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So good to get the update, Joanne. I will pray for your dear family as you travel over this bump in the road to recovery.

Lord, breathe peace and strength into this household. Thank you for the marvelous way that the family loves and cares for each other. Pour out Your power and love so they can run with endurance the race that's set before them. Naps would be very very welcome. Lift Toben up in a special way so that he is fueled for the journey and thank you for the great blessing of Your love expressed through him.

(I will keep praying from the Seattle area.)


Checking in from Switzerland - glad to read your words -- I'm sure that shower will be a true pleasure. Rest back in the arms of the Lord - both you and Toben.


Precious Joanne, it is so good to hear your voice on your blog! Getting to know you through your blog has meant so much to me.
Will continue to pray.

Marla Taviano

The "I love Toben" made my day. I know you two have been through so much, and I am praising God for his goodness in your marriage. I know this has been such an incredibly hard year (like so hard there aren't even words, and I won't even try). I'm so proud of you both, and I love you, and I'm praying for your full recovery. And for REST!! Thank you, Toben, for loving Joanne so well. You two are my heroes.

Michelle From Australia

Dear Joanne. We send our prayers from Brisbane, Australia. Thank you for the update. God Bless.


So you so very right when you said its hard to be the invlid. Its hard letting everyone else do for you when you want to do for yourself.

I understand when you had doubts about the Love from hubby. Don't let satan steal that joy from you. You are a very LOVED lady!! Your family loves you, those of us that dont know you in person have grown to love you and most of all God loves you and wants you to have peace and be happy. I wish I could take a few days in your shoes to give you a break. Just know I am here kneeling at the throan of Jesus in your name praying. Peace be with you not as the world can give but only the kind Jesus can give. I pray for sleep for the both of you. Just some good ole hard sleep when you wake refreshed ready to tackle the day and what ever it brings.

Kim Feth

Praying for love, peace, patience, gentleness, self control, kindness and all other Godly qualities I can think of that spouses need when we reflect God's love. Isn't it a good thing that marriage is for "death do us part" and not just "until the going gets hard". That's the reflecting God to our spouses.
I've done 8 weeks of strict bedrest, and you're very right - it's very much not fun. I will say prayers for lots of distractions! The Boy is righting a sidebar in his ice cream research about how you responded to his e-mail information request. He was absolutely floored that you took the time to reply! He's been praying for your and continues to pray for you, Toben, and the girls.

Kim Feth
Apex, NC

holly smith

I am praying and I feel CONFIDENT that you are taking a step back to take 20 giant steps forward! I have no doubt!! Love you, friend.

And yes, he loves you like crazy....and your love story is one of beauty.


I am keeping you in my prayers, you are loved.

Theresa Roach

I will continue to pray for ALL of you dear friend! I hope that you will heal quickly and get back on your feet again! HUGS!


Thank you for the honest update (like always). I am praying for during this long season of "sitting". God bless you and your sweet family. Praying for Toben too he has been "running" for a long time. Praying he can stop and decompress. What a wonderful husband.


Joanne! It is so good to see you post. And you are so brutally honest with us with what you need or what you fear or what you feel. Thank you for that. We need to know so we can better minister to you and your lovely family.

All of you are in my prayers this day - you, Toben, the girls, the parents and in-laws, your friends. Everyone who has a hand in your healing. I lift you all up in my prayers that all your needs are met.

Hang in there. You are strong and you all will come out of this storm so much stronger. Just know there are loads of people praying for you!


Oh, hooray for the shower--I hope it lives up to your expectations. : )

Thank you for writing and sharing some of what is going on behind the scenes. I will be praying for all of it. I am so, so, so thankful for your confidence in Toben as your protector--I want to share with you that Doug and I are seeing more fruit in our marriage as the years go on, and it is so beautiful and feels so good! Just think of all the work God has done in us each to bring us to this place in marriage--He knew what we needed to work through in preparation for the needs now.

And my friend, I want you to know I was thinking of you yesterday, with thankfulness. Do you remember years ago--way back in CO before we had kids!-you gave me a beautiful bouquet of vintage roses for my birthday. It was the most beautiful bouquet I had ever received, and totally girlfriend flowers--no guy could have picked out those! Well, yesterday was my birthday-the big 4-0!!! And one of my dearest friends gave me a totally girlfriend bouquet again--of fall foliage and rich autumnal flowers. And immediately I remembered that beautiful bouquet you gave me so many years ago (I can still picture it in my mind) and was so thankful. The warm fuzzies are persisting after all this time, Joanne!

May this week be one in which you get some sleep (and Toben too!)--but even if you don't, may this be a week in which you remember how loved you are and have been over the years. : )

Happy Thanksgiving!


Leann Ford


It's so nice to hear from you. You are such an inspiration to me and your courage and love for Jesus gives me the "uummf" to move forward when so many times I want to look backwards in my walk with Jesus. Thank you for sharing your life with me:-) I think of you all the time and talk with God about you.

Leann Ford


Prayers for all of you, Joanne! Happy Thanksgiving!

Kathy Rivera

Oh the journey, with the forward and backward steps! It's so true but there is much measurable progress . Remember that what is going on in the inside is profoundly foundational to the results on the outside. "We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus......" (Ephs. 2). He presents us to His Father as His project and He measures the growth and finishes the work. Praying for you this day in snowy Idaho. Seeing the needs of your precious caretakers shows God is giving you a bigger picture of all He is doing in each of you.
You are truly HIs workmanship, each of you. We love you.


Have been praying for you ever since I found out about you on Beth Moore's blog. If there's one good thing that has come out of this whole "adventure" your family did not ask for, it's the witness of your marriage. I have never seen a man so devoted to his wife. It has touched my heart so many times to read of his love and concern for you. May God help you through this time of being laid up again, and we hope you heal fast and completely.

Sara G

Hi Joanne - Thank you for updating on how things are going with recovery. I'm still recovering too with still adjusting to life living with my limited use right side. I thank Toben for being by your side as well as my own husband for helping me through some really rough times in recovering from having a stroke. They take care of our children and us along with the house as best as they can.
I thank God for placing the right people in our lives to help us manage. May He continue to heal us as He wants us to heal.


Joanne hope you all had a great night!! and dont forget nap when you can your on your own time for a few weeks live ,laugh,love and let the world hear about the rest your getting we all love a woman who can do what your doing reaching your goals. Love from Maine and Rena

Heidi Carrico

Dearest Joanne,
We have never met, but....because of your stroke, I found an amazing woman,YOU! I cried many a time reading Toben's posts while you were in ICU, just reading what he typed about his beautiful wife was heartbreaking. How he loved are right, you are so loved! Dont ever doubt that!!! Ill never forget many of those things Toben talked about while things were unknown...shook me to the core, I knew you both had a story that was just beginning. You are a very special couple and I know God has many awesome things in store for your future.
It is a pure blessing to see you typing... I dreamed to see the day come when you would type again as I was just beginning to know you. My dream came are totally amazing! You may feel like you are going backwards a bit....but knowing you for just less than a month, we already see how you go full throttle when it comes to theraphy. You motivate the whole world when you show us how hard you work. Now its our time to motivate you again.:)
Hang in there with your laying low, recovery days...I havent met one person that has enjoyed those recovery days of sitting around in a big cast, but be of good cheer, those days will come and go... and before long, those running shoes will fit beautifully.:)It will all be so worth it.
Praying for you... Heidi Carrico

PS I woke up in the middle of the night and you were on my mind, had to check up on you. I feel God has many amazing things for your family and I never want to miss out...


Enjoy your shower :)
You're in my prayers.

I can't wait for you to wear cute shoes again :)


You are in my prayers. Today I pray for rest for Toben and I pray for a smooth and as-easy-as-possible recovery for you. So glad to see an update from you!

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Nice article, thanks for sharing.


Praying for rest and rejuvenation for you both. Blessings and strength for you both and your marriage as you work your way through this next phase... and big hugs too! :)


I understand being on the couch with Netflix is not fun. I read what you write and I understand it. Praying for you

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