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Lisa Chandler

Happy early 40th, Joanne! Thanks for this update and your heart and the prayer requests. I will remember you and your family in these ways. Praying especially for your pain and restful sleep each night!!! SOOOOO important :)

peace & blessings,
Lisa Chandler

Dan and Terri

We are so grateful for how you continue to bless us with your lives. Thanks for sharing. We pray that you feel the continued blessings and God's presence in your lives.

Laura Taylor

Joanne, I live in Highlands Ranch and learned about your journey right after the stroke last year from one of your friends. I have prayed for you and your family over the past year. I even resurrected my charm bracelet from High School -- inspired by you! I feel inadequate to articulate how I feel and my thoughts of and for you. You are a remarkable women - frail and strong --the definition of who God has created us to be. Thank you for your authenticity. I love knowing you even just through this blog!


so glad you had a good birthday celebration...continuing to lift you all in prayer...blessings~

Megan Sterling

Joanne, I'm so glad to get an update on how you are doing! I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. You are always in my prayers and I think of you often - Bible Study at Mission is just not the same without you!

Marla Taviano

Oh, girl. I love you so much. Writing all your requests in my prayer journal. I just know God is going to provide. And what a HUGE answer to prayer with Toben's family. I remember talking about that when we were at your house in AZ. Thank you, Jesus!

I'm also praying that God reveals to you (this side of eternity) lots and lots of other amazing things that have happened as a direct result of your stroke.

I love you!!


It is always wonderful to see an update from you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Merla Parker

Happy Birthday...and may there be many more! This path to recovery has taken many twists and turns for you, some good and some bad. I am sure both you and your entire family has grown from the process. And we who don't even know you personally have grown also, largely because you have been "real" with us throughout your struggles. My prayers for you continue and I pray that God grants you a recovery far beyond what the doctor has indicated. But if he should choose not to do that I pray that he will grant you the abilty to accept this new reality. Just know that through this some good has come and will continue to come....for All THINGS work together for those who love the Lord.


Happy 40th, Joanne. You and your family have chosen to be led by God through what has got to be one of the driest desert seasons. He is faithful in your words of encouragement to all of us. I pray you feel comfort and joy even on your hardest days. Praying for supernatural healing and that your pain would abate. xxxooo


Just sending love and hugs to you, Dear Friend.
ps~the ladies loved the chocolate mousse

renee altson

hi there. thanks for writing. i think of you often. <3 xox

renee altson

p.s. - and happy birthday - i am so grateful you exist and are alive! ((gentle hugs))

Child of God

Happy almost birthday!! :) How awesome to spend your special day with those whom you love.

My heart aches for this news the doctors have given you. I have a verse...

John 16:33
"I have told you these things so that you would find comfort in Me. In this world, you will suffer; but be courageous, for I have overcome the world!"

Hon, Jesus has overcome the world and with these words I have hope that you will heal 100%. Find comfort in Jesus and continue to seek His face and banging on His door for healing. Don't ever give up and keep on pushing.

My doctors told me I would be crippled, they gave me little hope. But I kept pressing into God and asking and seeking. Having hands on prayer whenever I could find someone to pray over me. I was anointed with oil and was prayed over. I am not a cripple. Jesus has answered my prayer and He will answer yours too.

Keep pressing in. Praying and praying for 100% healing.


Just continuing prayers for you and your family. Your progress is amazing and you inspire me!


Hi Joanne. How wonderful for you to be able to spend your special day with your friend. I am so sorry about how your doctor appointment went...but God is able to continue in your healing, however that may be. I really hope that the medication allows to help with pain and with sleep. You are sounding more hopeful...and with spring around the corner, it will certainly help to lift your spirits. Live to you.
Simply...this.that.and the other!


Thanks for the update Joanne! As always, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!


Happy b day Joanne. I am a friend in Texas you have not met face to face. I feel fortunate to "know" you. I have been dedicated to prayers of thanksgiving and praise for you since first reading about you as a siesta sister in Texas. I want to take a moment and praise the Lord for his wisdom and grace. For allowing me to grow closer to him by reading about you, your family, your progress. I am praising him today as I have many times for the great medical care you have received on this journey. I praise him for knowing our needs before we know it. Your move to Colorado and the ministry of Denver Christian long before your family needed them are two great examples of his "knowing" . He knew of my need this year for a very powerful witness to his grace in my life at the death of my father and there was the blog post from Beth Moore. I know he has plans to prosper you surely. I praise him daily for the light you are in this world. I know he has already seen your needs and those of your family. I praise him for I know they are already supplied. Your birthday is a gift to so many. Continue Joanne. Keep stepping out in faith. My faith is stronger and my walk is steadier because of your witness. His grace is present for so many because of your faithfulness.

Jenni Saake "InfertilityMom"

I just googled "Christian stroke" and found your blog. I am 39 and had 6 strokes in Oct. and Nov. of last year. 4 1/4 months later and I'm just starting to take a few shaky steps in therapy. I can't use my left hand. I just got glasses yesterday and they help address the blurry vision a but I'll probably have surgery in a year or so for double vision. I'm posting updates at

I hate that you are going through this but glad to have found you.

Janet Cline

Happy Birthday!

Steve Lambert

I'm continuing to check several times each week for updates on your story; always looking for ways we can continue to pray for you. Thank you for sharing your latests needs, concerns and praises. Happy birthday, and praying that this coming year proves your doctor's prognosis 100% wrong!!!


Happy birthday and glad it was a special time for you with the visit from your friend. I love my Kindle too and don't know why I resisted getting one for so long.


I'm also a friend in TX you have never met! I have followed you for years and read your books and bought extras of Living Simply and Misplacing God and tucked them in my college daughter's 'hope chest'. I have followed your (and your family's) posts since your stroke and keep you in my prayers. I was in the yard digging up weeds and planting flowers and you came to mind. I was thinking, I wished I lived near CO so I could have some fun in Joanne's garden! Prayers for a beautiful Spring for you. Forget what those Dr's say. Such things are uttered daily in the medical arena. (I'm a nurse!) God has ordered your steps and only He can say where this journey will take you.


Dear Joanne,
I love hearing from you but most of all I love what Chris said about the doctors. I wish you all the joy that you can handle each and every day and when your tired rest.and just remember you have lots of people like myself who has never met you that loves hearing about the sweet Joanne. One of many of your unmet friends this one is from Maine Rena


You don't know me. I keep you in my prayers and check on you often. Happy Birthday and many, many more.

Mrs. Claus

Your story inspires me and renews my spirit each time you post. I pray God blesses you with medication to take away your pain and blesses your family with a renewal as fresh as spring!


Happy Birthday, Birthday Buddy! Miss you and wish we could celebrate together!!!


Happy Birthday Dear Friend, You are an inspiration and a truly remarkable and gifted lady. Love to you and your family, you are always in our prayers. Enjoy your day!

Kathy Dublin

just know that a friend in S.C. is praying for you & following your story on this blog. praying for your strength and your spirit to be lifted :) God bless,

Kathy Dublin


Hope today was a wonderful celebration of YOU, Joanne! Happy Birthday! May the coming year be filled with the miraculous,good and perfect gifts that come from the Lord who loves you!

Remembering you, Toben and the girls often in prayer,



Joanne, I have been following your blog since your stroke happened. I just want you to know that I think about you often and pray for you and your family. I have been suffering from chronic migraines since October 2011, and so have been in a lengthy season of pain and exhaustion. Your love for and faith in the lord is encouraging. I appreciate your truthfulness and open heart in your posts. Like you, I know God is in control, and when there are set backs, I pray that I will continue to trust in him. It is so hard to accept that life has a drastically new normal, so I empathize and will continue to pray for continued healing, but most of all, that you will at the very least be pain free.

Susie T

It was good to read your post, Joanne. I will pray tonight that God lead you and your family into your "new normal," whatever that season looks like, and for the girls' school situation.

I can't help but think that a "new normal" happens to all of us at some point(s) in our lives, and we don't necessarily like it.

Keep posting!

Love from Houston,
Susie T


Hi Dear Joanne!
So glad you were born. So glad I got to know you and be under your teaching.
Love you!
Kristin Pattison in AZ!


Happy Birthday Joanne! We are blessed by your life, and Praise God for you.
From your unmet prayer friend in Ohio.


Wow, for as long as I've been reading your blog, I cannot believe that your kids are now about the start high school and middle school! I hope that they can continue to stay at their school.

It is good to hear about your family counseling going well. Stay strong! You are a closer knit family for it. It is also great to hear about your family setting aside differences to see Toben's parents. My own family could learn from yours and I'm thankful for that. You are always in my thoughts.

Karen Booker Schelhaas

I think of you often and pray. You've inspired me, truly. Much love.

Tena Tell

Doctors, Doctors, they don't know everything--heck, they're just "PRACTICING" medicine!

Praying for y'all and your strengths!

Beth Jones

Joanne, I've been praying for you and your family since your stroke. You are one of the people I dedicated my book to (on women and spiritual warfare) when I wrote it this past year. I will continue to pray for COMPLETE healing for you, for the girls' financial aid, for sweet sleep for you (God gives His beloved sweet sleep), and other requests. Please keep writing with your beautiful writing (I have two of your books!) and keep us posted! Your life has touched so many people, world-wide.

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