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Tell that girl of yours I want to see pictures of that red decorated cast! So glad Joanne's sleeping well, and I'm glad you are safe - be careful out there! I will be praying for your intentions. Blessings to you all


The cast is beautiful. Thank you God for cheerful things when we aren't feeling too cheerful.

Jan Maniatis

Thank the good Lord, he saved your tookus in the ice today!! so glad you articulated prayer requests specifically - that helps. praising the Lord for sleep - yes, it makes a difference for sure. continuing to pray...mama maniatis

Kim Feth

Thanks for the good news update! Praise Him for answered prayers. We will start to offer up special prayers for the girls AND you during the Christmas season. And we will not cease praying for a complete and total recovery.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Kathleen T. Jaeger

Praising and praying with you...

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It's pretty lucky to find your webblog!Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.


Praise God for being in the car with you this morning, and keeping you safe. I am so glad that Joanne is able to sleep now, every since I had my stroke, I have also had problems sleeping. My prayers remain with your precious daughters, this is so much for them to have to handle, may God bless them both. I ask God to watch over you, and give you extra strength to carry on. I am thankful for those family, and friends, that have been such a help to you, may they continue to be there.

Linda Hughes

Praising God for your safety this morning! In Seattle there would be no question, SCHOOLS CLOSED. Even though I don't know you, I feel like I do, I listen to Grounded every day. I listened back when you had the on-line chat, I liked that. Praise God for Ryan & Family Talk's understanding and support! Typing with one hand can be done, it just takes practice :)
Praying for the Heim Family,
Linda with one-hand


We're not hitting your blog in the numbers we were in January, but we're still out here reading and praying for you and your family! Do not think we've deserted you guys!

Glad to hear things are 'normalizing' what the heck that might mean in your situation. Sleep for Joanne is such good news to hear!

God keeping his hand on your lives is my prayer!


Pam Houston

Praise God for the safe place you have in the LORD! His amazing grace and watchcare over you on snowy roads is praise worthy...So thankful to hear the good report of Joanne being able to sleep, and for all the efforts into Joanne's recovery from stroke. With a family like you have (and your extended family of faith) we know the LORD is showing up and showing off, inch by inch! I'm hoping I can jump over to Kristen's blog and see a pic of Joanne's cast. I know it's got to be a real eye-catcher! Please let the girls know that so many are praying for them and are proud of them for all they do for you and their Mama.
Pam H.


So glad you arrived safely!

I will definitely be praying for your girls.


Continuing to pray for you, Joanne, and the girlies. May He continue to be all that you need every moment!

Child of God

Continuing to pray for you Joanne. Hoping you are doing well. :)


Karen Booker Schelhaas

I've read every post faithfully, Toben and Joanne, and my prayers have never ceased. I know THESE are the difficult days, when everybody else returns to "normal" and you're still left with the huge bomb that went off, trying to navigate your new lives. I can only imagine how frustrating and difficult this has been for you, and Joanne's comment of "adventure-less lives" really resonated with me. I am going to start praying that an adventure-FILLED life is right around the corner -- I know how that can infuse everybody with new hope. In the meantime, though, I'm praying Joanne's foot/leg heals more quickly than anybody imagined it could and that she's out and about in NO time.


Hope your second trip to school was uneventful. God is indeed good in the way that He provides our needs.


Miss your story hope all is well. Love from Snowy Maine and Rena


Thinking of you as you approach the New Year and 1st anniversary of Joanne's stroke.

I hope you find a way to get to the beach soon. I think a change of venue would help--even if your area of the world is pretty.

Heidi Carrico

Hello, Hello, Hello???????? :)
Miss your stories.....
thinking of you....
remembering almost an year ago....
finding your blog and being inspired...
by Joanne, Toben and all...
and still following your blog...
you are a true inspiration...
hope you had a blessed Christmas....
and looking forward to more updates.:)
Heidi C.

Fran Shea

Still thinking of ya'll and praying for continued recovery and for the girls and your strength. Down in Louisiana it's more Brees...y (Saint's reference) than snowy Be careful!


Happy anniversary! What an amazing marriage you have. Looking forward to updates when you can blog again.



Wishing Joanne continued recovery and many blessings for your family in the new year. Still praying in Vegas!


Thinking about your family and praying for a NEW year with peace, health, and additional progress and recovery.

God Bless You in the journey ahead.


Margie Smallman

Toben and Joanne~
Blessings to you both and to your entire precious family in this new year. You've been through the unimaginable and have seen God's grace to you all. I continue to think of you and pray for you all!!

LeeAnn Lee

I just typed a really long post and it went to internet land somewhere. If it shows up, I hope the messages remain similiar......

I want you to know I continue to pray for you and your family. I only corresponded once prior to your stroke. I had connected to something you had posted on LProof blog. It wasn't but a few days later when you experienced your stroke.

I have followed your blog and when I check back and there are no updates for a period of time, I continue to pray anyway! I am asking God to give each of your family members exactly what they need - in abundance.

For your precious girls, I ask God to fill them with peace and patience and understanding. I ask for their hearts not to be sad or in any way feel neglected. I ask God to help them know how very much they are loved and to find joy in the midst of this season of life.

For your husband, Toben, I ask God to give him a sense of humor and perseverance and stability to continue the course. I thank God for his prayers for his family. I thank God for his steadfastness and ask God to protect his mind and emotions. I ask God to protect him from falling to any unhealthy ways of dealing with this stress. Oh, how the enemy would love to use this time to torment. I ask God to station angels around Toben and protect him from attack and give him courage and strength for the battle.

For you, my precious sister in Christ, I ask God to help you see glimpses of the many ways HE is using you at this time. You gave your life to ministry to others, I pray you continue to see your usefulness and impact for The Kingdom, even while you focus energy on the day to day, seemingly uneventful tasks. Your dedication to continue working out, enduring painful treatments, and continuing to work hard - all impact me personally. I know you touch the lives of others, but if it's only for me, I want you to know it does not go without purpose. I am encouraged by you. I ask God to encourage YOU in your every day life.

I am asking God to restore your abilities. Praising Him for your ability to read and asking Him to continue to restore what has been taken from you.

Your family - they way they have come together and help - oh, how I hope my family will be able to do the same if ever called on to face similiar circumstances. Your father - blesses me with his love and time commitment to you. Your sister - your mom - your family - what a demonstration of God's love in action.

All this said to say, I may never meet you face to face this side of heaven, but you remain, my sister in Jesus Christ. I am cheering for you from Crosby, Texas and praying for God to give you exactly everything you need!

With Christ's love,
lee ann


Thinking of you today as the calendar nears Jan 11, 2012. Came back to your blog to see how you are doing? I think LeeAnn posted many of our similar prayers and hope for you and your family, so I agree with her in prayer today. God Bless You.

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