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Prayed for you yesterday regarding the acupuncture and will continue to do so. Love hearing your voice on your blog again, Joanne :)


Give it a few treatments to see if it does anything to help. I have high hopes for it working for you to bring you relief and results! A lot of treatments like this take a few to start seeing results.

And it's so good to see you posting. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*


Good job for being brave!! :)


Thanks for giving us an update...praying daily for you...good to know some very specific ways to be praying.
Blessings and peace to you and your family~

holly smith

Me, too!!!! Woohoo!! Lord, watch to see that Your word is fulfilled over my sister. You are faithful to your promises.


Where do they put the needles. All over or on your left side primarily? What does the electric acupuncture feel like?


Be patient! Acupuncture can take a few times to work it's amazing wonders.... But if you dont' experience anything, don't fret. It could be the energy you have with the acupuncturist. Not that he or she is bad, by any stretch, but I have found that what turns to a big fat ZERO with one, is insanely amazing with another.

Quick story: I went to my first acupuncturist and found it did nothing for me after 3 treatments. I was uncomfortable, irritated and did not enjoy it in the least.

Fast forward to my second try: My first try was incredible! I felt and electric charge be released the second she stuck one in my foot - on the leg in which I had gout. She used about 8 needles tops and I sobbed like crazy, then almost feel asleep and then felt super energized! That night was the first I slept well since having gotten gout at that time.

Now, I swear by the combination of Western and alternative methods....

Sending much love for some positive results!!

Mary Ann from Alabama

So sorry the acupuncture was not a pleasant experience for you. My sister, who has not had a stroke, had acupuncture for other reasons, and absolutely loved it. I hope it gets better. Praying for you.

Sue Tell

We've been on vacation, so tonight I've been catching up. Good for you for being brave ~ sure doesn't sound like fun! Praying you'll begin to see a positive difference.

I love that you are blogging again! What a gift to hear from you personally!

Thank you especially for your honest answer to "How are you doing?" When we honestly give attention to our emotions and feelings, we can honestly hear from God and His encouraement for us.

Honored to be walking this path with you.

Sheryl in Florida

Don't know much about acupuncture, but I am energized and electrically charged to just read this. I don't know about anyone else, but I still am thrilled that Joanne is with us and sharing her story--good, bad, and otherwise. She is a living miracle and I'm thankful for her children, husband, and family that she can consider and experience these options on her road to recovery! Joanne, you are a blessing.


Joanne, You are an encouragement to us all the way in sunny southern California! Please continue your had work - I prayed so hard for you when in your coma & to see where you are now is a praise! God is using your life to encourage people all over so don't lose heart.

Child of God

You are a brave girl indeed! Good for you, praying this works and you will start noticing a difference soon.

Bringing along an ipod is a great idea and closed eyes, yep that is the way I would go.



Joanne -
I have a new song for your iPod.
Trust in Jesus, Third Day.
I bought it today and have listened to it repeatedly to help me through a rough patch.
Siesta love from TX -

Lora Osburn

You are brave Joanne! I've had the electrical leads too. Thank you kindly for the update. I am believing God with you dear one! Love you so much.


I know you have a lot of your own worries to pray abt. but I was wondering if you (and maybe your readership) would be willing to pray for this little girl. She's 4 years old, just adopted from China (like a couple of weeks ago) and she has several very severe heart issues. If she'd had surgery as a baby she would have been fine but she didn't. At first it didn't seem like they could do surgery on her but now it's looking like they can. But it will be a very BIG surgery and it's very risky. So will you pray for her? Her name is Elisyn and her mom has a blog at:

Make sure you click on "home" so you can read the latest entries. I'm hoping maybe you could also get your "followers" to pray for her as well. I know God hears our prayers as you are living evidence of that. Thanks Joanne (p.s. still continuing to pray for you as well)


Amy Lynne

I am so glad there are so many things that can help your recovery. I know a lot of people swear by acupuncture. I hope it gives you the boost you need! Thoughts and prayers with you always!

Cindy Murphy

Joanne, yes you are brave, so keep on stepping out in faith! I am also doing a non-conventional treatment for a slew of food allergies so I can certainly understand your nervousness toward it. But you've been through and, come through so much and, I know God will see you through with his mighty strength, courage and mercy.

kristi walker

You go, girl! The dentist scares me cross-eyed, so I'm a little awed when I read 17/18 needles. =/ May God bless these treatments and may healing come like a flash of lightning!! Quick and bright! Our family lifts you and yours up regularly and it's so wonderful to hear from you on here. Many prayers being lifted before our Father!

Margie Smallman

Praying for you..... for solutions..... progress.... healing..... courage..... tenacity and joy!!


Hope you had a great Monday and wish you restful sleep when your ready. Love from Maine. Rena


Just wanted you to know I tried calling today. Not sure if I have the right number. If you did not get the message, could you email a correct number? If you did get it and a simply too swamped to call back, I totally understand!!!!!

Lisa R-p

I want you to know that I continue to pray for you. I hope that you continue to make the progress that you desire and reach your functional goals (that sounds so technical, but you know what I mean). I just reread all of our old Simplify Me posts. Most of those things have stuck. You made such an impression on me. You were inspirational to me then (2008) and you still are. Please keep fighting the good fight and know that many people care and are pulling for you.

Rayleine Chagoya

Prayers that all is going well with you & your family Joanne.<3 & prayers Rayleine

Karen Warren

I know its hard but stay strong in your Faith
and know that people you haven't even met are thinking about you. Love from North Carolina

Molly Reinke

I totally did that with the dentist earlier this week. I hadn't been to a dentist since 2007 (and that was just for a cleaning) and I had to get some fillings done. My husband couldn't come with me so I called my mom. She was a good distraction while I was waiting for it to start. They also let me watch a movie which was also a great distraction. Bringing something to keep you occupied I think it a great idea. I'll be thinking of you.

LeeAnn Lee

I am thinking of you today. Praying, asking God to give you peace, and the endurance to do the next thing....whatever that is for you today. I am praying for your husband, your children, your parents, your sister.....all those who love you and want to encourage you. Asking God to give them wisdom on when to push, when to pull back, when to talk and when to be silent. You are precious to God and to so many. We've never met, but your life has deeply impacted and encouraged my life.


Joanne, I know, from a therapist's point of view, how you are struggling. I am praying that God will give you His vision for this time and open your spiritual eyes to see it. I have a friend who is preparing to meet Jesus right now. She has been homebound and in grave pain from Ankylosis Spondylitis (not sure I spelled that right) for the past three years. She is amazing! Her life's motto is "Choose Joy." And, she has done exactly that. It's incredible. I tell you about her because when we are in tough journey's, sometimes it helps to be inspired a wee bit. I think you will find great courage and renewed resolve to add to your own great courage and resolve from reading about her. Her blog is With much love and many prayers, Debra


Miss you and hope your doing ok your friend from Maine Rena

Rodger Funderberk

Well, here's to hoping that the procedure helps you out. It's best to feel relaxed during acupuncture. Don't worry about the needles too much - you can stress yourself out that way, which would be counter-productive to the aim of your treatment.

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