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Thanks so much for the update on your precious family. Fun to hear about bunny families, fishing trips, and graduation/awards ceremonies. The things life is made of! Your family is continually in my prayers. And...everytime I drive by the intersection of County Line and Yosemite, God puts you all on my mind.

Life is such a mosaic of good and bad, joy and pain, strengh and weariness...our family has experienced it too. So very hard..yet a blessing, at the same time. Enjoying each moment, for what it is... Trusting His mercies will be new every morning.

Again, thank you for sharing your families journey. Please know that we haven't forgotten you and very much enjoy the updates. Praying for answers for her pain/toes...provision for DC tuition and an incredible, memorable summer full of special little (and big) moments!!

Cheryl Veenstra


It's great to see an update on your family. I'm glad you are getting to enjoy the outdoors and some down time as well as pampering time! That does so much for the heart and soul!


I think you need to make some tough financial decisions.
DC is already struggling with unpaid tuition bills of about $1M.
Is this the only option for education?.
The stress of trying to pay for DC might not be worth it.


Have you thought about public school, charter school (these are actually free public schools too), or even an online school (Connections Academy)? It sounds like Denver Christian is an important place to you, but the girls can retain their friendships from there after school and on weekends while getting educated for free somewhere else during the week.

Tena Tell

I know you're concerned with your children making another significant change, as would I. Some people may be turned off because they don't get the need to pay for a private education when one is offered free. Of course public school is a viable option, but what I think some readers may not understand is the traumatic adjustment it is emotionally, socially, and culturally, to go from a christian environment to a non christian one.

It's an adjustment most children have a very difficult time with. (I speak from personal experience.) While many children make this transition smoothly, I doubt many have faced the many past and ongoing challenges your children have. So... I completely understand why y'all wish to keep them in a loving, christian environment--one they are accustomed to. I'm not saying it's better--at all--it's just vastly different. I am a Catholic school elementary teacher and every year we have families that return to our school after attempting to transition to the public school system.

I understand and respect your wish to keep your children in a stable, familiar environment while your family is still searching for your new normal. If it doesn't work out the way you hope, I know you will all pull your strength(s) once again and persevere with loving grace.

Kim Feth

Covering the prayer requests.
Kim Feth
Apex, NC

Shannon O

I'm believing that God will provide all that you need to pay for your girls tuition. I would not be offended at all if you used a ChipIn on your blog to raise the additional money needed. If this is where you believe that your girls need to be, then God will provide. We so often do not receive because we either don't ask or try to fix things on our own without waiting for His provision (trust me, I know). I have been studying Beth Moore's "Believing God", and I know that I often don't have faith the way that I should. Your family is an inspiration as you travel through the difficulties in life, and this is just one more opportunity to praise Him and believe. I know that we will all be amazed as we watch His provision take place. And perhaps it won't come through Denver Christian but another source. Just keep your eyes focused on Him and be amazed.

Mark 11:24

Michelle From Australia

Thank you so much Toben for taking the time to update. It is much appreciated. Our little family will continue to pray for you all but especially for your prayer requests.

God Bless you all.


I made a donation to go toward the girls school but didn't have a chance to put that in the comments. Made the donation through paypal. I know God will provide for these girls!


Both of our children have gone through private school. When we started we were easily able to afford the tuition. In fact one year we paid half the tuition of someone we heard would not be able to stay because of financial reasons. Later things became difficult but we struggled through with help from the school and family. We knew that it was important to provide the stability that the school provided for our kids. Maybe if they had different personalities it would have been easier to make the move. When I first read about your struggle, I deeply wished that we were in a situation to help financially and was so glad when you shared that others were. Please accept the help. I have been on both sides and believe me, the blessing of helping that other family was well worth the money that we gave up. And while it has been humbling to accept help, I am thankful that God has provided.

Jennifer from HI

Thank you for the update! Wow, so much going on... Congratulations to Emma on the fish and more so for the award!

Also OUCH on Joanne's toes! I used to think it was funny for Shaq to complain about a broken toe... until I hurt my toe pretty bad. It can be excruciating at times, especially frustrating for walking around and I'm sure Joanne would love to walk around with ease. I hope it heals well and gets better!



Please consider posting a video of your speech. We have a 13 year old daughter but we are in Kentucky. Would love for her to benefit from your words of wisdom.


Prayers for you and your family.

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