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Thank you Toben for sharing your joys as well as your struggles in this season of your life. We are all watching how gracefully, lovingly, and bravely you have faced this challenge. We are reminded that life is precious, can change at any moment, and how joyful it is to know our eternity is secure in Christ. I am praying for special blessings on your family this holiday season, which I'm sure has a different meaning than before. I pray for strength for you to be the godly example for men the world needs, for Joanne to have lots of laughter, and for your precious girls to grow in grace. Wishing you the most happy thanksgiving! To God be all the Glory.


continued prayers and blessings to your family...may you feel an extra special hug from God...blessings...peace...good food...good time with family...all gifts from Him...


I agree, Toben--Christmas is wonderful, but Thanksgiving has always been my favorite. : )

And I confess I laughed a couple of times in this piece when I am sure you did not intend humor--such as when you describe what a busy day looks like, or the space you are now living in day in and day out. Do you remember hearing the size of our house? 550 sq ft. So, my whole life is lived out in a space of most peoples' living rooms, and as a homeschool mom of 4, some days if I shower and feed my family that is a really good day! ; )

Your smooshed up life is thankfully just a necessary phase--a transition on the road to healing and Joanne's mobility. My smooshed up life is not changing anytime soon! I'll try not to be jealous. . . naw, I'm teasing, God has given me contentment in my life, and this week I am praying He gives you contentment in yours!

We love you! Have a truly joyous family Thanksgiving!

lisa c.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too! I love the way you phrased it: food, family, and focusing on the things I am grateful for. Praying for lots of joys in all those areas for all your family. Your journey and how you are handling it with God's help is a blessing to me!

Kim Feth

Praying all of your requests, and still praying for Joanne to have a total and complete recovery that makes people amazed at God's power.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC


I will continue to lift up your prayer requests. I hope you all have a wondeful Thanksgiving.


Keeping your prayer needs in my prayer box, and lifting them up before His throne. This thanksgiving, I am very thankful for Joanne's life, and mine. We are both stroke survivors. Love and blessings to your dear family.


Happy Day Today To You All !!! From Maine Lots of snow here. Your friend, Rena

Kathleen T. Jaeger

I like how you put that...a smooshed up life. What a different place to be in -- an utter lack of adventure where the mall, a chicken sandwich, and a shower are a big day. Yet, it is exactly what you are to be doing that day -- nothing more, nothing less. "...the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places..." (Psalm 16) Now I often balk at my boundary lines and it is so hard to have fitful sleep, pain, seeming regression in progress which is really moving forward and yet so much love surrounding you with supportive family and friends. Thanks for the updates. I pray for you all often. Thank you for sharing your story on-line.


Toben, you sound like you could do with a good sleep too! :) Praying for rest and rejuvenation for both of you.
Hope you get some cranberry sauce with your turkey! lol
Happy Thanksgiving to you both.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Love and Blessings!


What a small world...looks as though Bethany has connected with Quincy C. at Whitworth, who is the daughter of a dear old friend of mine. What a great connection for both girls! Praying for great strides in each small step forward for you and Joanne!


I don't think I've ever commented but I've been praying for a long time for Joanne and the rest of you! After reading this post I wish you could just get an Extreme Makeover, Home Edition! I can only imagine how having an environment that's working with you, instead of against you, would aid you guys in this process. If I were local I would nominate your family! Praying continually for God's healing and strength!

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