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Ok, I'm bawling. Happy Mother's Day Joanne. (I want to be a mom like your's too, when I grow up.)

Kim Feth

Happy Mother's Day to both you and your dear Mom!
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


What a beautiful message to your Mum. I'm sure your kids feel just the same about you and are really looking forward to Friday and having you back home.


I hope I never have to endure your struggle, but I am sure my mom would be there. I would hope to have the strength and attitude of your mom if my child ever walks your road. Tearing up just reading this, cause really the job of being a mom is never REALLY over, till we see our abba father in Heaven. Its a job that I am blessed to do. Blessings and prayers to you Joanne!


You are blessed! But you know, you are the sort of mother that your mother is. It's why we've all been here reading you for years, and why we all stuck with you.
Happy Mother's Day to you and to you Mom!

Mary Lou

We truly never out grow the need for our mama. You are a blessed woman and I am sure that you would do exactly what she has done for one of your girls....for that is what mama's do....we love and we take care of our children no matter what their age. Excited for you and your entire family on going home. What a great God we serve...


What a beautiful tribute to your momma! And yes, I still need my momma even at the age of 45! Blessings to you today Joanne!


Happy Mother's Day, Joanne.

This is beautiful.

From reading your blog and books the past few years....I know you are a WONDERFUL mama, too!


Tina Smith

The best I have read all day:)


ah, this is sweet! i want to be like your mom too! what a great example of giving and loving her family!

praying for you, joanne!

Theresa Roach

SWEET... dear Joanne! I miss my Mommy and love her as much today as always! God bless you as you return to your home! You love with all of your heart and that is whay God is watching over you, that is why your Mommy is sticking by your side and ALL of your family is praying you back to FULL health! I admire your strength and courage far more than you will ever know! BIG HUGS from 'lil 'ole me:)


I feel the exact same way :) I will always need my Mommy <3 Even after she is gone, I will still have the lessons she has taught me in my heart.


Happy Mother's Day! Joanne. Glad to see you are coming along so well. Hope your week goes as well as your day has went. Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day with your mommy.

Michelle from Australia

Happy Mother's Day Joanne. I agree with your sentiments. I'm a Mum. I'm nearly 41. My husband and I are proud parents to a beautiful daughter with multiple disabilities. And my wonderful Mum and Dad have held our hands, and continue to hold our hands, whilst we do our best to bring up our special gift. Wonderful parents rock! And I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. You've done so well and I hope your amazing recovery continues on.


Happy Mother's Day!


Happy Mother's Day Joanne and I know your Mom is proud of how you turned out. I'm sure having you around this Mother's Day is extra special to her so keep up the good work and you'll be home before you know it. Our God is an awesome God and your healing is proof.


We never get too old for our mommies. So thankful yours has been able to be there for you. Mine got me through a year of continual cancer scares by helping take care of my three-yr.-old and a 9 month old. Their daddy's hands were full with taking care of me after the surgeries.

I lift you up regularly in prayer, although this is the first time I've commented. I'm missing my mother, but know that she was there for me when I really needed her most.

Happy Mother's Day Joanne and to your mom as well.

Kathy Hutchinson

I remember you telling me that your mom was just like Mary Poppins...practically perfect in every way! (and I agree with you, she is)


Best wishes I read all day!! I hope you are having a Happy Mother's Day yourself!


Such a great testimony to a great mom!

lisa smith

Happy Mother's Day Joanne and to your great mom too!! Praise God for your progress, I pray God completes your healing quickly.


Awww... I wrote something very similar to my mama today. Since I was injured, she's been there for me SO much. I love how a girl never outgrows her need for her mama!

Happy Mother's Day to you as well. :-)

Auntie Mip

Happy Mother's Day Joanne!

What a beautiful tribute to your mama. Something about reading your words. Knowing how hard it was for youth type them, iPad or not, incredibly hard. Knowing that you mean them from the depths of your being. So beautiful. A reminder for all of us to love on our mamas. To work hard to do our best. To never let anything get in our way. Keep us down. Prevent us from being the very best we can. After all look how far Joanne has come in only four short months. For you dear Joanne, four months feels like a lifetime. But to to see your progress and know just how much you have achieved since really is a miracle.

May you be blessed with the strength and courage of the Blessed Virgin, a mama of extraordinary grace, as you enter this your last week in the hospital. I am so thrilled for your family, especially your girls!

Lauren Forsythe

Such a sweet post Joanne! So happy for you to be going home Friday! Congratulations and happy mothers day!!


What a sweet post. Moms are the best, and we always needs them!!


Happy Mothers Day to you and your wonderful mom, Joanne!


Oh, so many tears. Thank you for this. I think of you and your family every day from over here in Germany. Lots of love. xoxo, Caroline


Obviously your condition has not stopped you from knowing that moms are the best thing in life and you are just the same to your girls. Hang in there keep up the tough work and keep showing us the miracle God has put into all of our lives. bless you and your mom.

Susan Moher

Oh, how good it is to be able to say we never out grow our desire for our Mama...that means we were blessed with loving, good ones! I know I was and though she is now in a nursing home, I still love to be near her and love her praying hands and gentle touch and smile full of love and encouragement!!
Joanne, what a sweet 'love note' to your Mom...and oh, what a good, loving Mama you have been blessed with! :)

Julie M ~ The Little Red Shop

God Bless you, Joanne! My mama's doing the same thing for my big brother right now...well, other than shaving his legs. He's been in critical condition with a brain infection for the last month and a half...prior to which, I was following along with your story, and still am praying for you!

In Him,
Julie M.


You are blessedto have such an awesome Mom!! I'm so happy that you are almost home!!

Brian Elder


You and your family have been such an inspiration to me. I will continue to pray for a full recovery and that God will use your life to draw people to him.


B. Elder
Columbus, Ohio

heidi carrico

The countdown begins....2 more days!! Hang in exciting!!!!!!!!
So exciting...
so exciting.....
so excited for your whole family.

heidi carrico, IN

Michelle DeRusha

I know you don't know me, Joanne, but I pray for you often and am so inspired by your courage and perseverance. This post to your mom captures it all -- with love to you and your family...Michelle


Happy Belated Mother's Day! You truly have a wonderful mother. This was my first Mother's Day ever as a mommy and reading this made me tear up. Especially with my little one staring at me from her walker, I definitely felt the impact of your words. You are truly inspiring, Joanne. Keep on keepin' honey!

I have to say, it is just really really nice to "hear" your "voice" back on this blog. I did miss it quite a lot.


Sorry, one last thing! I don't know if you remember posting this recipe a long time ago, but I made those orange peel candies (from Martha Stewart) today.

They've become so regularly requested at my house, and I think of you everytime I make them. :)

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