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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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Oh my word! An actual post from Joanne herself?! Oh, you make me laugh, girl. You are such a rebel!

This made my morning! Love you!


Trouble can be very invigorating!
A bit of mischief is just fine, it lets them know not to mess with you.
Oh, Joanne you are a marvel.

Praising for your feisty spirit.

giftsofthejourney (Elizabeth Harper)

How sweet it is to see you are in trouble and able to write about it. :-)
So pleased to see your progress. I'm just a stranger following your remarkable journey back.


Good morning Joanne! :)

I agree with the notes above, a bit of mischief is a good thing (most of the time).

LOVE hearing from you! Hope it is a day filled with blessings!


How amazing that we get to hear from you that your are getting into a little bit of trouble! Keep it up and keep sharing!!!

Lisa Gallup

What an amazing post to wake up to!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Barb from CNY

Smiling from ear to ear at your latest post. You reminds me of your last one, setting off the fire alarm when you tried to start a fire! Don't they know you always liven things up??
SO great to hear from you Joanne!
Praying you are pain free soon.
Barb from CNY

Diana Clugstone

So great to "hear" from you Joanne!! My heart has ached and jumped for joy along with you and your family....prayers and long distance hugs continue to flow your way!!

Jesi Steiber

Look out, here comes "trouble"! :-) This made my day! Your experience touches my life daily. Praying for you and your family continually!!


It's lovely to see a post from you, Joanne. Keep on giving them trouble, it's a good thing.



Reflecting on your post: you need some activities to keep you out of trouble. Time to ask for some playdough that you can fiddle with, maybe some water colors and paper, a sqeezable alien to strenthen hand muscles (one of my favorites, the nose and eyes pop with enough pressure!), a bag of colourful rocks to sort and make patterns with, small architectural blocks to build with, we need to get you provisioned so they don't have to move you to the deliquents floor. It must be driving you crazy all the time on your hand with not much to do to stay out of trouble. If you can operate buttons, do you have a music player with you so you can listen, at your will, to music?
Joanne, please keep posting, it is a joy to hear from you.
The sun is shining here, some of the crocuses (purple) are up and a neighbors daffodils are all perky with their yellow bonnets bobbing in the breeze.
Blessings to you and all you love.


Praising God for your ability to cause a bit of trouble! Praying that God would heal you completely! Yeah Jesus! You are so amazing. Please give Joanne wonderful joy today!

Love in Jesus,


WOW! I am new to your blog - and have been following and praying for you. So nice to hear from you!! Keep them on their toes! Wonderful, wonderful. You made my day!

Becky Jo

Good golly girl ... How I love you! So proud of you!

Bob and Wendi Davis

Praise God, amazing how I began reading this blog just when you had your stroke. Look at the miracles that have happened. Joanne, your typing. Praying here still in N.C.


Good to hear from Joanna!! What a blessing/miracle/relief!! Love to see it. :)

Jennifer medeiros

Good Morning Joanne,
What a blessing to wake up and read a blog post from you!
You made me it!
I am lifting you up and will continue.
Much love


Yay Joanne! So good to hear from you--even if you did get in trouble :). Sending love from a fellow siesta and prayer warrior in So. Cal.

Dedra Herod

You just made me giggle out loud girl! I'm SOOOO glad you are "pushing buttons" and getting a talking to.. :) Keep pushing back and making us all laugh! I love you fiercely and am so stinking proud of how hard you are working!!


I've always been told it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission! So glad to "hear" you this morning! Your progress is awesome and I look forward each day to finding what amazing thing God has done in you today!

Bobbie Jo

Whooo hoooooo a post from you! What a wonderful thing to see this morning when I got home from church! I have been "missing" you and praying for you and your whole family & my church ladies have been to.

Loved hearing you got in a little trouble-I think it does a person good. :)

God is good!

Kristi Walker

LOL Joanne, we've never met, but you just made me laugh with a SNORT, girl! Praying daily for BIG healing, and BIG miracles...and maybe even a little more mischievousness. He is SO GOOD! May His mercy and grace be felt through every room, every hallway and every heart that nears you, Joanne! Tickled completely pink to see this today...


You make me smile friend. Love you!!!!!!


Thanks for the laugh! Great to have you back. Now stay outta trouble! ;)

Susan Schnitzler

I am someone who started reading when I heard about you through another blog. This post made me laugh out loud! Your personality is coming out and that means you are well on your way to an amazing recovery.


OH NO! wait til Toben sees this...he will be so happy! Joanne posted her own getting into trouble. That's fabulous!


Wonderful to hear right from you, Joanne!!!!
Good to see you are back to your mischievous self!


A little trouble is good for you. If anyone deserves the right to stir things up and bit its you.

So great to hear from you and that you are up to a little trouble this morning.

Love you!

Pam Houston

I don't know you personally Joanne, but I sure feel like I do! You are laugh out loud funny with your "trouble" post. I've got a feelin they ain't seen nothing yet! You go girl! God is with you all the way...and He's got the best sense of humor!

I was just feeling sorry for myself because I haven't been able to go to church and teach my Kairos Ladies Class in 5 weeks because of suffering with Shingles...your post was a wake up and made me laugh at my own stupidity!


Your post was a beam of sunshine in my rainy Sunday morning! So good to hear from you! You go girl!


Hey Jo! They aint seen nothin yet, right? Toben will be thrilled! So great to hear from you! Love you tons, Ali


giggling at your feistiness. Keeping everyone on their toes aren't you??!!! Smiles.... ~stacy


This just made my heart smile!!! I hope you have a SUPER Lord's day!!!!


This is the {BEST} post yet! Keep everyone on their toes! ;-) Sending lots of love from So Cal!

Tena Tell

Oops... hehe :) Haven't they ever heard of "button therapy?"

Keep up the good work!


Praising the Lord for your life! I am chuckling right now! I love your zest for life. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your journey.


So wonderful to hear from you yourself! Way to go!!! My six year old son had open heart surgery not that long ago, and when he started feeling better after surgery he got in trouble for the same thing! Those buttons just beg to be pushed:0) Praying for you and your family! God is great!! Keep up your hard work!

Jen Brown


Too funny! Stay out of trouble, Joanne...and keep on blogging! Great to hear from you today..~heart you~


Jenny Corso

Joanne, I don't know you, but I sure do love you! Someday when we all get to heaven to be with our sweet Jesus, I want to hang out with you too!!! Your life is a blessing to me! Hope you have a week of amazing blessings for you and your dear family. Your friend, Jenny in VA


This makes me so happy!

Carla Sorensen

They should be happy to see that you can play with your buttons! I know I am glad! :)

With love from,
Carla in Maryland

Amanda Taylor

So great to see a post from you! Can't wait till Toben sees this!

And I agree with all the above I love your feisty spirit :)

Praying you have a great day today!


Joanne, So good to hear from YOU! I have enjoyed Toben's posts too. You better behave, but keep them on thier toes! he he
So proud of you, you are serious inspiration.

Heather Clement

You rock, girl! :)


You know you are on your way to recovery when you start getting corrected by the staff! Keep up your fantastic recovery! Our prayers are with you and your family! I look forward to reading your amazing progress each day. You are truly blessed!


I ♥ this. It makes me smile and laugh and PRAISE!!!!

Auntie Mip

As a nurse, I whole heartedly support trouble...way to go Joanne!

I am a stranger to you, but have been keeping you in my prayers since your stroke. I wanted to tell you that you have beautiful and courageous daughters. Use your pride in them as fuel for the road ahead. When you are weak, think of them. When you don't think you can handle one more moment of therapy, think of them. When it is quite and the dark of night and sleep is no where to be found, bring there sweet faces to mind. You are a wonderful mother and this is so visible in the actions and courage of your beautiful girls. Enjoy this day Joanne!!!


The best post ever! Joanne, I've been reading your blog for some time now and was so dismayed to read about your stroke. But look at you now - posting and improving every day. You are in my thoughts.

Jeanette from Blue Bell, Pa.

Amy Medeiros

I love this. :)


These last two posts brought tears of joy to my eyes. Joanne is making huge progress in her recovering. God is working miracles. We'll keep praying and look forward to more great news.

Nancy Jacobs

We've never met, but I want you to know that my family and friends are praying for you. We are all Christians, but just reading your story is truly bringing us even closer to God. God is Great and we are all praying for Great Big Miracles for you. We're praying for your family too. What a wonderful blessing of support you have.
Sending you love and hugs,
Nancy in Rio Rancho, New Mexico


You are amazing! God is GOOD all the time! Those buttons were made to be played with:) Hugs from Georgia!


I love that you're getting in trouble! Praying for continued strength and spunk as you continue to heal!

Leslie Wright

So great to hear from you Joanne! I too am new to your blog. Praying for you from here in Montana. You and your family are amazing. You have encouraged me more than words can say. We serve a mighty God. Don't we?


You go Girl! Praying for some relief from the pain. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Kim :)

Susan Smith

Yeah, I always said you were Trouble-with-a-capital-T.



heidi carrico

Oh, thats not a bad thing. Its a good way to keep the doctors and nurses on their toes and make sure they are working. ha.
Joanne, I want you to know I have never met you, but found you during your stroke and you have a very special place in my heart.
Youre such an inspiration to me... keep up the great work and attitude. God has amazing things in store for you. We will keep praying big for you and you keep up the good work.Deal??

Heidi C.

Janine Longoria

Dear Joanne, You just remember Girl that the squeaky wheel gets gets the grease! You let 'em know you are there! We are praying for you!
love, Janine

Lori A.

I have been following your progress thru your blog since January. I have prayed for you quite often and check in every day to read Toben's updates. You are quite an inspiration and evidence of God's ability to work miracles. So wonderful reading your blog today. You and your sweet family are in our prayers daily!

Lori A.


Sounds like you got a good attitude. Love it a post all on your own. Have a wonderful Sabbath my friend.


GREAT to hear from you Joanne!


Hi Joanne!!! You just keep it up. I'm so glad you're doing well enough to get in trouble. Makes my heart happy!!!

Mary Lou

What a blessing to read a post that you wrote with no one around to "help" you. What a blessing for you to have so much spunk and energy. I loved the suggestions that someone gave about all the different things you could have, that would not only exercise your hands, but your brain....for soon I believe that you will be moving the left side of your body and both sides will need therapy..What a grand day that will be. Blessings on your day, here's to even more improvement!!!


ahahaha! Good for you. It's so wonderful to hear from you. Like many others I have been praying for you from the beginning. We have seen God's miracle of your healing unfold right before our eyes. Keep up the great work, girl. :) Praying here....for you there. Blessings, SusanD

Julie From Inmates

I am a fellow blogger who began following your blog shortly after your medical journey began. This post made me smile. I am praising God today for your progress. :)


JoAnne, Oh my goodness how great it is to hear from you. You don't know me, we have never met, but I have been reading your blog and praying for you since your stroke. I found you through another blog and heard your story and have prayed for you and your family every single day since.

I can tell you I am having a really hard time in my life right now, but it does me so much good to hear about you and how God is ministering to you through his people. I am blessed to know you, in the spiritual sister kind of realm, and know that God IS alive and well and watching out for his children. You inspire me to not give up on hope or faith.

Love and blessings to you, wishing you a speedy recovery (I have no doubt you will begin flying through the steps to make it back on your feet)

Grace and Peace,
Sara from San Antonio

Nikki Brungard

Joanne, what a joy to see this post and be able to follow your journey. Know that Siestas like me all over the world are praying for you and cheering you on. Hope we get to meet in person someday!

Amy Storms

Tears of joy for hospital bed buttons! You tell that nurse you can play with whatever you want. Matter of fact, just get into as much trouble as you can. I've never met you, but I'm a siesta praying for you in California. Much love to you all!


Oh I'm praising God that you are getting in to trouble and writing about it! It's wonderful good news!

Kim Oaster

Wow! Who knew those buttons were so taboo?? I guess you'll be looking for other things to spend your time on... And did you hear yourself when they were scolding you? Hahaha! Anyway, so glad to hear from you. Your stand-in's have been keeping a tidy ship while you've been working to get better. Love & Hugs!


Joanne, I don't know you personally... but keeping up with your blog has made me feel like I know you, and as a person that had brain surgery 3 months ago.. I'm cheering for you everyday. Many prayers and keep up the good work. Carol from N.C.


I love this post! Glad you're able to not only type, but to be able to log in to your account, make a post, and then publish it. Wow! Keep up the great work! (And maybe a hand-held video game will satisfy your desire to push buttons.) Have a great week, and please post often!

Janet (JayCee) Cline

Way to go, Joanne! Can't wait to hear more from you!! (Even though we have never met you, we feel like we know you!)

Carie Lopez

I like rebels, Joanne!


YEAH! So good to hear from you Joanne! Love it! Praying in Des Moines.


You go girl!!! Your caregiver's are probably having the best day with you getting in trouble. =0) Keep it up. We are praying, and you are loved.


A little button pushing never hurts! Gotta keep those nurses and therapists on their toes! :) It is so lovely to hear from you Joanne!

Kris H.

God is good!!! Keep it up!!!


Hey sweet Joanne! I'm proud of you for keeping that staff of their toes. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you.


Kelly Gandy



But buttons are meant to be played with!
Love you, Joanne!

Dawn Braun

sweet tears sting my eyes as I read your wonderful post! Our family prays for your healing every day!! Sending blogger hugs from TX!


I LOVE this update the most!!!! Joanne I was going to tell your husband to get you the "Words with Friends" app for your Ipad!!! It is scrabble and you play against other people!! It is sooo fun and I think you are getting ready for that now that you are able to type on your Ipad!!! It will be great for your brain and help past the time for you so you aren't pushing buttons on your bed and getting into trouble!! Haha!!
I can not tell you how exciting it was to see your post!!! I have been praying from day one and am so Thankful to God to see your progress! You are simply amazing and God loves you so much that he wasn't quite ready for you yet!! I pray everryday for Him to continue His Miracles in you! Keeping the Faith that you will recover completely!! Keep up the hard work and let me know when you want to play "Words with Friends"!
And keep the remarkable posts coming!!
Love and prayers from Mesa!


Yay! Joanne's first blog since her stroke! I am so proud that she is better and is up to mischief! Way to go, Joanne! I am praying for you!

Kathy Hutchinson

My favorite post so far...keep em' coming Joanne

Carrie Hester

I don't think that nurse would want to mess with all of us out here in blog land that are praying for you!! Keep up the work - YOU are STRONG enough girl because you have JESUS!!
Carrie in Cincinnati - praying every morning at 5:00am for you and your family!


hooray for a post from the simple wife herself!! :)

Miz Carla

Praise the Lord--she's typing!!!!

This is a great day!!

Margie Smallman

Yippee!! along with everyone else! How wonderful to "hear" from you Joanne. Praying for you every single day. Keep up the mischief!!


What a wonderful post!!! Praying for your healing! What a mighty God we serve!


Good for you Joanne!! Just keep getting into trouble. It makes us all smile!


This is by far my favourite post in a really long time Joanne! Glad to hear you are well enough to cause trouble! :o) Keep it up Joanne. Soon you will be wheeling your own bed out of the room and causing a real ruckus! Not that I am trying to give you any bad ideas! Hee hee. Praying hard for you on your journey towards recovery! (((Hugs))). Erin - Dani Be Good


Truly a blessing you are my sweet sister! O' I just love you so much. You are a reflection of Jesus' joy and healing power! Praising Him for His astounding display of healing and love for His precious child.

Your voice was heard today and it could not have been more beautiful.

Shelley Swindler

WHOOOO HOOOOO JOANNE!!!! They OBVIOUSLY do not know you. You just go right on causing trouble...PRAISE GOD!!!
It is absolutely WONDERFUL to actually hear from you live and in person. My girls were so excited..I called them in and read your post. My littlest (5) asked if you had been reading your copy of Hinds Feet on High Places (she remembers everything...part elephant!)
Anyway, much love coming your way today my friend. Look forward to hearing more from you as you are able!!!
Blessings to you my friend!!
In HIS Mighty Grip~


Hope you don't mind but I quoted you on my blog just now. I had to share the glorious news!!

Sandi in MN

You are a strong woman Joanne! Keep blowing their socks off with all the things you can do. So good to read this post today, you made me smile!


Joanne you rock!! Just have to say, I love your ABCs of keeping life inspire me!!!

Katie Zimmerman

I've never met you, Joanne, but am a sister in Christ and am REJOICING and SINGING WITH JOY at reading your blog! GOD IS GOOD! \o/

Keep up the great work, my friend! I am committed to praying you and Toben and the girls through this chapter of your life!

With much love,
Katie in Wisconsin (who was introduced to you through Heidi St. John)


Wait till your family hears what you did! Keep up the good work,you are my hero! Though I have never met you, I hope I get the chance to! You are one amazing person!


Welcome back!

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