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I have been following Joanne's story pretty much from day one and am amazed at how far she has come. So stinkin' thankful that God has answered your prayers in so many ways. I am also encouraged by the acupuncture treatments and am thinking of a way to mention it to my father in law who has some paralysis on his left side.

btw- A few of my favorite movies right now (although a few years old): Yes Man starring Jim Carrey, 17 Again (the girls will love it if they have not seen it), and Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty. Oh and Along Came Polly.

andrea moriarty

Here's what I'd watch: Return to Me, Singin' in the Rain, Narnia: Prince Caspian, Lost in America, Kate and Leopold

Cathy King

Miss Potter is a wonderful movie about Beatrix Potter who wrote the Peter Rabbit books. Also good are Sense and Sensibility, The Count of Monte Cristo with Jim Caviezel, Secretariat, Shall We Dance, American President, "I am David" also with Jim Caviezel, Little Women, The Horse Whisperer, The Wedding Date, 17 Dresses, Dave, Frequency (another Jim Caviezel, can you tell I like him?), The Ultimate Gift, The Grace Card.....

Cathy King

Also, I love the movie The Preacher's Wife with Denzel Washington! It is great! We watch the Love Come Softly movies and the Christy movies which are wonderful!

Lisa Gibbons

I have been following your blog and praying for Joanne from the beginning, but I've never posted. I can totally understand how frustrating it is for Joanne and you. My husband was involved in a very serious 45 foot fall in 1996 which involved many months & years of surgeries. He is definately better but is in pain every day. I actually posted because my oldest son (19) has cerebral palsy and had the same surgery Joanne will have "PERKS" he did very well. He actually was able to walk on it right after surgery, mind you he didn't want to walk on it so he used a walker until he could bare it. He also had a tendon transfer at the same time which I think caused alot of his pain. I bet she will do very well. We'll be praying for all of you :) Lisa Gibbons (Michigan)

Shannon O

I haven't seen this movie, but I saw it in a the Dallas Christian Family magazine at a doctor's office recently. It is about a man who suffered a stroke and his road to recovery. I think it is a documentary and it looked really good. Here is a link to the information. You might want to check it out if you haven't already seen it.

I'm praying that this new surgery allows Joanne to walk again without her cane.


Regarding therapist to help you plan. If you are with Kaiser I'm guessing you have a case manager assigned to Joanne's case to oversee it. Contact that person to request a therapy consult. Be sure you talk about the safety issues you aren't sure how to deal with given the cast and new situation. Insurance companies would far rather approve a home therapist visit to create a plan rather than deal with the impact of a fall, etc. If that doesn't work or you have questions please email me back. (I'm an RN who used to do that kind of work.)

Do you currently have an Amazon Prime membership? If not, please email me--I would like to help you get one. Free movies and also just today announced free ebooks Lending Library for Kindle comes with the membership.

Will continue to pray that this is another step FORWARD in your journey. May God richly bless you all!


Movies - Water for Elephants - Meet Joe Black -

Excellent book - The Kitchen House

and perhaps that soup was Potato Leek soup. Delicious!...


Movie recommendations - Soul Surfer. If you haven't already seen it. It might be very encouraging for Joanne. Let's see - Count of Monte Cristo is an older one, but also very good. It's with Jim Caviezel. He wants revenge and he learns how to "let it go." One Night with a King is the story of Esther. One of my favorite, favorite movies. The Love Come Softly movies, the Bourne movies.

I have a "100 family friendly" movie list here -

Maybe that will help her find some she hasn't already seen. :)


The Help comes out Dec 6th!!

kimber fenili

Holding you all up in prayer! Remember to take baby steps in this new phase of your journey. My daughter had the same surgery after a left brain injury affecting her right side and she amazes us daily with each new success. Know that you are loved and thank you for sharing your journey!


Thanks for the update, Toben. You all are loved and definitely not forgotten! I think and pray for Joanne and the rest of you every day.

Has she seen Spellbound? It's about spelling bees. I think Joanne would like it a lot. It's one of my favorites. (I'm a bit of a dork...)

Julie in Austraia

Hi Joanne and Toben,

So pleased to hear that you are progressing along the path that God has given you.

I recently watched the movie "Bridesmaids". It was a good chick flick with a good laugh.

Btw how are the girls going?

Praying for you all

Julie in Australia

Kathy C. @ In Quiet Places

It is so good to hear the acupuncture is doing some good, I recently heard a lady's testimony about it helping her severe crippling arthritis, and I thought, I hope it is helping Joanne!

Thanks for the update as you share the struggles and triumphs and day to day aspects of your journey, thanks for letting us join together with prayer support.

Prayers in Texas,
Kathy C.

Linda Hughes

Some movies I enjoyed; Aleelah and the Bee, Invictus, Blindside, The Social Network, The King's Speech, Amazing Grace. When I was feeling "flat on my back" because of chemo, my all time favorite movie was "Anne of Green Gables".
Regarding typing w/one hand; I lost my right arm due to cancer 12 years ago. You can do it, it just takes time, here a little there a little. I remembered the key strokes for my left hand, so I was half way there :) The more you do it the faster you get.
I'm praying you will walk again soon & without your cane! May He give you the peace that surpasses understanding, His peace. Thank you for sharing your journey.
Linda in Kirkland, WA

Linda Hughes

A wonderful movie "Julie & Julia" about Julia Child's life story, the French Chef.

"The Help" was great movie. My friend who lived "The Help" says it was 10 times worse though...

Linda in Kirkland, WA

Child of God

Praying for you Joanne!

I am not a movie watcher but I have heard the movie Courageous is fantastic.

Hang in there girl you can make it through this. I hear you are one very tough girl, keep fighting and smiling.

Praying and praying,

Lavonne Lesley

I am bed ridden most of the time from MS,CFIDS and fibromyalgia. When ever I can tolerate the lights and sounds, I have a collection of (mostly classic) British Comedy TV shows which help keep my spirits up. Are You Being Served?; Last of the Summer Wine; Grace and Favour; Keeping Up Appearances; Bless me Father; Are you Being Served?The Movie; Clatterford; 'Allo,'Allo;,etc

Debbie Boltres

Watch "second hand lions" Such a great movie! Robert Duvall, Michael Cain, Kiera Sedgwick. One of our fav family movies!


Praying for your are amazing!

I know He will continue to carry you on this next phase of the journey. Keep snuggling up to the fire!

Marla Taviano

Thanks so much for the update, Toben. I love you, Joanne, and I'm praying for you!! And praying for lots of free medical care between now and December 31 and NO NEED for it after that!

Karen Booker Schelhaas

I continue to pray for stamina for all of you. This has been a journey-and-then-some. A movie I loved is a British documentary called "49 Up" -- chronicles the lives of about 10 people from age 7 through age 49 every 7 years. Fascinating. I also loved "Waitress" with Keri Russell, and "Love Actually" is a favorite at Christmastime. Nothing too obvious here, but I like the non-obvious movies. Smile.


BBC dramas are great! Downton Abbey & The Tudors -- 2 great series

Cathy Davis

Just wanted to give you all a virtual hug! I haven't checked in on you for a while - I'm glad to see things are improving. I pray for God's peace to transcend and fall on your household!!


The boy in the striped pajamas(drama, holocaust)

the rabbit proof fence(based on true fact, drama)

the holiday(comedy, anything with Queen Latifah)

what a girl wants(comedy)

lake placid(hilarious, snarky and sassy)

panic room(drama, jodie foster)

sweet november(drama, keanu reeves, charlize theron)

the lake house(keanu reeves, sandra bullock)

the proposal(comedy, sandra bullock)

Wishing for a continued and expedited recovery!


Praying for Joanne's continues recovery.
Here are my suggestions on movies: (You will see I am pretty much an old soul even though I am not yet 40)

White Christmas
Sound of Music
With Six You Get Eggroll (Doris Day)
Yours, Mine, and Ours (Lucille Ball, not the new one)
Harvey Girls
Summer Stock
Anything with Judy Garland

Well that is a good start. Happy recovery!!


Hi Joanne- I am thinking and praying for you. I hope the upcoming surgery is a great success.

Movies: The Midsomer Murder series (British); not gory.
I am hooked on these.



Swiss Family Robinson
The Love Comes Softly Series
First Night
The Rabbit Proof Fence is amazing!

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