family back to CO. God did not speak to Joanne about this move, but she believed that her husband had heard God correctly and she went along with the move. Amazing acts of obedience! God might just have had the events of this last month in mind when he told Toben, "Time to pack up and head home, son!"


Beautiful post! My husband and I have been married 1.5 (yes one and half!) years and we are going through a rough patch already! This really helped me start to refocus on being a helpmate!

Thanks Joanne!

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