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So, so happy for you guys that I can't find words to express it. Thank you, as always, for sharing with us!
Barb from CNY


This post is precious. Family at home together what an answer to prayer.

Enjoy doing NOTHING Saturday!!! Sure wish the Siesta's from the South were close enough to bring a meal over!

Thrilled for you all!


So, so excited for all of you!!! Sweet sleep for all 4 of you!!

Wife of Rob

God heard the cries, brother. He heard the cries. This is just almost too overwhelming to comprehend. To our God alone be ALL GLORY and ALL HONOR for this milestone in Joanne's journey (and yours, and the girl's). Praise Him...praise Him!

Much love to the Heims,
Jen & Rob Bartlett


I am rejoicing with you. God is good.


I haven't been commenting much but I have been following every post. Praise God Joanne is home! I pray that you all adjust to your new normal and fall into routine quickly.

Kelly Campbell

Welcome Home! Relax and enjoy! Praying for you all. It's so much better being at home. You will be amazed at the rate of your progress now!

Sandy Chapin

Sounds like a fabulous day. Enjoy doing nothing tomorrow, you all deserve some quiet family time. God Bless!

Beverly Curts

I have never commented, but have been following your post and praying for you daily. God is so Good! I will continue to pray for a complete recovery and a quick adjustment to living at home as a family again.


I'm smiling as I read this. What a wonderful feeling to be home! I hope you all do absolutely nothing tomorrow except enjoy each other and the simplicity of being together.
Sending hugs from So. Cal.


Continuing to keep the entire Heim family (and extended family) in uplifting prayers to our Father.
This is so awesome that Joanne is at home. Love Love Love on her..relish in each other.. you are each a cord, coming together to form a very strong bond (rope, if you will). One simple and good day at a time.
No need for more, do not expect less.
Your Father grants your daily needs.


What a wonderful day for the entire family! The Lord truly does make wonderful things happen! Welcome home & enjoy!


Big ole tears in my eyes!!!! We thank you Jesus for healing Joanne and restoring her each and every day! We have witnessed a miracle straight from God Himself!!! Praise!


Sounds wonderful! What miracles! So happy that you have so many around to give you all the help you need.
I agree with the other siestas, wish we were all closer to bless you even more!
Enjoy your first day off tomorrow, as you enjoy each other in your own home!!

Helen at A Work of Heart

What a day indeed!
I am so glad that everyone is tucked in at home where you all belong.

Have a very restful and uneventful day tomorrow...except that it is a big event to have Joanne home...I am so thrilled and joyous for you all!

Carolyn McCready

Have been praying for you daily and am just so happy to think of you all home together. Peace and so much love to you all tonight.

Kathleen Jaeger

Praise the Lord. Oh beautiful, long-awaited day for all of you to be home together. Good job focusing on that!! Yay!

Pam Case

Thanks for the sweet description of your day with Joanne. I pictured it all in my mind and it was BEAUTIFUL. Hugs to her from Tennessee. Y'all are loved from near and far! -Pam Case

Gina Rigdon

I have been following you both on Twitter and checking in hereon this site now and then since the day your lives were so dramatically changed. I give periodic reports o my family because in some strange way I feel like I know you. Tonight when I told my husband that Joanne was home from the hospital there was no "Who?" or "Who's Joanne?" He knew exactly who I meant.

I am so happy for all of you. I do hope and pray for a peaceful night of rest and a wonderful day of relaxation tomorrow. You certainly deserve it. God bless.

Gina in Jacksonville, FL

Sara G

Glad today went smoothly and Joanne is home! There will be challenges but I know the Lord is with you all and you all will find what works best for your family. Enjoy and relax :)
My sweet sister is home and that gives me another reason to celebrate on my birthday tomorrow! Love you Joanne! We can do it!!


sitting here crying and reading through the joy and peace of your day with Joanne at home... thank you for letting me peek into the day and feel like I was right there with you all. Rest, cherish.. you all are loved and prayed over.. in His Glory - Dedra

Sarah Canfield

What a great day! So glad you guys are at home. Still praying for you as you settle in and find a new normal.

Liz Reeves

So so so excited for you guys! I'm sure there will be plenty of challenges to this new season of life, but you'll get into a routine in no time & the 'new normal' will be great!


I'm so happy for all of you!!! Things will definitely continue looking good for you :)

Ann Doucette

WOW !!!!! This is so exciting... A whole new journey and we will continue to pray for this journey . So proud of Joannes progress . Many blessings and prayers .... Klaine & Ann Doucette AZ


So happy you're all home together again.
Continued prayers, from Vancouver, WA.


Rest peacefully Heim family. You all deserve a good nights rest together.

Blessings to you Joanne and praising God you are home:)



So,so, so happy for you all! Praise God!! God is good all the time!! All the time God is good!

Blessing to you, Joanne and your family Toben. So glad you all can be home together. Yes, it might be an uphill climb but you all have already climbed so far!!

Get some good needed sleep and peace and queit.
Praying for you all.


I live in England UK. Unfortunately I have experience of stroke. I clock watched all day yesterday; recalculating time differences thinking Joanne will be getting ready to leave hospital about now, she'll be arriving home about now etc etc. I am glad you are all home together again. Praying as always for you. Much love.

Auntie Mip

This is, simply put, glorious news! Amen, hallelujah...Joanne is home where she belongs. Thank you God for answered prayers, for friends and family, for the beautifully "Simple Life(wife)" that is Joanne!!!

Janet (JayCee) Cline



Tears in my eyes reading this. So happy that Joanne is home. Nothing more to say.

Zita - Mlle Magpie

What a journey it's been! SO unbelievably happy for you Toben, Joanne and your whole family - nothing beats being at home!


Praise God! I've been following your posts since I heard about Joanne, but honestly haven't checked in for a couple of weeks. Today I cried happy tears for you all!

Pam Houston

And I wish all the Siestas from So. Cal could do something wonderful too, like help the Southern Siestas with food for you all month long, as you find your new normal. PTL for those who are able to bless you and Joanne for this milestone of her long awaited release to her own nest. So happy for your girls too and know they will be wonderful little nurses to their mother. So, bless the LORD oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name. He has done great things! So happy for ya'all and continuing in prayer as you situate and discover.

A So. Cal "Siesta"~

Annette Geffert

Boy, what perspective you have after such a trial. And your response--a joyful, thankful heart! Such a lesson for me. Thank you, Toben, for coming back here even when you didn't feel like it to tell your story, and God is glorified through and through. Sending love and thanking Jesus this morning!


PRAISE THE LORD!!! Thanks be to God for prayers answered and His many, many blessings!!!! What wonderful & positive news to read first thing in the morning!! Prayers continue for Joanne's continued healing and success in therapy!! YOU WILL DO IT, Joanne!!! Look how far you've come since January!!!! Toben, thank YOU for posting when I know it had to be difficult at times and you were exhausted!!! It was our "window" into your lives and her story - THANK YOU!!!!

Tears of happiness, joy, and praise to God for all of you!!!!

Love and God Bless!!!
Lynn in Cypress, TX


This is the day the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Wow! What an understatement!!!
So happy Joanne is home and that the Heim Family is together again!


I am so thankful that Joanne is home! God is so good and I pray that her recovery picks up speed. May God continue to bless this family with mercy and grace.

Ruthy :o)

We had hail in Cromer Norfolk England today n I thought of you's with snow in Colorado!

And the BLESSINGS your now experiancing with your dear wife at HOME ...Praying for complete healing ...and as you continue to go step by step God will make that step plain for you's.



Tears of joy, thanksgiving and praise that all of you are 'home' together! Our God is an awesome God!
Will continue to pray for your entire family.
Blessings today and every day,
Matthew 21:2i

Mary Ann from Alabama

Praise God!!! I am so supremely happy for all of you that Joanne is finally home, and, that, in fact, all four of you are at home together. Wow, how far y'all have come! Again, praise God for his unfathomable grace and mercy, and for the people who surround y'all with such good care.


What a wonderful post to read today! My heart has been lifted immensely! I have been following your story since a few days after the stroke. I've laughed and cried with you all and prayed for this day to come. We indeed have an AWESOME GOD! And you are an AWESOME family. God Bless you all! And much love from here in S Florida!

I am even more looking forward to the posts now that Joanne is home! <3



Love to hear this great news!!!! I hope your first weekend back together in your own home will be a very slow, relaxing, special one.

Sending hugs to you all from CA!

lisa c.


I am thrilled for your family! Best news ever!


Oh I imagine the simple and wonderful joy of sharing your bed together again! May love continue to reign in your family.


Congrats on being at home! I'm sure it's the best feeling in the world right now. Hope things go smoothly while you all adjust ... but there's enough love to get you all through it.

May God continue to bless you.


This is terrific. Prayers for the peace and bliss of rest for you all now that Joanne is safely home and tucked up in her own bed.


In This Wonderful Life

so sweet! So thankful she is home!

Kim McCauley

Welcome home, Joanne!! Isn't it amazing, how the things we once took for granted become so exciting and precious? Like many others, I don't comment often, but I read your blog and pray for you daily. So thrilled for this milestone in your journey.

kimber fenili

Welcome Home! Praise Him from whom all BLESSINGS FLOW!!!


So happy for ya'll!! I am praying, praying, praying.

yanna westmoreland

God is so faithful. Welcome Home Joanne. I continue to pray for all of you from Bryan, Texas

Child of God

This is great news! Your family is back together and all will be well. God is so good!

Praying and praying for sleep!

heidi carrico

Praise God! Praise God!! Toben, I dreamed for this moment for you when Joanne was in a coma and the news wasnt the best. Then came the time when she was supposed to wake up and we didnt know what the outcome would be.
Praise God.....
Praise God...
She is alive and well....
And Back home where she Belongs...
with her beloved husband and daughters!

Sleep Well, thankful for you to have a full night sleep with not nurses poking or bothering you.

Thanks again....from the very bottom of my heart, for sharing this journey with us. We are so blessed just by knowing and following you guys along.

Such an inspirational family!! Keep it up!

Heidi Carrico


Your post reminded me so much of how my then-fiancee (now husband of 10yrs!) and I used to talk when one of us had to go home at night - 'One day we won't have to do this... one day you won't have to go home every night...' That was one of the things we were most excited about when we finally got married - that we could be with each other all the time!
And now you have that same joy at being back with each other all the time, and not having to go home :) Hope you both managed to get a good night's sleep, to help cope with the inevitable adjustments that will happen over the next while.

Tobin, thank you so much for keeping us all updated as you've gone through this journey, I really appreciate the time you've spent.

God is good... and what a testimony you two have!

Stephanie Riley



So glad to hear you finally got her home where she belongs. I know you'll have some adjusting to do but I am just so happy to hear that all our hopes and dreams and prayers were answered. Enjoy a Nothing to do weekend.


I have not posted before; somehow I accidently (or was it an accident?) came across your blog shortly after Joanne had her stroke and I really got caught up in your story.

My friend Vicky suffered a massive stroke on Christmas Day of last year while visiting family in Florida. We hoped and prayed she would have a recovery such as yours, but as of this date she is still in a coma. She was able to be airlifted back here to a nursing home in her home state of Michigan, and that gives us much comfort to know at least that she is here close to her family and friends.

Your story has given me much to hope for and I can only imagine how happy you and your family must feel right now. I continue to wish you all the best and thank you for sharing your life with us during these past months.



Joanne, so glad you are HOME! Good luck to you as you adjust, and Amen that you made it back home where you belong.

Kristi Walker

So many prayers from our family to yours... What a blessing home and family are! May the love, peace and healing of the Lord surround you and yours, Joanne!


tears of joy for you - you just must be so excited, probably a bit nervous - but Joanne is home where she belongs....enjoy your day of all deserve it!


Thank God she's back home with you all..!


Voisiko palvonta, rauha ja korjaukset Herran surround teitä ja teidän, Joanne! Tarinasi on antanut minulle paljon luottamusta varten ja haluaisin vain pystyä visualisoimaan miten autuaan sinä ja talon pitäisi tuntea tästä hetkestä

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