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I'm a metalsmith and I work with silver. If you ever want a custom charm made let me know.

Jamie b

I recognize a James Avery bracelet anywhere! what a wonderful idea!

Child of God

What a great and thoughtful thing to do! I don't have a charm bracelet but I do wear a cross neclace everyday. I hope that will do.

Blessings and praying,

Kim - connorcolesmom

that is a precious idea!
I do not have a charm bracelet but I do have a sweet necklace I wear with my boys names on it.
I will be e-mailing you a picture soon!!!!


I JUST spotted my charm bracelet in my jewelry box this weekend and told myself that I MUST wear it more often....Joanne's is simply out of this world and like you said full of so many beautiful memories. What a {charming} way to wish her the happiest of birthdays! I will polish it up, put it on and send jingling wishes tomorrow! XOXO

Jan R.

Thanks for making me 'relive' my childhood memories from my Dad. He gave me a charm bracelet when I was a young girl and then got me charms at all of his stops in the world. His way of sharing his journeys that I couldn't go on with me. I got it out and plan to get it made larger so I can wear it in his memory and Joanne's honor. I also plan to add a bunch of new charms to it to remember my growing up by! I also loved the idea that Joanne to make a book about each of the charms.
Thanks for the post and I will be sending my pictures soon.

Jan R.

Kathryn Champion

This sounds like soooooo much fun! Hope I can figure out how to link my blog to it - I'm "technology challenged" - lol

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! And I hope Joanne did not "peek" to see her surprise - LOL

I've never met that sweet lady, but I sure do love her and her love for the Lord!

Thanks for doing this Janna :)

Lisa notes...

What a marvelous idea! I'm sending my picture now and will start working on my blog post for tomorrow. Praying Joanne will be majorly blessed by another outpouring of love that will hit her tomorrow.


I do not own a charm bracelet... but I'll be sending my love, prayers, and birthday wishes to Joanne.

Janet (JayCee) Cline



Excited to take part in Joanne's birthday celebration! What a great idea =)


Thanks Janna for doing this I just started wearing my braclet this weekend I had it put away I also made me a braclet about 1 month ago that says praying for Joanne I wear that everyday.
I will be sending you my picture here in a few.
I love Joanne she is such a sweet person never met her but I am sur eI will one of these days.

Anonymous Prayer

I will write Joanne a birthday message tomorrow!


What a brilliant idea!!! I had my husband take a few photos of me wearing mine but don't know if I got them emailed in time -- anyhow -- I will definitely wear my charm bracelet tomorrow, and think of Joanne! My thoughts, prayers, and happy birthday wishes are headed her way!!! =)

God bless!!



Happy Birthday - wish I wore jewelry to send a picture. Hope your day is blessed. Sending birthday prayers your way.

Brenda Brooks

I think you are a very spcial person. Ecc chapter 3 says that everything happens for a reason. We are not to question God. He does not make any mistakes. I pray you get a good nights sleep and feel brand new in the AM.

Susan Moher

Thanks, Janna for coordinating such a fun idea! I don't have a charm bracelet, but since reading Joanne's blog for the past 2 months I was inspired to start one. Joanne, I have my bracelet and first 8 charms back in CO awaiting my return (in KS with Mother this week), so that I can assemble this small beginning! Know that I will 'well-remember' you each time I wear it. Having fun shopping online for just the right charms to depict the special memories of my life!!!
And have decided it's the perfect gift for a nieces high school graduation this May, and another for her little sister's 7th birthday next month! I'm SO EXCITED...thanks for the inspiration in this among SO MANY other things that have inspired me from your blog, Joanne.
Wishing you an especially 'charming' birthday tomorrow, March 15th, Joanne!!


I can't get over how creative Team Joanne is....honestly you people ROCK!!! My bracelet is no longer with me, however, I have created a post on my blog and will most certainly be praying Joanne has a Peacefilled GREAT birthday!!!

Michelle Comerford

This is Amazing - ! I am so Sorry I missed it ! In the first days of Joanne being in the hospital and ready all day long the updates - I posted lets all wear our charm bracelets and pray with every jingle ! The charms bracelets are how Joanne and I first connected she had hers on and I have one almost as full as hers and we shared story after story of each charm. Since then I will wear my bracelet in thought of Joanne and pray and think of her and everyone who surrounds her everyday ! Much Love and thoughts and prayers to everyone :)

Birthday Wishes

Beautiful. Nice work.

kids birthday party games

Great life has also a memorable day.its my lovely day when i was 7 year old and my mom organize a birthday party...she gets kids birthday party ideas from


Great to come to read about it here. You made poeple's day yy your blog.

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