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No.17 CherryTreeLane

i love you, my sweet friend.
keep taking things back. little by little.


GREAT hearing your "voice" Joanne :-)

Kimberly S.

Glad your getting back to your old self. Have fun celebrating again!


It is amazing when our God gives us a chance to capture what we thought was lost. :)
What a blessing to see you taking back what the enemy thought he had successfully stolen.


Amazing Joanne. Keep up the hard work and know we are praying for you and we love you!

Brenda Corsi

Love you and so proud of you too. Waiting for you to "take back" your San Diego vacation. Love Brenda

Marena Sheffield

What a great idea to have Toben type for you. That must make it easier. I, too, had to re-learn ways to do familiar things after my stroke. S -l-o-w-l-y many things came back. Don't be afraid to "use" others now to help you do what is hard for you. You're in my prayers as always.

Jennifer Lo

How wonderful! You are also starting to sound like you do in your posts from before :)


Happy to hear you are getting these things back! Enjoy them to the fullest!

Much love,

Sara G

We can do this Joanne! Keep it up precious lady! Just like Marena said, I had to and still working on re-learning how to do things and some I have not tackled just yet. 16 months for me and still pressing forward. God is faithful and right with us in our journey.
Celebrate those wonderful birthdays! Have a great weekend/week! Much love, Sara

Tina Smith

YAY for birthdays and celebrations:) I'm so happy to see your post today!!!


Always, always a joy to hear your blog voice! Thank you for taking the time to post!

Theresa Roach

Happy to see you taking control of things that are important to you! I know that all of your family are thanking God every day for you! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!


Love hearing your voice...writing. For such a talented writer you writing is another voice. Thank you Joanne for taking the time to write and Toben for typing.

Seaweed & Raine

Go for it! :) It reminds me of a Dayspring Church (Australia) song "... May the vengeance of the Lord, take back what was lost".
Have a great weekend, and I am loving hearing you back at your little spot of cyberspace :)


So good to hear from you the last two posts, even with Toben's help. I'm glad you are little by little feeling more like yourself. You will stay in my prayers.

A "siesta" friend from California.

Dawn W

You go girl!!! I am so amazed at your recovery AND you spirit.

Very glad to hear from you... your posts are also missed!

Love and blessings!

Pam Romo

What a great idea to write a post and have Toben type it for you. Your voice has been so missed here. And so good to see you taking back... Love, Pam


So good to hear from you Joanne! Praying for you!

Patty McCabe

U go girl!!! Take back all that is possible!! Birthday are always so neat when family's get together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM!!
Praying all is going well.


Oh this is such an important part of our healing; to take control of stuff again and shout to the world "This is me, watch out world, I'm back!"
Much love.


Welcome back Joanne!!, I know you don't know me but I am a fellow sister in Christ and have been following your story since I joined your blog after your stroke. Toben did a great job of gathering a few more zillion reading to your blog ;-) Originally I found out because of Beth Moore's daughter, Melissa who posted on LPM's blog. Isn't life so cool how we are all in this together!! You have been on my heart and mind so much the last 6 months and it's finally great to hear from you first hand. But you tell Toben and your dad they have done a brilliant job!!!!
Lots of love, Cindy


So good to really 'hear' from YOU! =) Not a bad way to spend a summer - birthdaying and healing. Celebrating life and striving for pieces of yours. Happy to hear about your nose ring - those little things mean a LOT, don't they? And three cheers for a good ol' Easter ham! I think that sounds lovely for a warm sunshiney August day =)

Beth Petty

It's so great to hear from you! Although I may not post as often, you are all still in my prayers. Now...where are the pix of the piercing and the room?! :-)


You are amazing!!!! God is good!!!! What else is there to say?

Kim Feth

I'm so excited to "hear from you" and to be able to see that you are returning more to some of who you used to be and that you are reclaiming your time - and having fun at the same time.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


Welcome back! Glad to see you taking charge and taking back your life piece by piece. Also love your wit. You have such a great attitude. You are an inspiration to me, and I am sure others as well.

Jodi Boyle

Glad to hear!! YOU GO Girl!!! Praying for you.

Kendra Jarvis

I have been praying for you and I am amazed at how well you are doing. I love the attitude you have right now of taking back. I can honestly say if I were in your shoes, I don't know if that would be my attitude. You are an inspiration-even if you don't feel like you are. God is using you-even now-to further His kingdom.

God bless, Kendra


May God give you back twice in measure what you have lost Joanne. But in all that you have lost, may I also say, strangers like me who have witnessed this journey of yours have been amazed, awed and strengthened in our own walk with God with the faith, love and family that surrounds you. That is our gain. For sharing this journey with us, with grace and above all honesty in the toughtest moments, I thank you.


It is so good to hear from you! Glad you are beginning to feel like yourself again! We have certainly missed you here in the blogosphere.


I am glad you are able to get back some of the things that make you you. That is so important. Keep on getting well and gaining in strength.



Hi Joanne,
It's good to "hear" YOU again. You have been missed on here, and so happy for your continued recovery.
Still praying in Vancouver, WA.


Bravo from Switzerland!! Praying you'll be restored completely and healthier than ever before!
Big blessings,

Kelly Counihan

I am so glad you are back at your blog and taking other things back as well. Step by Step things will come together for you and your family.


A continual party sounds great! We just celebrated a birthday in our home and the kids are already mourning the loss of chocolate chip waffles and ice cream for breakfast :-)

Sue Tell

Hey Joanne ~ What a gift to hear your words!

I'm reading Hind's Feet too. Thanks for mentioning that book.


Back in Feb. I heard about your stroke Via; James & Ryan Dobson asking for prayer for you. Since then I have checked in almost daily to see how your progress is going. It is so nice today to read about you taking things back... Seems like a spunky/fighters attitude which I know is attributing to your progress. I dream of the day that I can attend a conference at which you will be speaking and sharing your story of healing and conquering.

Child of God

Hi Joanne,

Sounds to me like you are going to be one busy lady taking in all that you missed.

I am so glad to see you recover and I just want you to know I pray for you often. You are a very blessed and loved woman. What an amazing husband you have, who loves you so much and a family and support group. You are very blessed.

Keep healing and pushing it.

Praying and praying,

Eveline from the Netherlands!

How wonderful! Noah my oldest son his birthday is also on 9th of augustus. Happy Birtday for Audery and Toben.

Great to have you Back!


Good for you! Taking things back is sometimes the best way to celebrate living. Hugs...

Erin W.

You are so AWEsome Joanne! God must have something huge in store for you to put you through such a battle. Praying for you everyday!

Melissa S.

I was rereading your posts from the beginning of the year. It was enlightening to read about the confirmation you were receiving about this being a year of love. While the challenges you've faced this year are beyond comprehension, it has certainly been a year of love for you, your family and friends. It sounds like you've also received an outpouring of love from people you don't even know. What a blessings that is. Out of everything you've lost this year, love has been in abundance.


Hi you guys! I just wanted to say I am praying for you all. I know stroke recovery can be difficult...our little girl had a pretty major stroke when she was four months old. She is two now, and I cannot tell you what a walking (well, almost completely walking) miracle she is. God has shown us so much favor, as I know He is to you as well.

I also wanted to let you guys know about this amazing intensive therapy program that we took our daughter to. I have actually heard even more amazing things about the adult portion of the, miracles...seriously. The therapist working with these patients is AMAZING, and he starts out every therapy day with the patient and team in prayer. They truly give Jesus the glory for the healing that takes place there. Anyway, to finally get to the point, ha, the place is called Melanie Massey Physical Therapy in West Monroe, LA, and the program is called IMOT (Intensive Model of Therapy).

They use something called the "neurosuit" on the is a suit that goes over your clothes and on your head, and it puts pressure on your body to help send signals to your brain to "wake up" your affected side. Then, therapy is done without the suit, and the patient feels much stronger. (Kind of like how baseball players swing a few bats before they swing one...makes them more powerful in the game.) Our daughter took her very first steps during this program, began using her right arm more, and she even became much more vocal.

Here are a couple of links:

A lot of the examples on the site are of children (and, they haven't updated in a while), but my brother-in-law is a PT in the same town, and he said he has heard of unreal progress among the adults going through this program. You can choose between either a three or four week program, I think.

Also, just a little extra info for credibility's sake: Karl (who is the main PT for IMOT) was actually called to New York to implement this program on Dick Clark when he had his stroke!

Well, I just felt like I needed to share that with you guys. If you have any other questions, feel free to send me an email.

So thankful to hear of your progress, Joanne! God is SO good!!


Lovely to hear from you, Joanne! Sending you lots of well-wishes and hugs from Singapore!

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