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Marla Taviano

Thanks for the update, Toben. Praying for beautiful Joanne and for your upcoming speaking gigs (how exciting!).

When I was a little younger than Audrey, my dad went in my bedroom with a yard rake and raked everything in a huge pile. He gave me a certain amount of time to clean it before he'd throw the whole pile away. From then on, my room was pretty awesome and spotless. :)


Thanks for the heads up on room cleaning...we still have littles so we have complete (almost) control on the room. Choosing battle, letting them learn from natural consequences is good...just hard for a parent sometimes.

Janet Cline

Thanks, Toben, for the update. Praying for your speaking engagements and also for the kids tuition money for school. Let us know if there is anything we can do. Is there a fund set up at the school where we can donate?


This was really such a nice article. I do really wanted to put more comments in here. Great!


So good to read this update. Lifting you all up for some encouraging wins!

Linda Hughes

If you speak half as good as you write you will be a HUGE success at the NDP. You writing is heartfelt.
I like your idea, when you speak (to the 8th graders) about encouraging them to get involved, otherwise they might isolate themselves. I think that applies to church too. You get to know a lot more people by getting involved.
Praying for you and your precious family,
Linda from Seattle

Child of God

Thanks for updating! You will do just fine with this speaking date.

Continuing to pray for your family.


Patricia Blomeley-Maddigan

Hi, Toben -
Your requests are in no way selfish - none of them. You are truly thinking mainly of those around you.
My prayers for you and Joanne and your family will be for all your requests. And I know that God will be with you in all things. As He is now.


Beth P

This made me smile and reminded me to pray again. The Lord will give you the words! So glad Jo is sleeping well! Everyone feels rotten and down without good sleep. You've also reminded me that a spotless teenager room is not the priority; the relationship is. Like the other poster asked: Is there a fund at DC? Can't believe your yard is just now coming alive. I feel like we've been in summer here in GA for months... Love to Jo!


I would love to hear you speak, hope we can listen to it or see it. I have only listened to you speak once about something you did Focus on the Family I think, but I remember crying as I heard you narrate Joanne's stroke details.

Speak from the heart Toben, just like you write. You don't sugar coat the hard parts, are honest about your feelings and struggles and you always thank God through adversity. I hope someday Joanne herself will be able to speak about this.



I would like to answer a question from Janet who commented on April 29th regarding contributing to tuition for the girls.
We have been a DC family for years and we also want to help. I spoke with the business office at the school and here is the way to help the Heim family. Once the packet has completed the review process and Toben and Joanne have been notified of what the school can do to help them, we are free to send checks to the school to help reduce the tuition. Checks should be made payable to Denver Christian and mailed to 2135 S. Pearl St. Denver, Colo. 80210. Be sure to mark the memo line "Heim family"
All monies received in their name will go to reduce the tuition for both girls for the 2012-13 school year. These payments are not tax deductible.
Toben, please blog asap when you hear from DC. At that point, we can begin sending our checks!
My family will match the first $1,000 given in their name!
May we love one another as our Lord first loved us.

Linda Hughes

I really enjoy my iphone app "Jesus Calling", it is so encouraging. I would like to gift it to Joanne if she would like it, but i need her e-mail to do it. It's a daily 365 day devotional for her iphone-ipad.
The Lord will bring to mind the exact words to speak @NDP.
God's Blessings,


Praying, always. For all of you.

Lora Osburn

God, In YOU, we firmly believe,
Toben's words today, let them be received. Amen

Rayleine Chagoya

God be with you, through Christ we can do all things, I will be praying for all of you. Love from So Cali

Karen Booker Schelhaas

Sure hope your speech went well, Toben -- and know that I've been praying for Joanne's sleep and a "win" to lift her spirits. I get that. Praying!

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