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This is so encouraging for those of us who are following your progress - We can't wait for more posts!!! Praying for continued progres


Okay, how AWESOME is that?! Boy, did this ever put the biggest smile on my face after a trying day. God's glory is so bright around you!

AnneMarie Anderson

Hey Joanne! It's AnneMarie Anderson. You did a great job typing! As soon as you can eat cinnamon rolls, let me know :). I would love to come visit-whenever it's a good idea! Much love, Ginger says hi to Emma and still wants to play American Girl Dolls with her :). I could come and read the Lion Witch & The Wardrobe..just got the series... Or little house...

Amy Ensign

Hi Joanne!! So good to hear from YOU! Praying for you everyday and praising our good Lord for his healing hand on you! Love following your progress and I LOVE the ministry this has been to everyone - you and your family are amazing!! Keep up the good work! Hugs! xoxo Amy

lisa walker

Hi Joanne! Today is my birthday and I've heard from a lot of friends, but hearing from you directly this way has made me smile more than anything! I'm in Atlanta, and even though we don't know each other, you have made my day! Prayers for you everyday. Lisa Walker

Teri Butcher

I love you Joanne! And I can't wait to come visit you! You're inspiring, and each time I see you make another huge step in your recovery, I fall deeper in love with Jesus. You are truly a miracle sister, and I praise the miracle maker for you! :) I'm going to email you my cell # and if you get bored, day or night, or even middle of the night, you can text me! :)
Love you,


Hooray for blogging Joanne!! What a very exciting post. Here's us out here waving Hi right back to you! We've missed you and your wonderful words and we can't wait to read more of them. Lots of love, Heather


Sweetie-If I hadn't moved to Idaho, I would be right next to you right now. I did come by a few times before we left. :) Love you!

Mindy Mills

Hey Joanne! I hope you have a visitor filled day and you aren't bored! It is snowing here in Washington today! We are praying for you and your family!!

Kathryn Champion

WOW! Can you say UH.MAY.ZING??? Joanne - it is so encouraging to see you post! It's nothing more than God showing out at His best, right? LOL

I sure wish I lived close enough to come meet you in person and visit you but this will have to do for now. You truly are such an encouragement to soooooo many!

I saw a quote this morning that made me think of you - Lysa TerKeurst shared it: "Sometimes God allows us to see the miracle. Sometimes God allows us to BE the miracle." My first thought when I read it was - "Joanne is BEING the miracle" and God is allowing us to SEE it - I feel privileged and honored to see how far He has brought you already! I know you are working extremely hard and it must get frustrating but keep on keeping on - we're praying for ya and loving ya!

Kathryn Champion

linda t

JOANNE! So many are praying for you in ARIZONA!!
You have been in my thoughts and prayers every single day!
Attention blogdom! Joanne is back! She's posting on her blog!!
Keep em coming girl!

Tara (Bowers) Bain

This is the best post I have read on here!

I feel like I have had a very unfair advantage because I have been able to go back and read all of your blog posts...I know what you have been up to since High School (or at least the highlights!). You are a remarkable person and I wish that we had kept in better touch over the years.

I want you to know that your situation has helped to get my husband, kids and I going back to church regularly...we had gotten a little lazy. I hate that you are going through all of this, but there is clearly a lot of blessing that is rippling out like concentric circles, I hope you have a clear vision of this. I have always struggled with praising God when really horrible things are happening. The posts that Toben and your family have shared have been such an example of what we are called to do.

I don't live in CO anymore, but the next time I visit, I would love to see you and catch up in person.


So glad you checked in quickly girl!! Love you!!! Looking forward to being one of those cherished visitors! :) So grateful for you!! Keep working hard sweetie!

Julie in Australia

So awesome to "hear" from you Joanne. My ten year old daughter just returned from her three day school camp and one of her first questions was "how's Joanne going?". She/we have been following your progress and she was especially excited when you started using the Ipad. Continuing to pray for you.

Julie in Australia.

Donna Dickman

Hi Joanne, we don't know each other ~ I found the link to your blog from another blog. I have been following and praying for you! You have a beautiful family. I hope you are proud of yourself for all of your hard work! I loved logging on today and seeing your entry! Great job! Hugs from California, Donna D.

to know him

My favorite post :) Been praying for you as the Lord brings you to my mind...

I heard Toben today on Family Talk and he did such an awesome job. My heart ached along with him as he told the story of what happened...It was different hearing him talk about your story than to read it. You have such an awesome support system... I know God's presence will not leave you now or ever during this season of your life.

Love from a sister in Christ,



Hey Joanne!
This is so awesome! We are all praying for you and each day when we see how you are rocking this recovery, we all smile and glory in the goodness of God!


Hey girl!!! It is so good to see a post from you!!! My family and church family are still praying for you! I am so proud of you!! You are doing so good.
Just wanted to say hi back and tell you that I love you.



Joanne, I was first linked to your blog through a prayer request on another blog. I have been following your story and praying for you. The progress you have been making over the last few weeks has been amazing. Your faith, along with the faith of your friends and family has been a great lesson for all of us. Much love and prayers from over here in Massachusetts.


Keep it up, Joanne! Our boys -- Jonah and Bode -- ask me daily: "How is Miss Joanne's head?" and I love being able to tell them all the great things God is doing in you and through you!

Praying for you ALL the time!



We are praying for you here in WI. So good to hear from you! What wonderful things God is doing in your life and body. Thanks for popping in and saying HI.


Joanne :)

SO good to see you blogging! I can imagine it can get a bit boring, so blog/tweet away. Don't you just love technology?!
It's a miracle to see where you are right so amazing. You're covered in prayer by SO many people, hang in there girl!

--The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you.--

Kathy Hutchinson

Thanks for the updates. I'm sorry you're time there is so boring. I was at the hospital (right) next door to you with Kayley on Monday. I wasn't able to stop in because I had too many people with me. I will come and see you soon...I love you my friend.


You don't know me but i am praying for you. Keep on typing!!


What fun to read a post from you Joanne!
I keep you in my prayers as I am praying for the best friend of one of my nephews. He is in a coma right now, since the 11th of this month. His life is all in God's hands now as the doctors have given no hope. Please be praying along with me!


Yay Joanne!! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to 'hear' from you again!! Happy, happy HAPPY!

Amanda May

You are SUCH an inspiration!!!!

I don't know you, but it's been an honor to join with thousands in storming the gates of Heaven on your behalf. Praising God today for showing Himself powerful!

Love, Amanda

Heather Clement

Many praying for you here in NH, girlie. :) So good to "SEE" you! :) Love to you!

Sarah F.

Nashville has been praying for you!!!

carla Sorensen

Hi Joanne,

I am another person who would love to visit you, if I could, but I live in Maryland!

I pray for you so often, especially in the middle of the night. God has kept me awake several times and I think it is to pray for you and a couple of other people!

Please blog when you can, we all would love to hear from you again soon.

Love in Him,
Carla in Columbia, Maryland xoxo

Christine H.

So happy to read a post from you. I was in your Psalm 23 study at Mission. Because of your blog, I have been reading Hinds Feet on High Places. What an ebsolute delight this book is. Hope to hear more great titles from you and perhaps share with you a few of my own. Take care and continue all your hard work at getting stronger.


Cheers from Missouri! Loved reading your post:) Continued healing and blessings to you . . . continued prayers from here.


Look at you!!!!! I absolutelynlove love love seeing you on twitter and now the blog!!!! I cannot wait to tell you just how amazing you are!! What a mighty fierce woman of God you are!!! I love seeing Him do His thing in you!!! Praying without ceasing my friend!!!!

Go Joanne Go!!!!!

I love ya girl!!!

R Buckley

This is so great! It is wonderful to read your post. I am in Tennessee and have been reading your blog for a couple of years. You have been in my thoughts and prayers daily since your stroke. Reading this today is such an answer to those prayer. May God continue to bless your recovery. Regina

Kimberly S.

I LOVE IT!!! Another great ending to a beautiful day. It's so great to have you back!

Holly Smith

See you tomorrow, my friend...I cannot wait to spend time with you!

Traci Wilson

Joanne, I'm a TV producer in Las Vegas--and this is the best story I've seen all day. Praying for you!

Sandy Chapin

Love that you are blogging again.

Sandy Chapin


Love this post, what a great encouragement. Welcome back girl! Keep on keepin' on!

Sara G

Keep at it! So glad to see you working on your typing. I'm still working on including my right hand. We can do it!! I wish I could come visit but not at a stage where I can fly yet. Visitors are great. I had one today for a study session on Jeremiah 27-29. So I'll send you hugs!! Love, Sara


it was great to hear your feelings and is my bday today and you just gave me a huge smile and another reason to praise the Lord

Mary Ann from Alabama

Way to go Joanne. Great post. Love it!!!!


Hey Joanne. I've been following your blog since I saw a link last month asking for prayers. It's fantastic to see you blogging again! Praying for you here in Ontario, Canada!

Marla Taviano

Thanks for texting me, girl! YOU ROCK!! Love you much and praying for your upcoming surgery!!


You are a miracle!

lisa smith

It's so wonderful to hear from you Joanne!! I am praying for you new friend.


You don't me, but I've been praying for you and your family for a few weeks now. And here's a big WOW! Praise the Lord.


Best blog post ever!


You go girl! Praising God for the miracle he is blessing us with through you. Stay strong and keep up the work.

Joann rootsey

Yay, praise God for you, yay! Keep on fighting Missy!

becky m

too cool that you were up to posting on your blog. i loved reading your tweets too. glad you got your shower also. maybe you can get some games put on one of your devices to play when your a little bored.

Connie Hopkins

Joanne, you ROCK! What a testimony you and your family are to the glory of God! Keep on keepin' on!
Connie Hopkins
Denton, texas


Keep fighting the good fight a Joanne we are praying for u here in Albuquerque Nm
This post just lighten my heart thank you for the smile today. You are a warrior and I am glad to see that you are tweeting and blogging again.
If I lived close would come to visit you I can just see all of Beth Moore seista's flying to see you and visit with you that would be one crowded roomLOL
good to hear from you


You are awesome!!!

Gigi Boyle

It's so exciting to see your progress Joanne and this was the best. I think all of Colorado Springs has been praying for you and your family. Looking forward to your continued progress.


I love love this post! Been following your blog for a while! You are a miracle ! To GOd be the glory!

Child of God

Hi Joanne,
So wonderful to hear from you!! You don't know me but I am learning about you and your beautiful family and their love for you and God! I see you have quite the sense of humor, love it.

Praying for you many times a day, keep looking at Jesus.


Joanne, I found your book and blog the very day you went into a coma (which is crazy when I think about it!) and my whole family has kept up with your progress and lifted you in prayer. We are so thankful for you!


I have come across your blog from a friend and wanted to say WAY TO GO! I have been reading since your stroke and this post was AMAZING. I can't imagine how hard this all is on your and your family but I know this post is just one of the many miraculous steps back to you being you. Keep posting when you can, we all love to read your progress!


Hi Joanne! What a pleasant suprise to see you posting today. I have so missed your posts. I have been praying for you like crazy and even got the prayer chain going for you at our church in Vancouver BC. I am sorry to hear that you are having headaches and shoulder pain. I will continue to lift your name up to the lord and pray for your speedy recovery. I hope you have lot`s of visitors tomorrow...I wish I lived closer and i would come see you too!!!! (((HUGS))) and prayers Erin


You're amazing! Keep up the good fight, Joanne!

Becky from Miami

Dawn W

As one of your regular blog readers, you have no idea how happy I was to see your post this evening - great big ol' happy tears are pouring down my face. What an answer to prayer!!! I will continue to pray as you keep fighting. God is GREAT!

Love and blessings!

kris horlacher

Joanne, reading your posts daily. Praying for your whole family!

3 years ago I was laying in a hospital bed dying from an unexpected, sudden and catastrophic health event. I was well one minute, near death the next. Such an extraordinary event, the hospital where I was a patient hired a professional film company to make a short video of my experience.
The short of it is I was rescued by God in a supernatural way, much like you. So many great things have come from it I have lost count - just like you are seeing in your story.

These journeys can be so hard. I am so sorry you and your family are suffering. I have asked God to speed your journey back to health and home!

Be encouraged my sister. The Lord is with you.

Christine Jaeger

Its super awesome to hear from you Mrs. Heim!!!! I've been praying for you daily and am so glad you're able to post on here =D I wish I could come visit you or make you some muffins or something to help you feel better =)

Kim Feth

Go God! Go Joanne! Yeah! Here's my e-visit for the day. I'm at work from 8 til 5 and sometimes I sit at my desk and think about you and pray and wish I could check your blog site from my work computer! So, when I get home, checking in with you is the first thing I do. You, Toben, and the girls are one of the first things we talk about at the dinner table, and we always pray for you and the family. I'm so excited to see you blogging and tweeting! Yeah!!!!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC
[email protected]


It is so good to finally see your words. I have read you blog everyday and love it. Keep fighting and working hard. You have a wonderful family.

Praying for you everyday in Il.

Kim - connorcolesmom

Precious Joanne!!
You are so sweet to check in with us
You are doing so well and I am just thrilled with how far you have come
My family and I are praying for you
Much love
Kim - connorcolesmom -GA


God is good! What a great post Joanne. I also found out about your stroke through Beth Moore's blog. Wouldn't it be awesome if next January you came to the Siesta celebration in Houston. You and your family are an inspiration. God bless you.


Yippeeeee! So good to see you blogging! Take good care and know that Big Prayers are being said here in NC!!! :)

Sharon Brumfield

I know you don't know me....but I have been following and praying. God placed a huge burden for you on my heart...thanks to Holly who let us know about what you are going through. You are my sister in what touches you...touches me. :)
So sending love your way from the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.


Yippeeeee! So good to see you blogging! Take good care and know that Big Prayers are being said here in NC!!! :)

Shannon (chickadeesmama)

Hello, beautiful lady! My name is Shannon and I've been visiting daily since T and Angie Smith posted that you'd been in the hospital. I've been praying daily and I'm PRAISING GOD for the work He's doing in and through you!!! I'm sorry things get boring...but maybe you get to try and find the beauty in quiet moments when it seems that way? :) Sending a hug and prayers. Quick note: I'm also a homeschooling mom of two amazing girls -- praying for A and E as well

Lisa J

Been praying for you!! Came across your prayer button on another blog shortly after your stroke. It's such a blessing to be able to now say HELLO to you from Oklahoma!

Lisa J.

Auntie Mip


Your posts bring a smile to my face. The human brain is such a miraculous and forgiving organ and yours is astounding. I am praying every day and these are the words that ring most true when I ask God to intercede on your behalf.

"Against all hope, in hope I believe..." Romans 4:18


Hi Sweet Joanne,

So good to read a blog post from you. I love that you are blogging again. I wish I lived in Colorado....would love to visit you.

Much love and blessings
Your bloggy friend

Sharon Telfer

Blessings Joanne. It is awesome that you are blogging. Praising God! Continuing to pray for you and your beautiful family. Love from a Siesta in Ontario, Canada


You are amazing! I continue to pray for you and your family. Thanks for the update!

Ashley Honea

You amaze me. Praise God.


happy, happy - joy, joy! this is the best ever... i now know you through beth moore's website and have been astonished at your fortitude as well as that of your family...yay! what a testimony for our god...


Wow, God is so good! Joanne, I have been praying for you nonstop since I heard about your stroke. You are such an inspiration to me and thousands of others. I know that you are in pain doing your rehab, but you are so strong to fight through it! You go Girl! We are all cheering for you!
Ginger McCord


How fun to see your blog today! What amazing miracles our mighty God continues to do each day!
If I was back home I would come see you too! But alas, I am in the great NW instead.
I can't wait to meet someday! Maybe at the Siesta Scripture Memory Celebration next January in Houston! ;*)
Until then, our family will continue to pray for you and your family!

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

Yeah! Welcome back to blogging, Joanne! It's so good to hear from you! God Bless you!!! : )

melissa irwin

I feel really silly that I have little tears streaming down my face, never having met Joanne, and didn't even know about her blog before the accident. But to witness you coming back, finding your voice and your is just sweet and beautiful. Praise God that you are still in there.


hi joanne- you don't know me, but i found your button on another blog link, I added it and I can't wait to read new posts! toben is a gifted writer and his love for you and his girls is present in each of his posts. laura


Joanne, you just brought the biggest smile to my face. God Bless you sister! I am so happy that you are able to do a little blogging. Good for you! Praying for continued progress. God is GOOD!!!

Mindy Howell

Joanne, everytime you write your own blog it brings a BIG smile on my face. I am so excited you are getting your "mojo" back on!

My daughter and I share your testimony to as many people as we can. We can hardly wait to get home in the evenings to get the updates Toben and others make on your amazing progress. just know you have folks pryaing for you in Ohio! (you too Toben and family!)

Erin W.

Crying happy tears for you! Been away from my computer and so glad to read this news! Praise God! Our MOPS group has been praying for you, friend.

Arvada, CO

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