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Kim Feth

Powerful update! Will continue to pray your requests.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Holly Smith

Love you all dearly and praying for --praising too!--all that you asked, my brother. So thankful, very thankful, for you Toben. You are a praise, too!! :) Gotta get you and Chris shooting soon!

Oh and I finally subscribed by email....ha! Taking a social media break and do not want to miss a post here.

Lina Bickel

What a blessing it is when the Lord allows us to see His qualities in others. Praying for your family and sending love.

Sheryl in Florida

Very interesting post about new "normals" and dealing with prolonged crisis or suffering, etc. Many of us have been there and can identify with what you said, even though it may not be specifically related to a stroke or paralysis or multiple surgeries.

My husband and I were talking this morning about the disciplines that make up our walk with God. We have recently experienced fasting and have been amazed at the far-reaching effects of this practice. Paul talks about reigning in the body or our human side. When it comes to something as primary as weight loss and eating properly, I have taken the course of saying to my body (i.e., myself!), "You get something to eat when I SAY you get something to eat!" This has changed my perspective regarding "lack of control."

It's the same with the woman caregiver who comes to your house. She is practicing the discipline of staying positive and meeting other's needs (and so much more).

Over my lifetime I have seen my patience for what I want/need grow short because everything has become "instant." I'm afraid this has not been as beneficial to me. Hearing you say how you are experiencing the current new normal and the patience with which you are adjusting is incredibly beneficial to all of us. Thank you AGAIN for your openness. We continue to intercede on your behalf and thank God for the parallel blessings throughout this past year.

Rebecca Presnell

Praying for resilience and strength as you all adjust to this "normal". And praise God for all of Joanne's wonderful caregivers! I believe there are special places in Heaven for those who serve others in these capacities, and I am grateful for them always.

How did the new haircut turn out? :)

Child of God

Hi Joanne,
I sure do hope your hair cut pleases you. :)

Praying and praying for perseverance and resilience.



Hi Toben and Joanne-Great post. I struggle with staying in the moment and depression can sneak up on me too. You all are often in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for that resilience and the discipline it takes to enjoy each moment.


Sweetness is near you and you have a lot of love for everyone keep up the great job Toben

K. Kelley

You all cross my mind so often. Thinking of and praying for you. Thrilled to read of the progress, still praying for the giant leap toward healed. And for the endurance.... You two have a keener sense than most of humanity what it means to focus on the truly important and fully love in the moment. Bless you all.


Joanne & Toben,
We've never met but i've been following your story from the very beginning. To this day i find myself checking once a week or so anxiously waiting to see if you've written again (just tonight realized I could save myself some time & subscribe - duh!). Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much i admire the way you've walked through this sudden and unexpected ordeal. It's obvious you have been a blessing to not just myself but to countless people as you've shared the ups, the downs & the in betweens of your life. Thank you for opening your hearts to complete strangers and showing us what it looks like to walk through the deepest valley & still keep the Faith! So many times when i'm on my treadmill you come to mind. It is then I lift you up before the Father realizing that at any time He could change the direction of my life as well. I hope and pray that i'm able to bring a fraction of the glory you've both brought to Him. You've shown us beautifully how it's done and I thank you for that. Please know that you are not forgotten & I just wanted to tell you that! Blessings to your whole family, Karen

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