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  • Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Joanne and I’ve been blogging for many years under the name The Simple Wife (you can see all of my old posts under the archives or by clicking on any of the categories that interest you). I love receiving comments from you and try to respond to each one personally. I hope you’ll visit often!

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mary beth

Wow! what an encouragement to see Joanne and the amazing progress taking place in her life! Love the determined look on her face as she colors...a miracle is taking place right before our eyes..thanks for sharing the pictures!

Child of God

Beautiful! Toben, you have a very beautiful wife! I love that hair cut on her, stunning!

Keep going Joanne you are making great progress!



You look beautiful! Love the new hair!!!

Rayleine Chagoya

Your new haircut is adorable.Your sister is an awesome photographer, what a blessing. So glad you're hanging in there & fighting the good fight.God bless you& keep you


You look beautiful, Joanne! Will be praying for you as you requested in the above post. I know you are working so hard, so hang in there.
Hugs, Vicky
Praying in Ne

Lori Atkinson

Simply beautiful Joanne! Been following your progress from the time it happened. Never knew of you before and now I feel so blessed to "know" you thru the blog of your husband, sister, and father. Been praying for you often.

Love Lori



Anonymous Prayer

You look beautiful! Only a few short (well long to you) months ago you had many wires & tubes & we prayed Jesus would not call you home just yet. Yet look at you today, you truly are a miracle! I have enjoyed following your blog, it seems like so long ago we were all holding our breath, waiting to see if you'd breathe, walk, or talk ever again. Stay strong!

Laura M

Joanne... you look great!!


WOW! Jo you are such an amazing person. The hair is groovey - the resiliance and determination in your eyes does nothing to deminish the glow of lovelyness there... I think it might just enhance it ;)

Robin Van Kanegan

Thank you for posting pictures of Joanne. Toben, I've read your blog every morning since Joanne's stroke. It gives me such inspiration in starting my day. The pictures have given me some insight to visually "see" that Joanne is progressing. Her hair is awesome as it always was and that smile can still light up a room. Many blessings to you and your entire family. You are all always in my prayers. Miss you all at Mission.


AWESOME pics! Loving the new do!


Wonderful photographs, your hair is fab Joanne. Well done for all your improvement, keep on keeping on.

Susan Moher

So good to 'see' you girl! Thanks to Kristen again for the beautiful pictures. What a darling do look so much like your beautiful Mother!
Glad you got to go 'home' to visit kitty and glad you have a goal date for homecoming which is sure to encourage you thru more HARD work of rehab! Bet they have the "No Pain, No Gain" sign posted somewhere?! But the 'Wonder Women' shirt says it happier and much more fun C=
Hugs and prayers for you all---

Susan Moher

Yeah, just posted, but had to tell you, Joanne, I made your 'Heavenly Chocolate Cake' for friends' birthday here last nite and it IS to DIE for!! Thank you for sharing...already looking for excuse to make it again =P

Joy S.

I don't know you, i haven't ever met you, and the only images I've ever seen of you were the few on this blog that i found right after i learned of you through the LPM blog. All that to say, the pictures of you today are STUNNING because of your Spirit. While your hair is haute couture, your smile is sweet and your determination is definitely inspiring, it is the indomitable and invincible Holy Spirit in you that makes these images irresistible.

You look marvelous!

Prayers have gone up for you... they will continue.
God bless you,
Joy S.



Joy S. expresses my sentiment exactly!! I learned about you through LPM and began praying and reading your blog the day we got word of your situation. Your life (current trail) has been amazing to read about. It was great to see pictures of your progress! Please know you and your family remain in my prayers!!!

Blessings, Katie Falkenmeyer

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