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Heather C

Continuing to bathe you all in prayer. Enjoy your weekend to the fullest... drink in every moment. :)


Enjoy the weekend and I will as always continue to pray.

Kimberly S.

I am so glad you both are finding those special moments to have conversations together. I have four boys and our world is so fast paced that there are days I can't wait for the kids to grow up and move on. Then I think of how special this time is and decide to wait patiently.

I'm glad therapy is going well. I am praying all the time for Joanne to get well. I'm sure it is tough for her to just sit all the time.

As for Audrey's hair....Kristen posted pictures on her blog already and I LOVE IT!!!!! She needs to be a model. Audrey can pull off any outfit and hair style. I can't wait to see what Jlynn does to Joanne's hair.

Have a great day and enjoy the rest & relaxation!!!


Thanks for continuing to allow us such honest access to your family. I have not posted a comment in quite some time but continue to pray daily for Joanne's healing and for you, the girls, and your extended family. I will add these requests to my list.

Still praying in Las Vegas!

Kim Feth

So glad that you are taking the time to connect and communicate. We are continuing to pray for you "continually and in all matters".
Kim Feth
A Siesta
Apex, NC


Thanks for continuing updates on Joanne and the family. I am, along with all the others, still praying for you all. It certainly helps us focus on what to pray for.

Kathy Rivera

Thank you Toben for this post. To hear of the slower pace and the fruit of quiet time together, the emphasis from 'doing' to 'being' is a beautiful picture to all of us. We get busy, even with ministry and good works, and we can miss the necessity of communion with the Lord and each other. I appreciate your openness to share, and your faith that God is using this suffering to impact many in ways you may never know.
We are blessed to be a part of your lives.
Kathy in Idaho


Our Prayers are still with you all. It's good to hear that you two are able to have some quiet time together, that's a gift that no one else can give you but our awesome God. It warms my heart to see the recognition you have in seeing what He is doing. I'm sure it's not all perfect but you see it with an open heart!
Love & blessings, Bobbie

Child of God

So glad to hear you and Joanne are having some good conversations. Re-hab sounds like it is going well and I got to see a sweet pic on twitter of the new gym that is up for Joanne. Looks great!

Always praying for you Joanne and will be focusing on these new requests.

God Bless,

Lisa Brooks

I am not in any way saying Joanne's ordeal is a blessing in disguise, but what a lovely thing to find the joy in it. To find a calmness that maybe wouldn't have been found a year ago. I think you are amazing, as is Joanne, to keep going with a positive attitude.

Our family continues to pray for yours.

Adam and Lisa Brooks


I understand better than most what Joanne is going through. I had a stroke on February 2, 2010. I have come along way but its a long process and there is still improvements to be made. I hope your AFO arrives and fits mine made a huge difference right away in my walking. I'm trying to strength my leg to learn to walk without it. I can a little but its hard. If you have any questions or want to talk to someone who has gone through a stroke at a younger than average age, I was only 25, email me at Take care.

Eveline from the Netherlands!

Thank you Toben for this post. Cannot wait to see the picture's off joanne new hair cut. Nice to hear you have good conversation white Joanne.





My son suffered a brain injury at five months (and is now 13) in a car accident, on the right side, and has nearly identical issues to Joanne, plus some. Joanne's walking on the toe - my son was doing that, too. We got Botox injections a few times over the years to relax the muscles in the leg and foot which helped, but this year it was worse than ever, so Shriner's Children's Hospital did surgery. They cut into the inside (arch) of his foot and stretched/lengthened and/or cut the tendon. Combined with a cast on his foot for three months to further stretch the muscles, he is now walking flat-footed and can wear his orthotic comfortably. It really changed the way he walks from his back on down. Just thought I'd mention these ideas.

Kathy C.

I pray your next post includes a wonderful progress report of noted improvement in these areas.

kristi walker

Our family is lifting yours up in prayer! Praying for healing, joy and peace for every family member.

Lisa Gibbons

My son has cerebral palsy and walks on his toes on his left foot. He has botox injections that have really helped. I'm not sure if this is an option for you or not. Praying for you! Take care :)

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