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Rhonda McCormick

Prayers, prayers, and more prayers going up for Joanne and the immediate and extended family, all her caregivers, health care providers, and friends. Special prayers for healing and comfort for little hearts that have been broken. Prayers for emotional, spiritual, and physical health for each and every one of you.

ginger morris

I don't think I could say anymore than you already have. Still praying & encouraged to be more diligent in doing so.


Oh better believe I'm praying for that sweet Joanne and for all of you!!! I know you know this and its not anything new, but just do today. Just conquer each day. One small step at a time. No worries about tomorrow. God loves that concept. ;)

So so thrilled for her and just praising God for this birthday and the move! Such a special day indeed. Thank you Jesus for this day!!!

Big big hugs,


I will pray especially for your girls and their grandparents. As a grandparent, I have been in a similar situation. One of our sons had been hospitalized and we cared for the children. Not only is it difficult to have the physical stamina, but also the decision making can be mind boggling. Sometimes we survived minute to minute and hour to hour and at times just wished we could go back to just being a grandparent.

It looks as if the new facility meets your needs with a capable and friendly staff.

I will keep all of you in my prayers.


Cathy Davis

God just keeps showing up and showing off with Joanne and her recovery!

What a great birthday present for her (and the rest of you). Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

Prayers will remain constant!

Child of God

Wow rehab! Wonderful, I will be praying.

Miracles, saved soul, energy, infection free, girls and grandparents; covering you!



Praying....praying for peace, hope and amazing strength.

Kim Feth

Continuing to pray your prayer requests. So excited for Joanne's birthday and transition to rehab. Do they have a Wii?

Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Happy Birthday and Happy Move to Rehab! Wow. That's a lot. Will pray and pray some more. For the transition, for all of your energy, for the upcoming surgery, for the grandparents, for the girls, for all of you and all the details. Blessings and Peace.


Oh I'm so excited about your move to rehab Joanne! You've got some long -- and definitely rewarding -- days ahead of you, girl. When I was a PT in a rehab hospital, we'd always get our new people going the day they got there, even if just a little something that first day. I'm so tickled to hear you've already met your PT and OT. You will come to love each other like family in the coming weeks. Even when it's hard and you're exhausted, you push through it sweet Jo. Push through it. You're in my prayers every single day! and your therapy team too -- that they'll have Divine Inspiration for a therapy regimen designed just for you! Hugs, and Happy Birthday wishes :)


I'm so glad you're in this new place, Joanne. The harder you work, the sooner you'll get to go home. Push through the frustrations and exhaustion and rely on God's strength to get you where you need to be? Why am I telling you this? You already know. Just know that I believe in you and am rooting for you. And PRAYING for you. And praying for each one of you, Team Joanne.

I'll be there Friday - really looking forward to it!


I'm so glad Joanne enjoyed her birthday. Best wishes now for rehab and for progress. The 24th won't be long getting here and then things should really progress. Peace and rest and energy for you all for all the hard work ahead.

Love, Lynn

Suzanne G

I am covering Joanne and ALL of you in prayer continually. I "discovered" Joanne's blog just days before her stroke. After reading many posts, I felt like I knew you personally. I was so encouraged with what I read, you managed to give me hope in my current difficult situation. I definitely feel The Lord led me to your blog for a reason. I was devastated when I read you suffered a stroke, but I know that you are strong Joanne. That is evident in your will be able to do what is needed in the days ahead! Contnue to lean on The Lord for strength and remember that many are praying for you and your family. Thank you for blessing me, before AND after your stroke! By the way, your family rocks! ;-)

melissa irwin

Still praying.


I continue in prayer for you all.
Love and Blessings,
Deidra in Mississippi

carla Sorensen

I am praying for your specific requests. Rejoicing with you over how far Joanne has come and praising God. So glad you like the new facility because that is so important and I love that they speak to Joanne and not you. Her time there may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Hang in there . . . holding the hand of God!

In Christ,
Carla in Maryland


As always I am holding you all up to Jesus in prayer!
I know that with prayer, God performs his greatest miracles.
Miracles happen, so don't lose hope.
Continued prayers to ease Joanne's pain!


I'm praying especially hard for the girls...that they would cling to their Jesus just like their mom has modeled...praying for all your requests tobin..."He who began a good work will be faithful to complete it!"

carrie schwartz

PRAISE be to God, one step closer to being home with all of you!!
My prayer in for encouragement in the dark moments, and in the flesh for all of you, prayer that you will feel God's grace.
Many prayers,

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