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Pam Houston

Oh Praise God that He has opened up this new modality for you and that hope that makes not ashamed! Praying along sincerely for this breakthrough for your entire physical well-being. Thanks so much for all the effort you make to keep us "the great company of others" informed as to your progress. You are so dearly loved. It is so wonderful to "hear" you on your blog again. Honestly, I marvel at the wonder of it all...remember how different our perspective is from yours, since we aren't in the trenches with you on a daily basis. It doesn't mean I in any way minimize what you and yours are going through, but still, standing on the sidelines we observe what is shared and what is "seen" as we "Attend the Bride" and cheer you on. "In God we boast all the day long and praise His name forever." Ps. 44:8
Lovingly in Him
Pam Houston><> (A So. Cal."Siesta" who you do not personally know...)


Continuing to pray for you(emotionally) and your(body)recovery. Thanking God that He can use all methods to get you back on your feet.

Thank you Father for your provision and your protection as our sister steps out in faith looking for a way to care for this temple you have given her. To You be all the glory forever and ever!
Love you sister....from the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. :)


You inspire me everyday. Cant wait to hear how the acupuncture goes. That has been recommended to me but I have always been a big chicken. Continued prayers and of course love.



Oh Joanne, i pray that the accupuncture helps you. It's not as scary as it seems, you don't really feel the needles going in. Keep us posted! (((Hugs))) and prayers my friend.

angie platten

I had it done many years ago when I was having a LOT of problems with fibroid tumors, severe pain, etc... and it worked for me and no, you do not feel it. The Dr. I had a that time, moved out of state but wish I had someone else to go to. I'd do it again in a heart beat! I hope it works for you!

Kim Feth

Continuing to pray for a full and complete recovery! And some KK donuts don't hurt,either.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

holly smith

Friend, I am SO excited about this!! Joanne, do you know you are strong and brave and beloved?? Well, you really are! I can't wait to see you Friday. Love, Holly


Hope your accupuncture goes well, it really doesn't hurt, I've been having it every month for pain relief for several years now. It is painless and soothing and I feel great afterwards.
Good Luck!


Just wanted to comment on Accupuncture - firm believer in it. But the needles can sting - sort of feel hot or cold, depending. And sometimes they do a little current to stimulate muscles - it's not painful but it's different. It's nothing like a shot or a bee sting - much, much quicker. And start slow. My acupuncturist (calif, of course!) will often start with just a few needles - maybe 4 to 6 - as a person builds confidence. And if the Accupuncturist does not make you feel comfortable, find another one. Good luck!

Jen Kisrow

You are so brave, I had problems with my achilles, and it took so long to repair, praying this helps!

Ginger Morris

I am doing something new in counseling that has me a bit freaked out, too. But I am assured that it won't hurt (much) & in the long run I will be much better for having done it. I know I need to take new steps to grow & guess the trust is a big part of it for me.
I hope that you find much help & health in your new steps.
Love to you & your family!

Katie S

Hoping and praying for you, too! Can't wait to hear how it goes. We'll all be thinking of you!!


Just a follower in Oklahoma and I wanted you to know that you are not forgotten! I've been following you since your stroke and am inspired by your faith and the love of your family. We will keep praying and you keep working, sister! ;) (Maybe you should try some hot tub therapy, have they mentioned that?? That's up MY alley!)

Patty McCabe

Praying to God that this Eastern medicine and accupuncture will help. So glad to see you are willing to try somethinv else. God be with you.


Rooting you on from New Jersey and praying for your full recovery. If accupuncture didn't work, it would not have survived for thousands of years. I have used it successfully for many ailments and find alot of comfort in it. Not only does it not hurt but I find it very relaxing. Keep your faith in God and your trust in the doctors - you will get better !!


Joanne, you are an inspiration. I face a dark past that I am trying to overcome. You strengthen my resolve everyday. May God bless you everyday more and more. I know he is smiling at your faith in Him, and that faith will make you whole again.

Child of God

Hi Joanne,
I hear acupuncture can do wonders, I am praying this will help you.
Continue to pray for 100% recovery! Don't lose hope, keep pressing in.

Praying and praying,

Lora Osburn

Dear Joanne, just wondering how your acupuncture visit went this morning? Praying it went well. I've recently tried acupuncture for my allergies and it has helped. Believing God with you! Much love, Lora


Joanne... you are a strong, brave woman, even in the moments you don't feel like it, even in the moments you don't want to be. Expressing your true feelings is a valuable gift you give to yourself and your loved ones. To acknowledge and name the issues before you is the first step to conquering those issues. I'm glad you're trying the acupuncture, and pray that you have good results with it. A little magnet I look at every day says, "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." Push through this. So many people are praying for you and with you. Let us prop you up, lift you up, buoy you up. You can do this!


Reading your post on alternative therapy and so glad you are going to jump in. Although I'm a nurse practitioner by profession I have always believed that our Western Medicine has missed the boat in many ways and could benefit from Eastern therapies~ Good for you for being open to them.

Praying for a positive outcome for you Joanne.


A follower from Maryland, jumping in to say I've been doing acupuncture for about a year to help with migraines. I love my doctor and I love taking naps in his office! It's like going to the spa! He's gentle, thoughtful, and is working to free me from pain. I do feel them some, but it is NOTHING like a needle or blood draw. Just nothing like it! He loves to tell me how I'm going to lay down on my needles and take a nap...and sure enough, I have! They are like threads.


Hi Joanne and Toben,
I've been praying for you and your family since hearing about your stroke in January. Since then, I've read your books and thought you would like to know that my husband and I have been reading 'Happily Ever After' (we've been married for 37 years!). Our son is getting married in three days and we've been praying for him and his sweet fiance, helping them prepare for the beginning of their life together. Your book has been a huge blessing to us and my husband is actually quoting some of the passages for his speech at the rehearsal dinner! Keep running the good race may never know all of the blessings your life has brought to so many others, but HE knows....Thank you, God Bless and praying for a GREAT nights sleep for you right now. Debby


Hi Joanne,
I get acupuncture every month. It helps with stress and also my immune system and back pain. I will pray it will help you. I also go to a homeopath Dr. I googled homeopathy for stroke victims and there is a lot if info out there. I love alternative therapies. God bless and keep you. Recovery is a journey, try everything!



Hey Joanne! I have had acupuncture and it really doesn't hurt! It's hard to believe - given what it IS - but it's true. FYI - it worked too! I also snapped my achilles tendon thsi time last year and spent quite some time in plaster and then rehab - its a pretty slow journey with the old achilles, and mine is still not what it was - but it is 100% better than a year ago, and running and heels are back on the agenda! Its pretty hard work, but I can promise you - it will get results!


Hi Joanne,
I am sorry to hear about your stroke. I hope the acupuncture helps. I used acupuncture and acupressure to cure a problem with plantar faciitis (sp?). I started a year ago and I went through the summer wearing flip flops and not having any pain. It's pretty amazing and I hope it works for you. Maybe the combination of the acupuncture and acupressure could mean that you might not need surgery. the "pressure" part was tough, but I'd go through it again to get these same results. I thought - it's worth a try to avoid having surgery. I hope it helps you too.
I will pray for you.

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