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Julie Barkley

Joanne you are doing so well ! Keep up the good work! I love your site and am sending you great big hugs to get better and better each and every day! Love, Julie Barkley


Joanne you are doing so good! Prayers and big hugs going out to you and your wonderful family! Especially a great big THANK YOU to Toben for taking the time out to let all your followers and friends know how you are!

Lynda Hunter

Praying for many people to be drawn to our Savior because of this unexpected twist in your lives. Our God is good, has a plan and will carry it to completion. Think about how cool it will be to meet some of the folks that are praying face to face in Heaven!

His Girl AMber

I actually have one of 'those stories' in the works-- be of good cheer- more is being done than you can even imagine... I'll update you with the full story as soon as I have time to type it out.


Dear Joanne, It's so exciting to see you blogging. You and your family are an inspiration! I will be praying for relief from your headaches and leg pain. Thank you, Toben, for reminding us to pray for the people at the hospital who don't have visitors. Much love to you.

Linda Hughes

Oh Joanne I love your posts, you are improving so fast, you are "off the charts". I love the pictures too. I also type with one arm, it's certainly works for me :) I appreciate all the updates from Toben and Audry, your dad and your sister. I am praying for your complete recovery. God has prepared you for this time.
Linda in Seattle, probably at Starbucks :)

Teri Butcher

Toben, I don't have a salvation experience to share with you, yet, but I have several friends watching your story through updates I've posted to my facebook. This is very cool!

But I will tell you, without going into much detail, that my own relationship with the Lord has changed as a result of what happened. Not so much what happened, but how God is displaying His power in such magnificent ways in Joanne's healing. I first learned of the stroke shortly after it happened, when it was posted on twitter, and immediately I called Susan, another blogging friend of Joannes, and began praying with Susan, on the phone. I've been steadily praying for her, and watching this story, and God's handiwork, unfold before my eyes. While I'm not shocked or astonished by what I've seen, (because I absolutely KNOW God loves Joanne, and I have believed Him from the beginning for her healing) I am so full of love for Jesus, in a new and powerful way.

I'm thrilled at how wonderfully Joanne is progressing, and I will continue to pray for all of you along your marathon. You have a huge bloggy family praying!


Sara G

Just a note: Praise the Lord! that Joanne feels pain on her left side leg! The pain, even though we all hate pain, is a good sign for her nerves to be working. Keep rubbing her foot and leg. Sensations are good to get that side going again. God is working and His miracles are seen and continue to be seen. From one stroke survivor - Sara Guthrie aka Sara G

carla Sorensen

I heard you on the radio today and a couple of days ago, too! You did a great job and I loved praying at the end of the show tonight with Dr. Dobson and you all! Very special.

Carla in Maryland


What a great post, Joanne!

Toben, I heard your interview on the radio today and my heart breaks for you and your family. You all will be in my prayers! God is still a God of miracles! When things become impossible for us, the situation becomes ripe for a miracle. May God grant you grace and peace in this journey!

- Joe


Awesome! Love hearing from you Joanne! Prayers are being answered and I am thankful to know you! Keep up the good work my friend! HUGS from Georgia!


Maybe the part you couldn't translate was something along the lines of "tease you?" Just a thought and it really doesn't matter AT ALL. Finally delurked to leave a comment. It truly stinks that it took a stroke by JoAnne to enable me to find her blog. Please know that you have a faithful prayer warrior here in GA. I am blessed to be able to share in your family's experience by reading posts and tweets. It is truly the highlight of my day to see progress with you, JoAnne! Keep the post coming! Much love and support as I can be from here!.......You just might motivate ME to start blogging again! :)

Eveline from the Netherlands!

Dear Joanne, It's so exciting to see you blogging.I will be praying for relief from your headaches and leg pain.And Give Toben a great Hug for everthing!

Best Wishes, Hugs

Ruthy :o)

Just a say in my own walk with the Lord....Sometimes we never get the answers to our whys on this side of eternity....BUT when we can't trace His hand we can TRUST His Father heart...I dont say that lightly....As I have had my share of wondering...Just wanted to ENCOURAGE you.

Lots of Love


What a joy to continue to read of Joanne's progress and what a witness to the world her family/friends have become!

Kathryn Champion


Just wanted you and Joanne both to know that, while I didn't come to know Christ as a result of what has happened to Joanne, He HAS used this to confirm, yet again, that He IS calling me to prayer. I have 'sorta' been fighting against this for the last couple of years, because I listened to the enemy telling me that I wasn't good enough, I don't know how to pray for people, I need to just leave everyone alone and mind my own business, yada, yada, yada!

I have never been comfortable praying out loud anywhere - let alone praying out loud for someone else! But He has done several things to show me that this is what He is calling me to do. I sort of 'heard' (through Twitter) something about some ladies having what they called 'corporate' prayer for Joanne but I didn't really try to find out the details. Then a couple of weeks ago, it was put right in front of my face, so I figured I was meant to join in. That was on Thursday, Feb. 10. He let me know that night, even as scared as I was, that I was right where He wanted me. My plan is to continue joining in every Monday and Thursday night believing that the more I participate in prayer, the more I will feel that I am in His Will. It is still very hard for me and I don't know if it will ever be something I'm "comfortable" with, but the thought occurred to me the other morning that maybe He likes it that way. Maybe He doesn't want me to get "comfortable" with it because, if I did, I may begin to think it was something I was doing and not Him.

Anyway, this may not be what you were expecting to hear, but I KNOW in my heart that He has used Joanne to reach me about this and I will be forever thankful to you both for being willing to share this part of your life journey.

In His Love,
Kathryn Champion

Miquela Hales

God, I've prayed this prayer many times that someone would come to know Christ through Joanne's situation. Lord, for the one who doesn't know you, I pray in Jesus name that that one would come to know you personally. You love us so much and I know you'd do all this for just one. Just like the Shepard with his one lost sheep. Lord you are performing a miracle right here, right now in 2011! I pray for the person who reads the Bible and wants to see miracles today would hear Joanne's miracle story and been blown away at the wonder and awesomeness of God. Lord you are so worthy and so faithful! We praise you and give you all the glory for what you have done and what you will continue to do. Amen.

Miquela from Siestaville

Amy T

You rock Joanne! Loved this! Keep working and we'll keep praying!

Leah C

What a treat it must be to have Joanne speaking and blogging again:) Still praying...


My mother had a stroke pretty close to the same time that Joanne did. I have used her story to encourage my mom on her progress. (which has been amazing as well!) And to help her think outside of herself on days she is feeling depressed and discouraged. I came across your story through a tweet Beth Moore sent when it first happened. It has blessed me to follow your story & to share it with my own family. You will continue to be in my prayers.

kimberly mason

Toben, I don't know why Joanne, but i do know without a shaddow of a doubt that God will use this for His glory! I pray you all would know much of it this side of eternity and I just have to believe that you all will be blown away by it in eternity! blessings to you and your sweet family!

Marjie Scheib

"that God will use this" Toben, I only started following this blog via a prayer request on Beth Moore's Living Proof blog. I had never been to this site prior. I have prayed and cried tears of sadness but more often with tears of joy and thanksgiving for the strides Joanne is making.
I have thought, since I read the first post, "someone is going to go through this same thing" and I know that someone who has read this blog will have a loved one go through the same thing. I have read several of the posts out loud to my husband and he said "I do not know what I would do if that happened to you" and I said, half joking well then just so you know, this site is bookmarked just in case you need a reference!!! Honestly though many times we can look back and see the hand of God but how sweet that we know He sees what is ahead and prepares the path. Thank you for your open and honest writings. XO

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