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Mary Lichlyter

You're so funny! You know that sometimes you have to take some steps backward in order to go twice as many steps forward. Hang in there, and keep your sense of humor!

Speaking of showers, some of my kids are playing your game this week. They're sneaking into our house, cleaning themselves up, and sneaking out again. Maybe this will turn into a national obsession. You all may have started something.

Praying for you!


Awww.....sweet girl, it will get better soon. Now that you have had the surgery, every day you are closer to your goal.
May the Lord shine His face on you and give you His peace.
Hugs to you.


The walking cast is awesome after being in a cast for several weeks but be prepared that it will be pretty painful and you may not be able to walk on it much the first several days.

Hang in there!!

Linda Stubbs Prairie Flower Farm

I am so grateful for your life. I remember way back when you first had your stroke. I prayed and still pray. I am so sorry that you are having to walk this. I am not saying this like I know it all, but I do know that the Lord is making you into someone very special for His purposes! I remember a time when my sweet man and I were in what we called "put in a box by Jesus". When you talked about your shower fun I thought, how precious of the Lord to give you all such a precious adventure........and that you could share it with hundreds of ladies who love you and need to see that you are both making the best out of a very hard situation. You are both learning what it is to be one.......not an easy thing to do for any of us. But I promise it will not be wasted in Gods economy of what He has called you both to. You are a blessed couple! One day you will look back and see a beautiful tapestry!
Hugs from my farm,


You have been through so much, Joanne. I can understand why you are feeling impatient and frustrated with your current status. But I think the future is so optimistic for you. I believe brighter days are coming for you. I know there are some verses on "hope." Find them and put them where you can see them often.

Amy Lynne

You are cracking me up! I hope all goes well at your visit...I know what you mean about the stitches...yuck! Prayers for you always!

Susie Tiemeyer

I love your humor, but I know that you're serious about your current set of difficulties. Will pray for you tonight, dear Joanne.


Through all your troubles, you make me smile. You remain in my prayers always. Asking God to grant you the blessing of a walking cast on Tuesday, love you.


Joanne, just keep hanging on to your fabulous 'funny bone' with the tenacity of a bulldog....hang on to the prayers of we many followers with just as much strength and hang on to our dear Jesus just as you are Joanne.....through all the 'yucky days' He is bringing you through to something beyond anything you can even imagine.....hard to believe in these days of being in the waiting room eh Joanne and yet today you displayed something to a reader who might be in a place that was lifted up out of their own pit of pain as you tickled out a story that showed joy dispite the may not have seen it Joanne,but, your courage was showing in this post......take heart dearone......God hears the prayers of those asking in your name Joanne.

God Bless you and your Little Family Joanne,


Says a lot about you that you can find something to laugh about. It is hard to go backwards,even if temporary & for long-term good. You know all that, but it still stinks for today, huh? Praying for distractions to help the time pass until you can see results.

Pam Houston

Dear Joanne,
Just "checking in" on you and yours and so grateful you are able to post and express your heart, and your hurts and your "hang-ups". To me you are such a miracle, even if you don't feel like you are. You and Toben and your family are such a real example of the LORD at work and I'm sure one day you will be able to capture the wonder and mystery at work within as the two of you become "one flesh" like never before. Your journaling all this is a book in the making, I'm sure! I have marvelled at the functioning of a real-life Christian family from your faithful and loving husband, your girls, your parents and your sister and extended family and friends. Just being able to peek in and see what a "normal" Christian family is has been a keen joy to me, as I was raised in dysfunction to the max. Years ago I began the Beth Moore studies and became active in the blog, that is how I "linked up" with your family and have soldiered through with you in faith, hope and prayer for almost a year now on the sidelines. I remember reading your early January post and how you hadn't taken down your Christmas decor yet, when your stroke hit! The shock and trauma of it all as we cried out for your very life. Now, look how far you have come! I'm sure to you, it seems a snails pace, to me it seems a miracle. Never the less, I love you all in the LORD and continue to cheer you on for His glory, rejoicing in each new obstacle overcome and each new step taken. Heaven will tell the impact all your lives have had as you have faithfully "run the race" for His glory and for His grace.
A So. Cal "Siesta"
Pam Houston><>


Dear Joanne, I have never commented before, but you have been in my prayers for a while.

While our circumstances are different, my ankle surgery was in October. And I am telling you - it will get better. I've moved from splint to cast - and just last week got a fabulously stylish ( not) black boot. For me there's still no walking...blech... But for a few weeks I rocked a purple cast (my son's suggestion).

The best thing - the pain diminishes all the time! Oh, and my son learned to make coffee...which may or may not make you laugh. He's 10 and plays a mean game of basketball, loves animals and can fix a great hummus sandwich. Adding coffee- making to the list will help him later in life - but gosh, it's really helping me right now.

I can also relate to the shower. Our gym has an accessible shower...and it's been the highlight of my weeks. I can only listen as the rest of the gang turns on the hot water upstairs.

I pray that you find peace in the coming days. And that you get a walking cast!


Think about the shoes Joanne. I have serious shoe envy after looking at your plaid pumps. I don't know you Joanne, but as someone who prayed for you, I'd rather you be here, bum cast and all, than in heaven. You will get you strength back, meanwhile you have the best partner in crime. A lot has been taken away from you and I don't know why, but you have Toben. I always smile at the way you two seem to work everything work. You don't hide behind false happiness and pretend everything is shiny and happy. But no one who reads about you two can doubt the love and the commitment that shines through. You make me tear up always as your story is so much better than a Hallmark romance. You also make me value my husband and my marriage more. I cannot say thank you enough. Praying for you that you may smile soon.

Kathleen T. Jaeger

The shower bandits reminds me of times in college when my husband & I used to wear hats when we didn't "feel" like studying or going grocery shopping. It made a difference! Love the humor in the midst of difficult times...thought of you yesterday when we decorated for Christmas and wondered if you'll be enjoying holiday lights and your morning Advent readings. I was thinking of the year I started doing an Advent wreath with readings due to the encouragement on your blog.

I just wanted you to know that I thought of you yesterday in the midst of my life and I have just been a blog reader for a few years. And yet the Lord God Almighty is so much greater and He thinks of you all the time. He sees you and your needs and how it feels so hard to have gone months backward -- for now --- to have lost mobility. Thanks for being vulnerable so the blog community can continue to pray. He sees. Remember that He sees and that He captures every tear and One Day there will be no more tears. He Himself will restore you...after you suffer a little while...He Himself will restore you...I Peter 5

Peace, grace, and many adventures of being the shower bandits...

Janet Cline

You've been through a lot and I know you can make it through this, too. Praying for you!~

r.elliott thankful for Joanne's good sleep...will focus some prayers on your girls...
continued prayers and blessings to you all....

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