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Kristy Hunt

Rejoicing in all the wonderful miracles that God has done so far... trusting that He has so much more in store! Joanne, whenever I read from your blog, I am reminded of your Psalm 23 lessons... especially the hinge, "For you are with me." Praying that as you take on these new challenges that you will know the presence of our mighty God!
Love your Arizona Friend!


I am Joanne's age and have been following her and the entire family's journey since 11 January. Your entire wish list will be in my prayer list!

Kim Feth

We will continue to pray these as a family. Everyone's faith that has been so revealed through this process has been so amazing to witness. Know that your entire family is treasured and valued.
Kim Feth
A Siesta and follower of Joanne's blog (still check it daily)
Apex, NC


Tearing up as I read this, remembering the God who "lifts us from the grave"... in Joanne's case physically as well as spiritually. Joanne, you will ROCK rehab. You are strong, thanks to God. You are healing, thanks to God. And you will persevere and emerge victorious... and all thanks again will be to our great God. Hugs!

Kimberly S.

Joanne, my friend, you will have all that again, one day. Be patient for God has a plan for you. We may not like the timing but in HIS time all will be well again.

I am grateful for how far you have come. Looking back at the list of what had happened from January 11 until today. As I read, I kept saying I remember that and that. I cried. You are doing so good from this side looking in and I have no doubt that GREAT things will happen. You CAN do it!!

Much love & hugs,
Kimberly S.

P.S. I'm still those beach chairs for you, Audrey and Emma in Florida!


What amazing lists. It's strange to read the dates on the first one. I remember checking for updates so often, yet those dates seemed like longer stretches when happening. I love the new list. . . the vision and the hope. . . and when you consider how far you've come and the amazing God who created you in the first place, it's encouraging. Will print this out for prayer. Continued healing dear sister.


Praise and prayers. You have come so far, I will continue to pray for your goals.

Love you!


Hope this list will all work out for Joanne.

BTW, there is a great computer program, Dragon Naturally Speaking, which does amazing voice recognition and basically types out the spoken words as text for you in any application you want/have open (Word, Facebook, blog, google, etc). I used it when I had my arm broken.

You train it by reading a long text, and it does very well, even with accents so even if Joanne does not have her regular modulation back yet it should still work well.

And, it is only about $40.

Much much faster than typing with one finger or one hand....

Child of God

God is so good and you have come so far!! Continuing to pray for 100% recover!

Joanne, keep your chin up, work hard, always Praise God and keep your eyes on Jesus. Praying and praying for you dear sister.



What a journey it's been! When you look back at where it started, you can see God's hand working on Joanne - restoring her bit by bit. I'm sure there is a lot that she has learned about herself and her God along the way. Praying that her list is met - and soon!

S&R xo


My family and I have been praying for you every single day and will continue to! You're an amazing woman with a super supportive family. You've made it through a lot of hurdles, and you'll make it through many more. Trust God and His timing. My husband had brain surgery 2.5 years ago, and they told us it would take a good full 2 year recovery...and it did. Sometimes we wanted things faster than his body could take it on, but in time, God healed his mind so that he is now functioning normally (well, whatever that is) and doing quite well. God will heal you, too, my sister in Christ.

Love and blessings..... Susan and family

Sara G

Thank you for your post Chuck. Recovering from stroke takes time and hard work. Praising God for all He has done and will do for Joanne!

Joanne, Keep it up! One of the best notes I received from a family friend was to "Take it slow." 1. To make sure I was re-learning and remembering because reconnection takes many repetitions. 2. Also, to take time to remember God's love and faithfulness by giving time out to Him.
Rest is so important but keep at it especially on those good days. I'm at 20 months now and still lots to re-gain. We can do this!
With much love, Sara G


Continuing to pray for you, Joanne!!! So proud & excited to see how far you've come and looking forward to seeing you accomplish all the rest! God is GOOD!

Pam Houston

Oh my, I am so overwhelmed at such a list, looking backwards and forwards. No wonder your family is such a "wonder" to me. And Joanne, the queen of all "ultra- marathon" runners. I expect her every hope to be fulfilled and then some. To have been sovereignly called along on this journey of faith and prayer with a people I did not know has been a life-changing assignment, and I don't say that lightly. The LORD has been acknowledged in all your ways and His instructions and mercies have never failed, as He has and will continue to direct your paths to His greater glory. I believe that you will continue to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living and in ever-increasing faith, because you have dared to walk it out in humility, transparency and audacious faith. Even in tears the eye has seen the rainbow, the promise. Cheering you on Joanne and all your loving family and also praying for Heather Noce and her miracles. "For such a time as this..."
A "siesta" from So. Cal

Kathy Rivera

Loved seeing the 'map' of miracles. All history is His Story and there is more to tell with this precious family. So glad to be one of many invited by the Holy Spirit to walk alongside in prayer.

Kathy from Idaho.

Cari in Iowa

I have been praying for you and your family since I read about you on Beth Moore's blog. Now I read Kristin's blog too. The list you have accomplished is amazing! Way to go! Such hard work! I will continue to pray for you and your list of things yet to come.

God Bless you and yours!
Cari in Iowa

PS: I also love it when your dad blog' are one blessed girl :)


Weeping with all that God has done, it is amazing to read all of the miracles in a list by date. Why am I so surprised, it is God afterall, but in my human state, I am weeping from being overwhelmed by the proof of His mercy.

Joanne and Family, I am believing *and praying) that your new list will be fulfilled because God can do it.

Push, push through the doubt, push through the fear, push through the pain, believing in the next set of miracles coming your way.

Thank you for the privilege to witness God's work through Joanne.


Other things God did this year: Gave Joanne a stroke.

Eveline from the Netherlands!

Dear Joanne,

God give you the strength and love to reach your new goals. I keep praying for you and your family. And Big Hug. And Chuck Thank your for the update my heart was breaking white te line you wrote about the step.

Love and Blessings

Jill Strother

I have prayed for Joanne and your family almost daily since the stroke. I have never met any of you except through this blog. I continue to lift up your praises and requests. And now may I say that I love your posts "Papa" your writing is so encouraging and real. I hope you continue to blog here or start your own.


I will continue to pray for Joanne and the whole family-I've been praying since I heard of the stroke. I will pray expectantly that all of her goals will happen!!Sending love.


Ditto to all of the above. I love your dad's posts.. he breaks it down for the entire family and followers. Waiting for Joanne to start blogging a bit!



What an amazing timeline! Still praying for Joanne and all of you!


I love Papa's posts.
Joanne, you have such a phenomenal list of praises, I pray that the Lord in his mercy and loving kindness would continue to bless you with more.
Siesta love from Texas.


We are so grateful for all the love and support of Joanne's family and friends, which no doubt has played a huge role in her miraculous recovery. Thank you, Heims, for continuing to share your lives and being a blessing to us all.

Linda Stubbs Prairie Flower

Praise his name. I got this, this morning. How wonderful to see His faithfulness to your family. I have followed, prayed and been amazed. HOLY IS HIS NAME!!!!!!!

This morning our friends told us their little baby girl Ellianna is not doing well. She was premature in birth. She had to have another shunt emergency surgery yesterday. They are asking for prayer that she will fight. Please pray with us.

Blessings to your family, Linda
Prairie Flower Farm

Lora Osburn

Tears. Prayers. And so much love to you Joanne.


I do not know you Joanne, but I cried reading the list and how far you have come. So many things we take for granted and are life sustaining functions like coughing and breathing on your own. I will never take things like that for granted again. I am about your age and my prayer has always been to be given enough life to see my children grow up. Toben once asked to pray as we were led. I prayed for you to be restored to your girls in some form. Today, I praise God as he restored you to your family.

Your list for recovery has once again floored me. I have been guilty of grumbling at too much laundry or cooking. No more. I will serve my family joyfully, humbly to be able to do so while praying in my heart for you to have the same ability. I do not know why you had to go through this Joanne, but in doing so and by the transparency of your family, you have witnessed. God bless you mightily and like Job may your future be mightier than your past.



Your beautiful post once again brings tears to my eyes! Such a tribute to the power of prayer!!! What a compassionate, loving, merciful God we serve. Only He knows what the future holds, and He will bring it to pass. I will be praying over this list!

Love in Jesus,


Dear Chuck and Joanne,

I don't write much but just wanted to say how I am continually praying for you all. Joanne is blessed to have parents like you and your wife.

Hi Joanne from FL. Keeping you in my prayers and will especially pray for your left arm. Glad to hear you're reading. I'm enjoying Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer.

God bless! Missi

Marla Taviano

Thanks for sharing all that, Papa! I love you, Joanne!


I will continue to pray for you, Joanne, and for your family. My dad suffered a stroke several years ago. Although he is much older than you, it was still a shock to us all. This may give you a laugh -- since Dad couldn't manage zippers in the beginning, I bought jogging pants with elastic waistbands, something he had never worn. He thought they looked stupid and wouldn't wear them. I finally said "All right then, go to therapy in your boxers! I'm sure you'll give everyone a laugh." He wore the jogging pants after that.

Donna Boschma

Joanne-I don't think you know me, I am from AZ--go to Mission. I have been so blessed by reading your blog and after you had your stroke, I have almost daily checked this site. I pray for you and your entire family often. As I looked over the list your dad wrote on the things you have overcome--wow! Just know I will be praying for all of you. What an incredible journey you are on--not an easy one--I am reminded from 2 Corinthians 12:9 "my Grace is sufficient for you,for my power is made perfect in your weakness." I pray God will fill you with His strength today:)

Julie (Johnson) Powell

Love to you all. The plan looks good! Thanks be to God for His sovereign care for us.


yay Joanne! a good list indeed!

And something I might suggest - an article by Tom Thomas, who had a stroke at age 48, and used hippotherapy (therapeutic horse riding) to build back his muscle tone and balance -

Colorado has many riding centers, heres one that i think might be close by ~

Although it may seem odd, a horses movement at the walk mimics the human body 's movement at a walk - these are certified programs and are all done under strict supervision...all core muscles, even if the rider cant feel them yet, get worked to achieve better balance and strength, and well, horses are just plain fun to ride - a gift from God indeed!

(and yay God too !)

Diane Conner

Wow!! Our God is so good!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us. The amazing list is definitely a list to be praising God for all the accomplishments you have made. He is praiseworthy is he not? You and your family have been in my prayers since I heard about it from the Living Proof blog. Continued prayers from a Siesta in Louisiana!


Thank you for this post Papa. What a blessing you are to your daughter.
I have been following Joanne's journey and praying for her since I read about her on Beth Moore's blog. I will continue to pray for these new desires but will first praise God for the miracles He has already done. I am convicted when I see things on Joanne's list like doing laundry, cooking, driving, etc. -- things I take for granted and things I often complain about. I will be more thankful each day going forward for the ability to do these things for as long as God allows.
Much love and prayers,
Fort Worth, TX


Thank you for this post. I have been following this blog since Beth Moore alerted us to the prayer need. I continue to keep you in my prayers.

Our 63 year old vibrant pastor's wife passed away a week ago on their flight to the Philippines from a heart attack. It has been hard to process, but your post was so timely. I liked the the thought of looking forward and the sermon by Spurgeon. Thank you!

May God continue to help Joanne on her road to complete recovery.

Esther in Queen Creek, Az

Chuck-I love reading your posts. I have children Joanne's age and it has been very uplifting to me to read how you, as her parent, have dealt with this. God is amazing! I have been praying for Joanne and your family since January 11th when I heard the news from my son. I do not know Joanne and Toben, but my son and daughter in law do from Mission church in Az. I feel like I know all of you and someday, when we are all together forever, we will have a chat. May the good Lord continue to bless Joanne and all of you. He is doing a mighty work in this and He is not finished yet!

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