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Sandy Chapin

Beautiful pictures Emma. I love spring too. I love the green lizard or is he a gecko. Anyway, which ever he is he is really cute as are all the others. I very much enjoyed reading your first blog ever. Keep it up.

linda t

Dear sweet Emma,
My 4 year old granddaughter Emolyn & I love to play with Play-Doh! I finally found white Play-Doh so she could make pie dough in her little pie tins. Often times she's off and playing... and I am too busy finishing my latest creation to even notice. ha! I love Play-Doh!
Great 1st blog post Emma! I look forward to more posts!
Emolyn's sister Elsie (18 months) calls Emolyn "Emma". I always think of you when Elsie calls her that. Oh, and Emolyn & Elsie's twin baby brothers are going to be born in two weeks!!! Can you imagine!!!

Jen Howver

Emma, I love the playdoh creations! And your photos of spring are beautiful... It's great to hear from you on the blog. Love and miss you!


Nice job on your very first blog post!! The sculptures were really cool and I love the vibrant colors you have. Your pictures were really nice, love the whole tree by the crick very pretty. Enjoy your spring time weather!!



Really enjoyed your blog Emma - great reminder of the beauty of creation - in God's world and in play-doh!

Deborah in Canada


WOW! Emma I love all the colours you are using! Keep it up!


Emma, your play-doh animals are really good! I love the bright colors, and your spring photos are beautiful. I enjoyed reading your first blog post. Keep up the good work.


beautiful pictures and I love how creative you are with playdoh...great job:)

Pamela Heim

Emma, loved being on the walk with you when you snapped those pictures. Glad you posted them so I can remember the good time we had together. Nana


You did real well young lady! Your play dough creations are fantastic! I really love all the beautiful pictures of the flowers too the pink flower tree is my favorite.


Those are awesome playdough creations!


I would say your first blog is AWESOME, Emma! I love your playdoh critters and your Spring pictures are beautiful. It looks like you have your Mom's eye and talent for photography and now blogging! I see that you took them on a walk with your Nana, what a special memory this is for both of you. I'm in Co. Springs visiting my two yr. old granddaughter (I live in Texas) and am having a great time making memories with her! Thanks for sharing with us.


Emma, I'm a photographer and I LOVE the picture you took of the gated trellis! BEAUTIFUL! I'm also a big fan of the play-doh duck :) You are so creatively talented; keep using your gifts in wonderful ways! Thanks for sharing!


Emma, I love, love, love what you can do with Play Dough. You are good. Your pictures are fantastic also!! Just keep writing and the words will come. God has given you so many wonderful gifts...keep using them. Love the Spring pictures of Colorado. Live in Indiana so we have changes also...again keep using your talent that God has given you.


Great job, Emma! The ladybug is my favorite. :) thanks for posting!


Emma, you are so talented! Happy Spring to you!

emma heim

thanks i love to read the comments


Thanks, Emma, for bringing Spring to a northern Canadian town where it's been snowing for the weekend!!!
Your pictures were all fantastic! Loved the Playdoh critters - colours are great - and you're quite the artist!!! Made me think you've got creative genes from your Grandma, Mom and Auntie!!!
Thanks for sharing the flowering trees, trellis, and just a love of beauty!
Keep on writing - you'll just keep getting better and better!!!
HUGS to your Mom and Dad and sister, too!


Way to start early with the blogging, Emma! Your play-doh creations and awesome. I love the creativity and your photography is great! You clearly have an amazing eye for art - keep it up!


Emma, this is a great first blog! Your creatures are very imaginative, and your pictures are beautiful. Keep up the good work!


Nice work Emma! Seriously impressive. We play with play-doh a lot around time you're over here, we need to show you our ice cream factory. And I think you and I need to go out and take pictures together. Love you, Aunt Kristen.

Kristi Lonheim

Thanks for sharing a bit of your life through your photos.


Go Emma! Love you Spring photos - made me want to walk right into them and enjoy the scenery. Your little lizzards are gorgeous. :)You should try it with modeling clay one day (like Fimo or Sculpey) - then you could bake them and have them for keeps. :)


Thank you so much Emma for sharing your critters. They're all beautifully colored and made me smile. Thank God for the changing of seasons and painting our winter landscape with striking and soft colors all together. Doesn't spring just make you want to dance? It does mine. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon =)


Thanks Emma for sharing! You are very creative! I love your Play Doh creations, it easy to see you are talented. The signs of spring are beautiful. God is so good isnt he? Hope to hear from you again soon.


Emma, you are an artist! Your beautiful creations brightened my day =)

Child of God

Hi Emma,
WOW! Thanks for sharing your beautiful art work!! I love all the different colours and your really shaped that play-doh well.

What beautiful spring pictures. I love that tree. You live in a very beautiful area I'm sure you love to roll around in that soft looking grass and climb those trees. :)

Blessings Emma!

Cheryl Young

Hi Emma! What a thrill to see your blog! Made me smile! I remember the first time I played with Play Dough. I was about 10 and it was at my grandmas dining room table. It was Pink! perfect color and SMELL! we made Doughnuts with her doughnut cutter! I remember hearing her talk on the telephone telling someone we were making pink doughnuts! Get this i am 64 years old! so we are talking about 1957! a million years ago! I still smile thinking about it. Loved your blog- do more! stay sweet honey-love from Ohio.

Sue S

Hi Emma! I just wanted to tell you that you are artistically gifted in order to be able to do such cool play doh sculptures! I am 56 years old and I could never have made such cool and fun looking creatures! Great job!!!


My daughter Emma would love to have you for a friend! She loves taking pictures and creating all kinds of art. Great blog post!

Julie Reynolds

Emma I loved your playdoh creations! I am a sucker for bright colors and I love playdoh!
The spring pictures are amazing. Made me wish I was there! You have quite an eye for detail sweet girl! Thank you for sharing with us!


Mrs. Jaeger

Hi Emma

Thanks for sharing your cute and colorful creations! Really makes me want to go out and buy some play doh!! I think Naomi and Christine would love it :). And thanks for sharing some of the springtime beauty you saw on your walk! I love the fragrant smell this time of year when you walk outside. Look forward to hearing more from you!

Jackie Rackley

Great job on all counts, Emma. I do believe you have been blessed with those wonderful crative genes from your Mom, Grandma and Aunt. Loved seeing what you do.
Jackie in Kansas

Kate Rivera

Miss Emma! You are so creative! Sculpting, photography, writing, cooking, dancing, singing, gardening...and many others are ways that God gives us to let the world see inside of our hearts. So glad that you let us know the beauty that is you today!

Kate in Idaho

Linda Hughes

Hi Emma,

You are so creative! I have never seen play doh shaped so artfully. You may have a career in your future using your amazing God given talent!

Your photo's are beautiful, well done! I love the budding of spring too.

Keep writing and creating!
Linda from Seattle

Kimberly Robbie

Emma, you totally rock! Your Play-Doh creations are too cool, and your photos are absolutely beautiful. You are an amazing artist; God has really blessed you with some great talent.

Thanks for writing such a special blog and brightening my day!

Kimberly in California

Jennifer from HI

You are so creative with the play doh! Much more than I ever was. And the pictures outside are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing with us, Emma!


I LOVE your first blog post!!! I enjoyed every single picture!!! Happy Spring to you and your family!! Thank you for the smile!! I took some really pretty pics of Spring too! Maybe I will start a new blog! :-)
Thanking God for your sweet spirit!!


Emma, I LOVE your play doh creations! You are so talented! Keep blogging!

Tena Tell

WOW, Emma--what a great artist you are!! Writing, Photography, and sculpture are all wonderful art forms and a great way to express yourself creatively. Keep shinning :)


Emma - you are an artist! The creations in Play Doh and also the great photographs you took. Congratulations on your first blog! Keep it up!

Shawn from Kansas

My kids are all grown up now and they still like to play with play doh. Love all of your creations and pictures. Nice way to brighten everyones day!

Julie in Australia

Hi Emma, I loved your photos and your play doh. My kids love play dough too. There's just something so special about the feel of it in your fingertips!
Julie in Australia

Jennifer from Charlotte, NC

Well done Emma! Your beautiful pictures and creativity brightened my day! Play doh is still a favorite of mine too! :)

Enjoy the spring!

Diana Brasher

Good for you, Emma. You brightened my night with your colorful creatures and spring photographs. I hope you will become a "regular" in Blog-land, that mystical city:))

Karen Booker Schelhaas

You've got MAD art skills, Emma! Beautiful work!

Shari Haufschild

Your Play-Doh creations are so cute and fun and the photos are outstanding! You are definitely creative. I'd also like to suggest that you try some Fimo or Sculpey clay so you can bake it and make it permanent. You can also make jewelry from it by making small versions of your cute creations! Just remember to leave a hole for a string or chain. (Maybe you've already done this.) Thanks for sharing on the blog!
Your uncle Wade is my husband's nephew! :)
We follow your mom's blog and wish your family the very best of everything. ~Shari

Beverly Atkins

Emma, you did great. I loved your pictures. The playdoh animals were so colorful and happy. And who would love those spring pictures. Keep up the good blogging. I'd love to see you do another one.

Beverly Atkins

Emma, I meant to type who wouldn't love those spring pictures. The blooms are gorgeous. Sorry for the pitiful typing!

Liz Reeves

You're so talented Emma!


Emma your first blog post is a winner! Your photos of spring are beautiful! You are so creative!! I love your play dough animals.


Great post Emma! I used to use clay to make magnets for my friends, but your lizards are so much cuter than anything I ever made (I usually did foods, yum!)! Your pictures of spring brought me hope, I live in Oregon and we have barely seen ANY sunshine this spring, but now I can enjoy your beautiful pictures until it comes!


Hi Emma,

I just wanted to say hello and that your animals are adorable and so creative!! the pictures you posted are beautiful and remind me of spring as well- hopeful and warm :).


Good job, Emma! Your critters are cool, your photos are fabulous, and YOU are amazing!


Emma, you show great promise of being an artist. Not only in the form of sculpting, but also in the photographic area too. I loved each of your characters in play dough, and I truly enjoyed seeing your world through your camera lense. Keep growing through your creative gifts that God has blessed you with. Some day He may use you to do great and wonderful things in His Name. I like that you are using the blogging tools to show us yourself and your talents.

Great post, Emma! Now that you have gotten your "feet wet", I hope we can 'hear' more from you, hmmmmmmmm? Hubby and I have been praying for you all since first reading about your mom many months ago. We will continue to lift you all up before His throne daily. Blessings and hugs from S.E. MN~~~~God's Country (as the locals call this area!-) Doreen


What an awesome post, Emma!! Your playdough skills are playdough projects always look like blobs.


Wonderful shots! Love the tree reflected in the water! Great post.


OH! Those pink blossoms literally made my heart jump and skip! Thank you so much!


Hey emma,
you are amazing and talented. love you

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