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Sending warm, healing hugs, to all of you. I continue to lift Joanne up to the Lord for his miracles, and to the family I send rest and peace.

Kim Feth

I consider it an honor to pray beside all of these other sisters (and siestas).
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

holly smith

tears* Love you back, Mr. F. Praying still. Holly

Ginger McCord

Even though I am a believer, Joanne is such an inspiration to me. I have shared her story with family and friends. I have purchased two of Sarah Young's books because of Joanne and Kristen quoting from them. I will continue to pray for Joanne and all of the family daily.

Marla Taviano

I love this post. You're such a great dad. Your girls think the world of you.


Oh, what a precious word of encouragement to all of us Jo's dad!!! It is a pure honor and joy to pray for all of you during these days. Let me tell you...that Joanne has taught me so much since January 11th and our family is marked by her and the testimony you are all living out day to day.

So much love,

Dedra Herod

Mr. F... you are a wonderful example of sacrificial love for your family and we who love Joanne (and now the entire family) are grateful. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. You make us want to love and know Jesus more. Many grateful tears... Dedra

Susan Smith

You are the perfect example of a Father's love for His daughter. We all see, from observing you and Momma Kay exactly where Joanne and Kristen get "it" from. The loving, the ministering, the compassion and the passion. Do not think for a single New York minute that we are not praying for all of you, as well as our beloved Jo. Because she loves us so well, it is easy to love her and continue on this road with her as long as it takes.
Much love.

Kary in Arkansas

I love your posts Mr. F, Chuck or Papa as I know you best! Thank you for your love for our Lord, your energy for all things concerning Joanne and for these posts you've brought to us on the outside!! I am a believer as well and I find inspiration every time I read either Toben's posts, Kristen's, yours and then finally we were able to hear Joanne once again! I've shared with my family and friends as well too. I believe your struggles Joanne will be bringing many to know Jesus better and also, maybe for the first time! Sweet dreams and I continue to pray for your comfort and complete healing.


Mr. Chuck thank you, when are you going to start up your own blog? Joanne and Toben so ministered to our family when my husband was sick. She is an amazing creation of God. I am praying for your family. Much Love, Kimberly


It is a honor to pray for your daughter and her family.
Kristen in TN


Mr. Chuck, I have come to know your daughter only through this blog. I am awestruck by your Godly words of wisdom. I can hear the love for our Lord and the love for your daughter in these words. She is a very blessed woman to have such a wonderful earthly father! May you always find peace in the circumstances that are ahead of you!


Chuck, what a sweet and faithful father you are. As a parent of adult children, I also understand the pain we feel when our children hurt. I am thankful that you are able to be there in person to minister to your precious Joanne. i don't know any of you, but I have been following the blog since I learned of the crisis on Beth's blog. I love being a part of the Body of Christ and able to stand in the gap. I will continue to pray in Mississippi and will look forward to the meeting in heaven.
Blessings to you all,

janet cline

Well written! Thanks for sharing with us from a Father's heart. It's so wonderful to watch the body of Christ in action. Thanks again!

Jan from California

I have been reading this site for a month now. Found it by mistake, and then said, God does not make mistakes. Just wanted to say that I pray for ALL of you everyday, but today after reading the post, I now will pray that we can all have a Father on earth like Mr. Chuck, knowing that when we leave this earth we will have a wonderful Father in Heaven.
Blessings to all of you,


I don't mean to be rude, I promise. But I have been praying for Joanne since the day I heard about her stroke on another blog (and it was at the very beginning). I have asked others too pray as well. I read everyday and have cheered Joanne along with every success and have cried at the thought of her being in pain.............but I am JEWISH! Should I stop? Can Jews not pray? I am offended. I know you are dealing with a lot but wow!

Trish V

Your post brought to my mind a poem I memorized years and years ago and thought I would share it with you..thank you for your post because it touched my heart.

Pray without ceasing God hears what you say
From the time you arise to the close of the day.
Don't think for a moment He turns a deaf ear
Trust and have faith and you'll never know fear.
Thats it.

Elaine from Koinonians at V7PC

Just want to thank you for posting, Chuck! I know that when you have left both the Adventist hospital and Kindred that they KNEW your family was Christian by your love! The love of Christ is ever present in your dear family, and my prayers are ever present too! Remembering Joanne, Toben, Emma and Audrey, but also you and Kay early every morning! God is faithful who promised! He is Jehovah Rapha, the Healer!



Chuck Friedenstein

Dear Jo (of three comments above) - I am touched by your faithful prayers for my dear Joanne. Please continue. JHWH has a special ear for your heart. My last name is in fact Friedenstein, and honored to be sometimes mistaken for a Jew by birth, although I am only one in spirit - by nature a wild olive tree who has been grafted into your cultivated olive, and thus also a child of Abraham. (see Romans 11:24-29)

May the overflowing, limitless mercy and grace of God bless you in return!

Chuck Friedenstein, Joanne's dad


My heart was made so heavy with the comments by Jo. I have the Jewish faith and tradition to thank for my Christian faith. Mary and Joseph were Jews, so was Jesus. We have one God. I hate the concept of any kind of "us and them," we are all children of God. I hope Mr.F's comments are an encouragement and comfort, they were to me, but I am not the one wondering and questioning if I am welcome. But I have been one to wonder in other circumstances and wish I'd had the courage, Jo, that you have to speak up. Prayers are a gift to God, hopefully that alone is reason to pray. I am joyful and humbled to think my prayers are joined with yours, you as a favored child of God, as one voice directed to the heavens.

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