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Chris L-B

It's absolutely amazing how far you have all come since January. When I first read about it, I never imagined Joanne would be home sooo quickly.
I continue to pray for you Joanne and to thank God for being able to know you.

Teri Butcher

Joanne, I'm praying that your new normal will come quickly, and that your will rest in the fact that you are a living miracle! I will not stop praying for you girl. You are loved!



It's okay to want everything now. But look back to how far Joanne and you all have come, the new normal will come in time.
Keep leaning on the Lord God! He will be there and never let you down!
Blessings to you all!


I'll definitely be praying that God shows all the you the beauty in the "new normal" that is coming.

I couldn't help but think of what life is like with a new baby when you mentioned patience, a new normal, and the fact that there is no such thing as a quick trip. But, just like when you bring a new baby home, the blessings always outweigh the hardships!

renee altson

congratulations to the entire heim family for being able to be together, and at home. all that has happened is truly amazing.

thought i'd share from my own experience with depression, ptsd, ect, and other stuff ... every moment is a "new normal" -- not that there is not stuff to look forward to, or goals to reach out for and expect -- but rather that each moment holds something in it all by itself.

it's hard to see (i'm still too often trying to find it), but for me, i've (tried to) learn(ed) to live for the next breath, not the next 6 months.

all my love, light, energy, and good thoughts still coming your way (as they have all along)

renee altson


Wow! That's quite a pace...errands and church and more. I hope the excitement levels off a bit and you soon find the right rhythm. Thank you for giving so many details so I can pray effectively. I keep a charm bracelet in sight for a tangible reminder and always pray in the night.

May you feel deep peace from the inside out!

Sara G

It takes time to get settled and yes patience. It's been almost a year and half since my stroke and our outings are still not quick. My husband and I both had to learn patience and what speed really is during this journey. This is a time of learning and serving for you both. I have faith in our Almighty that He will shine His light in areas to work. There may be trial and errs but keep at it until you find what works. I'm finally to where I'm a little more independent but it took work, Lots. of. patience. and deep breaths. I'm glad Joanne is home! Keep doing the exercises and enjoy togetherness! Oh and one thing else, let Joanne grieve when those feelings come up. Love her and listen to her. Another patience area. She has been going going and going. Remind her why you are working with her, your love.

Kim Feth

Honored to continue to pray. Breath, relax, pray. I don't recall a single account in the Bible of Jesus being in a rush. I have to stop and think about that sometimes.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Melinda W

Thank you, Toben, for taking the time to keep your extended cyber-family up-to-date on Joanne's progress and your family's prayer needs. Blessings on you all! I continue to hold you up in prayer.

Rayleine Chagoya

I will be praying that you have a home health nurse who is as awesome as my sister.All her patients love her.Thank you Heavenly Father for being there for Joanne, Toben & their girls, that you would help them to adjust with grace & dignity during this time of rehabilitation & also Lord allow the meds to help Joanne in all the ways they're supposed to.Praise You & Thank you in your precious Son Jesus Name.AMEN!!!!!

Pam Houston

Honestly, I am blown away that you would take the time to keep us all out here in cyberyspace up to date with the blog considering all you have on your plate! I have said it before and I will say it again, you are one amazing man, Toben. My prayer is that each one of you will let patience have her perfect work, and special prayers for dear Joanne against discouragement. I highly recommend Ann Voskamps 1000 Gifts to brighten and lift. Yesterday as I shared your miracle with our Kairos Ladies Class at church, all were amazed and praising God... we prayed and praised God for all your many blessings and more to come. Thank you for allowing your love to shine forth on every level as an example of light and salt. Your "marathon" is testimony far beyond any I've ever witnessed in this life, and I am not exaggerating in any way. Thank you again and again for taking all the time to care and share and allow "the witness"...we continue to cheer you on from the sidelines.


My heart is still with you,Toben, Joanne, the girls, mom and pappa...bless you all! I know you don't know me but your journey has become my journey as I watch you adjust to your new life.
I recently had my own tragedy walk... many changes...many tears and joys.
The Lord God is mighty each day! I stand back amazed!
My heart aches for your girls. May the Lord God make them strong!


It is still such early days for Joanne and all of you as you get used to being back home but having a new normal. All that desire to be independent is going to be invaluable to aid Joanne's progress, even if she is feeling a little frustrated now.

Lynn Kelly

We are all so "with" you as you learn your new 'normal.' Being a recovering heart by-pass patient (6 years) I can testify to the new "normal" coming in bits and spurts and you will undoubtedly be learning it for many months - maybe years. But also to testify that, "YES, IT DOES GET BETTER!" I know you know this in your hearts and I'm sure at this stage of the process it MUST feel like it's going to be such a hard, long journey.

Joanne, you are such a courageous sweetheart -- although I only know you from your books, and your blogs (via Beth Moore's blog) since your stroke, I want you to know that we are out here pulling for you every day. I'm sure the 'hits' on your site here have dropped dramatically because we are reading your updates in our own subscription email and not commenting every day. But we are here -- in legions!!! Do not doubt it!!!

I know that every day is a new challenge, every activity is new and more difficult than you imagine, and I also know that that ugly ole' thing called depression will find a hundred ways to try and get into your head! It's part of the process......and I am out here cheering for you imagining your challenges and your victories!

Hallelujah! You are home!

Child of God

I am so happy for you all! Patience is a hard one for me too. I am like to be in super fast mode but since I was struck with rheumatoid arthritis I had to learn to slow down.

You will learn and you will also be very happy that you did learn to slow down and serve. It is a very fulfilling and rewarding lesson. Growing in new areas that God has for you hurts while you are going through it but when you start to see things in a different way, the maturity you gain you will be very thankful. I know I am. If it wasn't for the RA I don't think I would my relationship would be very close to God.

Praying for you guys always. This adjustment will come. :)

Blessings and so happy you are all home.

Ruthy ;0)

I just cried when I read your latest news your such a LOVELY man :o)

Yes will pray you have patience but also that you will EMBRACE the moment....Enjoying each day and knowing God loves you and is caring and carrying you's through.



Praying for your family every week. Praying for this new normal to include hidden blessings along with the desire to move forward into "old normal"


I just love you all...
I've met Joanne before, but never any of the rest of you. But you feel like family to me, and in Christ, we are family.
And I keep thinking, if I care about all of you as much as I do, how much MORE must God care about you.

BIG Love. Our God has BIG Love for you and Joanne and your family. I picture Him with a big, huge grin beaming over y'all.

You're in the HOME stretch. Seek His face when it gets overwhelming. Don't weary yourself worrying.

Welcome home! Every day will be a challenge but our God will never leave you nor forsake you. He prepares for you.

Much love,

Perfecting Pru

I still can't believe how quickly you have returned home Joanne!

I will continue to keep you and your family in my thoughts. I am sure your strength will continue to pick up more steadily now you are home.


Theresa Roach

SO happy that Joanne is home! Each day will bring new joys! Have a blessed day and I continue to pray for all of you! HUGS from Georgia!

Amy T

So excited Joanne is home and that the weekend went pretty well. Praying for encouragement to come her way.


So happy and thankful that Joanne is home and your family is together again. I found this today and thought you might like to read the account of this woman's journey after her stroke.

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