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Praise the Lord the surgery is over and done with, sometimes that part and the waiting is the hardest thing to do. Praying for peace and healing.
I would like to share my Adult grill cheese sammies:

1 can of chedder cheese soup (campbells)
2 cups of your FAVORITE shredded cheese
Texas toast kind of bread

Mix the soup and cheese togther
Butter your bread like any other grill cheese sammie.

Plase an ample amount of your cheese mixture on the sammie and grill like you would a plain grilled cheese.

This is so yummy and gooey that I usually use a fork to make sure I get all the yummy cheese.

I also make yummy "Mater soup" I again use campbells and I only use milk with it. Hubby only use's water so I don't let him make mater soup for the family LOL.

Enjoy. Joanne are you still reading. I am missing your tweets about the books you read. I love checking out the books you post about, lets just say I am reading much more now ( I have always loved to read but with the little one's I don't get to read as much as I used to)

Rebecca Presnell

I am so glad the surgery went well, and that you all have figured out the logistics of maneuvering around the cast. I have been following Joanne's story for a while now, and I love reading your updates and specific prayer requests. I pray for your family daily.
(I recently had a minor surgical procedure recently too, so I totally get the "stoned" feeling! It was kind of fun, but I was glad when I felt normal again!)
My prayers to you all,


So glad Joanne is over this surgery. Now on to enjoying holidays! The couch in front of the fire sounds like a great place to direct, decorating, cooking, wrapping, shopping. Ummm is there room on that couch for some friends?


Isn't it amazing how soothing grilled cheese and tomato soup is? I'm praying so hard for you all.


What is it about grilled cheese and tomato soup that are the perfect comfort food? : )

So glad it all went so well, and hope this is a good weekend of family time and healing.

lisa c.


Praying for all of you in Las Vegas.

Margie Smallman

Many tons of prayers all the time on your family's behalf. Thankful to hear the surgery's over and this next chapter is on it's way.


I am so glad the surgery went well. I know Joanne was so apprehensive about it. Your family has been through a lot - you are so intuitive to realize how this all may be impacting your daughters. Kids are resilient though. I would imagine your love, support, and faith in God will do loads in helping them ride through all of this.


So happy to read this post. Praying for Joanne, you and the girls in Fort Worth, Texas. You have much to be thankful for this year. Life is so precious, and God is so Great!

Michelle from Australia

Thank you so much for updating Toben. I have been wondering how Joanne went. We 'met' your family after reading about Joanne after her stroke and we've been praying for you all, and enjoying Kristin's amazing photography over on her blog, ever since. Our prayers for healing and for comfort for all will continue.

Good night from rather warm and hot Brisbane, Australia.


So relieved that surgery is behind you and that you are home recovering (instead of in a blechy hospital!). Sounds like Toben and the extra forces have everything in hand to help you recover. Glad to hear your smile is back, too. Hang in there. You are doing great! Prayers for your girls as well.

Linda E

Praying in TX!
We praise you Jesus for successful surgery!
And we ask you for complete healing for Joanne, strong hearts for the girls and a peaceful holiday season for the family.

Karen Booker Schelhaas

So glad!!!! I prayed and prayed!!!!

Sandi in MN

So glad all went well, I was thinking of you all yesterday. Thanks for the update, now to pray the next six weeks goes quickly!


Praise God and thank YOU for the good report. May the healing continue through all your love, faith and hard work. What a family! What a community!

Pam Houston

Praising God for answered prayer for Joanne's surgery, and trusting with you for the next step in her awesome recovery! Thank you for your detailed sharing Toben. So glad to hear Joanne is relaxed and comfortable before the fire in your own beautiful home. I am reminded of this old song: "You've come this far by faith, leaning on the LORD, trusting in His HOly Word, He's never failed you yet!" Continuing to fix our eyes upon Jesus...and rejoicing as the next step in Joanne's amazing journey unfolds.
A So. Cal. "Siesta",
Pam Houston

Child of God

Glad to hear this surgery is done and Joanne you are home!

Praying for a quick recovery and very happy spirits.



Praying for sweet sleep for all of you! Such a courageous and amazing family. Xo


continued prayers for your family...sleep...endurance...Grace...Hope...and healing.

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