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Kimberly S.

So excited for you all!!! Praying for a smooth transitions for all!!

Wife of Rob

Praying praying praying! That is the best news I have heard all day!


Linda Hughes

I hope you get time to take some pictures of the yard/flower plantings! Praying for a smooth transition!

heidi carrico

Whoooooooooo!! Thanks again Toben for all the posts you have typed throughout the journey. We know you have typed through many tears, fears, dissappointments, joy, happiness, contentment, extitement.....
God bless you for sharing your beautiful wife. For sharing the miracle woman. For being so honest and allowing us to be a part of this remarkable journey.
Toben, we pray for you as you continue on with your wife home, with your daughters back home again too. Praying the 4 of you will make a wonderful transistion and a team who is determined to never give up and encourage each other along.
So thankful for being able to know tomorrow is the day. Tomorrow my new friend, Joanne is going home after all the hard work. Amazing how God allowed so many miracles to be performed. I never knew JOanne or your family, what a testimony.
To be honest, I those down days and wondered if she would be in rehab for over an year or longer.
Praise God that wasnt the case, because Joanne pressed on so hard with strong determinition and had the most wonderful and supportive husband, parents and daughters...she has been refueled to press on.
Im very honored to have been inspired by an amazing woman, only because of the stroke. Sometimes we meet someone so unique through those dark times, but God allows the story to turn from dark to amazing and thriving. Only God can do that.......
Praise God.....
Praise God.....
Our JOanne is heading home.....
One more day.....
Praise God.....

From whom all blessings flow!!

Heidi Carrico, IN


So wonderful, and overwhelming, too! I am in awe, though, of how God has worked throughout your experience (just read Kristen's blog about the planting. Wow.) God is so Big and so Good!

julie Hoagland

That is wonderful news....still praying and believing!

God Bless you all!

Julie, Isaiah and Noah Hoagland....Seattle, WA

Lisa Schubert

Love to you all! yes it is very exciting and scarry. All normal! I wish for you all safe returns and a normal routine. I will be praying non stop.


My heart rejoices with you all at this mighty milestone. To God be the glory indeed! Will be praying for a smooth transition!


Praying for a smooth transition home....after everything I can only imagine it will feel so GOOD and peaceful to be in your own place with your family always by you.

Blessings to you Joanne!


Auntie Mip

I am so happy and thrilled. I pray all goes beautifully. In no time things will return to a rythmn and pace that feels natural. A new normal if you will. I am just so happy tonight as I imagine Joanne sleeping , well trying to sleep. Mind all a twitter with thoughts of coming home. Thoughts of her girls. Thoughts of tomorrow night and snuggling up close with her honey. God Bless you all!


I am so thrilled about this. May God bless you as you adjust to being home.

Philly Paige

Woo~hoo!! So excited for you guys!! I love seeing so many answered prayers for your family!! God is good!! I will continue to pray for and think about your family daily!


What an amazing blessing! So happy for you. Praising God with you. Praying to Him for all of you.


Yay!!! You get to live at your home as a family!! New beginnings to learn! You will do fine! God is on your side remember and I really don't see God letting you fall on your faces when he has brought you this far. Praying all goes well tomorrow and Toben if you have so much to do you can't write this weekend well, you're excused!


The best news I've heard all day. I will be praying for Joanne's re-entry into life at home, and for your entire family. Blessings!


What a day tomorrow will be! I will continue praying for Joanne and your family and especially for Friday, that everything goes well. Praise God for all that He has done and will continue to do!

Holly B.

May God flood you each with peace in this EXCITING transition!

lisa @ the preachers wife

Praying like crazy being home is just one more key in joannes total recovery and that your precious family will be restored into your own routines. Who would have thought 4 months ago you would ever cone this far?? God is huge.


You may not have a host of doctors and nurses right outside your door, but God's hands will be around you, and a host of Angels will be with you, every step of the way!

Andrea S.

Oh Precious Heim Family-
The long awaited day has arrived! I will be praying for a smooth transition home and the the LORD would be your portion today for any difficulties that may arise. He loves you so much...and to His glory Joanne is being healed- and completely restored...which is what I have been praying for since day one! I love you guys so much and when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed remember the ways in which you are being surrounded in prayer!

Love you guys-
Andrea S.

mary beth

Such wonderful news to hear! Thank you for sharing this journey with us and letting us see God at work in your lives! Peace Peace and more Peace as you start the next chapter!

Mary Ann from Alabama

Praises to God!!! Blows my mind that Joanne is going home. To think how far she has come also blows my mind. Please do keep us updated, but understand that you guys will be soooo busy. Praying for a smooth transition.

Deidra Lowery

I am praising the Lord with you for the tremendous work the Lord has done in Joanne's body. I'm praying for all of you. I'm so happy to have had the privilege of coming to know you through your blog. All of you have blessed me in ways you will never know. I'm asking the Lord for a smooth transition for all of you.
Blessings from Waynesboro, MS

Pam Houston

I remember Jan 11 and the call for serious prayer intercession for Joanne and the whole Heim family, and now look! A big shout out to our Wonderful LORD, Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow. We will continue to pray from afar and follow your miraculous journey, giving God all the glory. Praying for a smooth transition for each of you and especially for dear Joanne, as she continues to regain her life and balance in the process.
A So. Cal Siesta~


So happy for you all today. I know your girls and you, Toben and Joanne, are breathing a bit deeper as you try to reclaim normal. Normal is overrated anyway, so continue to know that you are being upheld in prayer and love by this virtual friend in Texas. God is big in the transitions. May you feel His palpable Presence and comfort as you take each day with His help.

Thanking Him with great joy for this day for you! Love, Annette


Oh my gosh!! This is an answer to all of our prayers!! Thank You Jesus! I will pray for an awesome, smooth Homecoming for all of you!!! And will also pray for the weeks ahead that God will be there with you through everything!
Thank You God for this continued Miracle!!!
Still praying for a 100% complete healing!!! :-)


Praise God! I have followed your journey since the beginning. I am so in awe again of our Lord and the gracious love He has bestowed on your family. Thank you for sharing this experience with the world and allowing us to pray you through and to see the numerous miracles that have happened over the past 4 months. May God bring continued strength, peace and wisdom to you all during this time of excitement and transition.
Fort Worth, TX


God has been so good to you all thru this season you are all in. I know he will continue to smooth out those paths you all must continue to journey on. I pray for strength, patience, for Grace to abound. I pray that your whole family be blessed and annointed by the most high God and for the the Mighty Lord's mighty hand be on all of your sholders.


Terrific news. All best wishes for continued improvements and growth in strength and endurance. It will be wonderful for Joanne to back in the comfort and security of her own home. I am sure it will help so much with her recovery.



From West Des Moines, Iowa, I'm praying for your family. Toben, your words have moved me deeply for the past four months, and you've made me pause to remember my own vows of "in sickness and in health". Every recorded word is a testament to how much you love your wife, and girls. I can't wait to hear more from Joanne, to hear what these months have been like from her point of view. I'm praying for your homecoming!


What a wonderful day this will be! Praying all goes well for you all. Just take your time as the "new normal" will take time but to be all back together again will be such joy for you all I'm sure! God Bless you all.

Susan Moher

Joanne, love seeing your 'tweet' today that you feel 'HAPPY'! Praying for you as you move back home, for the new adjustments that will challenge all of you. God will provide your every need!
Hugs and prayers---


Hooray!!! Praise God!!! This is the day we've been praying for!!! Will keep praying for a smooth transition for all of you.
Love from Karene in So. Cal.

Lisa Chandler

Thanking God along with ya'll for this amazing day! So happy for you to be together again under one roof. Will pray for a smooth transition and patience in the midst of this big day (and days to come).

Our God is truly an awesome God - Joanne I'm thrilled at your recovery - a walking, talking, blogging miracle! YES, Lord, amen.

Lisa in Arizona


Awesome! HE still does miracles today and I thank Him for them. So happy for your family.

Robin in New Jersey

Fantastic news! Blessings to your whole family.

Lisa R-p

Welcome home friend -- so happy for you!


HUGE, HUGE, HUGE! You all must be so excited! I hope all goes well, and that you are able to revel in each moment as it comes to you all. Praying for a smooth day for all invovled.

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